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    SHARED DREAM: Raven Knight, Nomad, and Malkus in the Holy Land

    by , 12-21-2010 at 11:38 PM (1160 Views)
    Nomad's Dream

    Dream Plans with Raven
    by WakingNomad on 12-14-2010 at 08:22 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
    Dream plans:

    Meet Raven at Hogwarts.

    Teach a shapeshifting class on a field trip at a drum circle.

    Get on the Hogwarts express and ride it to the Pyramids.

    Meet the shared dreaming class there, and ride to the moon on Moon Dragons and the train.


    I am sitting at a desk in my room, writing in my DJ. Xaphor appears and laughs at me. You are dreaming, Nomad. Oh, shit! You're right. C'mon. Let's go meet Raven.

    Xaphor opens a portal which shows where Raven is. She is riding a black horse with a red mane, tail, and fetlocks. I recognize it. It's her horse. She has a large sword, and she is swinging it in battle against tall orcs, slicing their arms and heads off. I jump into the portal.

    I wave at the Wyrm as I go through the wormhole, and tumble out from the sky. Xaphor flies beneath me, and changes into a black stallion. I land on his back, riding next to Raven.

    "Nice of you to appear. I have been calling you for the last five minutes, Nomad. What were you doing?"

    "Writing in my DJ... in a dream."

    Raven laughs and decapitates and orc. She talks to me only telepathically.

    There is an ambush ahead. They are seeking to attack our left and right flank. They are hiding in bushes, and in trees.

    Raven rides on, and Xaphor and I transform into dragons with bodies that look like water. We fly in two big loops around the ambush. We shoot water into the ambush, flooding the area, then we alight on the ground, and shoot lightning into the water. The orcs on the ground scream. We laugh and shoot fire into the trees, and those orcs fall to the ground, and get hit with lightning.

    Raven rides into the ambush, and looks at the orcs rolling around in pain. She laughs and says let's go in the city, and let the boys feed. Wargs come out of the forest, and gobble up the orcs.

    We ride into the city.

    I have been here before, Raven. This is the Assassin city. Yes. Stop staring at everything like a tourist. Right. I morph into my basic Nomad form, then I realize I still stand out.

    I morph into a very average looking peasant.

    A group of orcs ride through on horseback. I realize they are half-orcs. They scream at the people. YOU FILTHY HUMANS. YOU HAVE CHEATED THE KING OUT OF HIS DUE. NOW, HE DEMANDS A SACRIFICE.

    No! No! The people scream in terror.

    Someone whispers: Sacrifice this.

    I see a ghost like image stab the leader half-orc in the back. He falls over, dead, and the horse rears. Another orc siezes the reins. The orcs are on the edge of panic. They are looking for the killer. All the humans back away from the orcs.

    "Looks like we have an ally," says Raven.

    The ghost man runs in a circle, and slices the legs of every orc. They howl in pain and fear. One draws his bow, and his throat is cut.

    "Drop your weapons," says the ghost voice. All drop their weapons, but one. His throat gets sliced.

    He stands in front of Raven and I. It's Malkus! But, he looks twenty years older, and has a darker side.

    I have become an assassin, friends. I can affect the physical through the astral so much, I make myself partially manifest, as a doppleganger. Then, I kill. An orc sees him, and readies a crossbow. Malkus throws a knife into the orc's forehead without looking. This is the dream plane for your, but the physical plane for me. I am astral projecting into it, and you are dreaming into it.

    Malkus turns around. "Dismount."

    The orcs obey. Malkus removes their reins and saddles, then slaps their rumps, and they run out into the woods. Malkus ties the orcs hands up.

    He floats up into the air, about eight feet, and is more visible as the sunlight hits him. "I am your protector now. Do not fear the orcs. Do with them what you will."

    The humans stab the orcs with small daggers. The orcs slowly die. The sun sets. The humans turn into flesh eating vampires, and eat the orcs bodies. They take their organs to a pyre outside the city and burn them. The bones they bury in the ground. Other vampires march to the Orc Kings Castle. They have some makeshift weapons, but mostly spiked knuckles.

    Malkus floats above them.

    "Oh, my god Raven, this is crazy. Whose side should we be on? What's right and wrong?"

    "Maybe Malkus?"

    "But, he's changed. We haven't seen him for twenty years. There is a darkness... a sadistic side to him now."

    "I need to soul heal him, right now!"

    "Okay. I am going to prevent a battle between these two races."

    I stop time. I fly up between the two armies. I make them dream. I show them images of the orcs and vampires falling in love, and playing together as children.

    I see there are two archdemons that are puppetmasters like Nevergawn, influencing them to kill each other. I show them the real enemy. In a dream, they go kill the two archdemons, and set themselves free.

    I wake them up. They drop their weapons, and the orcs open the gates. The vampires and orcs talk with each other, and then have a huge feast.

    I realize this is another version of Jerusalem.

    Raven smiles at me.

    The soul healing went well. Malkus and I battled a parasite in his inner world. It was disgusting.

    "Oh! We are supposed to be at Hogwarts!"

    Raven's Dream:
    12/14/10 Assassin's Creed: Reptizar Invasion II
    I am back in Masyaf, though I don't immediately realize where I am, it takes me a short time to become lucid and remember what is going on. I am in Masyaf, there are mostly Assassins around me, the civilians of the city have all taken cover, and there is a group of Assassins with me who are preparing a defense. Nomad is there, he is looking around, then he transforms into his Nomad form… he looks around a bit more before transforming into a peasant… then he transforms into a Assassin. A couple of the Assassins are looking at him strangely, but most of them are too distracted to notice one among them changing forms quickly. They say the enemy is upon us, and as if that is their cue, the gate rattles with a massive impact, it is hit a few more times, then it collapses. Reptizars come in, huge numbers of them, and they literally tear the first couple Assassins they get to limb from limb and throw the mutilated corpses at the others. The other Assassins attack the Reptizars, but there are so many of them… even while we are engaging some of them in battle, others are breaking into the homes and buildings and dragging out civilians… a Reptizar disembowels a civilian woman and throws her at the feet of one of the Assassins, she is still alive and reaching weakly towards the Assassin for help, but all he can do is put her out of her suffering. This seems to piss him off a lot, and he runs his sword through the laughing Reptizar, practically cutting the Reptizar in half.

    There are just too many Reptizars… and soon there are many Reptizars that have civilian hostages, they are threatening to kill the hostages slowly and painfully unless the Assassins surrender. One of the Reptizars says these people will make a worthy sacrafice. A voice from nowhere says, "You will be the ones sacraficed," and then I barely see a shadow behind one of the Reptizars before he falls over dead. The others are all too surprised to react, then a couple of the ones with hostages drop dead as well. The Reptizars seem to think there is some kind of ghost attacking them, and are rather freaking out, threatening the hostages, but not actually being able to do anything to them because those holding hostages keep dropping dead. I am trying to see who is attacking the Reptizars, but not having much luck, and before I know it the Reptizars are the ones surrendering. The person who has been killing the Reptizars from being invisible turns out to be some kind of astral Malkus, he is basically an astral ghost, but he is still able to affect the physical plane. With him helping, the Reptizars are quickly chained and incapacitated as prisoners.

    I think this problem is over now, but that is before the civilians come from the houses and buildings, they all come out and start stabbing Reptizars all over their bodies and laughing as the injured Reptizar bleeds out on the ground One of the Reptizars says they will not come back, just as long as they can leave in peace now, these people seem to be having too much fun killing them. While the Assassins aren't participating, they also aren't doing anything to stop it. I step forward and tell them to stop doing that, they are not acting any better than their enemies had been, and Malkus says yes, they need to stop. I am glad someone around here is willing to see reason, but then he says don't stab them, do to the Reptizars what the Reptizars had intended to do to the people… bring wood and kindling, build a fire around the prisoners, and let them be roasted alive in the heat of the flames. Everyone seems to love that idea, and they start gathering the materials, this is definitely not right… something must be wrong with Malkus, and with everyone else here… I am sure Malkus needs healing, I am going to do that, Nomad says he will take care of things here. I am going to help Malkus, but the dream fades.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      NOTE: Raven and I had absolutely no plans to go to Masayf or to dream with Malkus. I didn't even know this was a shared dream until I reviewed her DJ right now!!!!
    2. NatDug's Avatar
      This is amazing. Shared dreams blow my mind. Can someone point me in the direction of how they achieved this feat?