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    SHARED DREAM: Raven's Magic Class at Hogwarts

    by , 12-13-2010 at 07:58 PM (793 Views)
    12/10/10 DADA Lesson 1 - Fire and Ice
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    by Raven Knight on Yesterday at 02:05 PM (22 Views)

    Note: The plan tonight was to see why Voldemort is so interested in interfering with MoSh and Asuka instead of being focused on Harry, and find a way to stop that. Additionally, planned to go to the world where I am a teacher at Hogwarts, it is the first day of class with Defense Against the Dark Arts. Nomad has said he will show up there, possibly disguised as a desk… that should be interesting… will wait and see. Unfortunately, I was not successful in entering my WILD… even though I was using my light / sound machine, there was something wrong with my leg that I couldn't seem to get it comfortable long enough to get into my WILD, it took a long time to fall asleep at all…

    I am in my own bed, but it doesn't feel like my own bed. The first thing I realize is that it isn't a waterbed, so I roll over and open my eyes to see where I am. I know something is strange, but I haven't put it together that I am dreaming yet, just that I am not where I am supposed to be. I sit up and look around the room, I am in a room that looks like a bedroom that might be found in a castle, the window looks like it might be part of a castle… I get up and look around a bit more, I open a closet there and find clothes so I get dressed, then go through a door opposite the window. Now I find myself in a small sitting room, there are a couple comfortable looking chairs and a book case with some really interesting looking books on it, old looking books, they look like antique leather bound books… I take one down and look at it, but I don't have a lot of time to do that. I feel I need to get moving, so I put it back and go through a door opposite the one I entered through. Now I am in an office, there is a large wooden desk there with some pieces of parchment scattered about, another couple of book cases filled with interesting looking books, and a few comfortable looking chairs, one behind the desk, two on the other side of the desk, and one in the corner of the room. There is a stack of books on the desk, I go to take a look at one, it is titled "Out of the Darkness" by Raven Knight. I have written a book? I don't remember writing that book, so where did it come from? I pick it up and look at it, there are many song spells listed in the book, as well as some other spells, and also it tells about how the spells can be used, their primary use and some alternate possibilities… weird.

    I still have a feeling of where I need to go. This has finally gotten strange enough for me to do a RC, so I become lucid. I remember what I am there to do, I am there to teach a class on magic, of all the strange things. I can think of so many people who would be better suited to being a teacher than me… but if I am there, I have to do my best, so I use TK to move the books with me and I head through one more door positioned across from the desk, and I enter a classroom. There are numerous desks in the room, it looks like a typical classroom, and there is a larger desk in the front, though it is nowhere near as nice as the one in my office. I set the books down on the desk and look around, wondering what I need to do to prepare for the class, to make sure I don't look like a complete retard. I think for a bit, then a portal opens and Nomad comes flying through, I can hear students coming outside the door, so I tell him to do what he's going to do before they get in, or there will be a lot of questions to answer. He changes into a desk near the front of the room just as the first students start coming in.

    They all come in and sit in their usual groups, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are together, Draco, Crabb, and Goyle are together… apparently it's Gryffindor and Slytherin this time, though I am not sure what year they are in. I am looking, I notice that Hermione sits at Nomad, I can't help but chuckle just a bit. So soon everyone is in their seats, many of them are talking amongst themselves, some are looking at me as if they expect me to do something, which I'm sure they do. So finally I get everyone's attention, and introduce myself, and the class, and I figure they books are to pass out to the students, so I use TK to do that. One book to each student, Hermione is wondering where my wand is, I tell her that not all magic requires the use of a wand, and we would be learning magic in this class that can be done without a wand. Someone says he thought that was impossible, I say it is not impossible, and it is important, since there may come a time when one of them is in danger and doesn't have access to a wand. I tell them that if it makes it easier to learn the spell at first, go ahead and use the wands, but by the time they have learned the spell, the wand will be completely unnecessary. Draco is muttering something to Crabb and Goyle, I am assuming it is something rude, but I choose to ignore it for now. I open the book, and I see that the first spells there are elemental spells, fire and ice to be exact. So I start off on Damage, Inc. to produce fireballs, and soon most everyone seems to be able to form a small ball of fire with their wands.

    I am getting on to ice, I figure that is a good idea when playing with fire to have something to counter it, and Hermione's desk turns into a student… or Nomad turns into a student… Hermione jumps out of her transforming desk, her book falls on the floor, and she is staring in shock at Nomad, who introduces himself as Jason. Everyone is staring at Nomad, Ron mutters a "Bloody hell! How did you do that?" at Nomad, but Nomad doesn't answer, he just sits down in an empty desk. I summon up an empty desk for Hermione to use, but everyone is still shocked at Nomad's transformation. I finally tell them that Nomad has been in my class before, and that is a more advanced transformation spell we'll get to later in the class, but apparently Jason had felt the need to show off.

    I take the class outside to an open field where it will be more safe to practice playing with fire and ice, and everyone starts doing that, I have created some dummies for them to target with the spells. Crabb sets himself on fire, Goyle freezes his friend in ice… which puts out the fire but brings a completely new problem… so I defrost Crabb. Draco is trying to set Harry's robes on fire, Hermione keeps dousing it with ice before it can catch… I tell Draco to aim at the dummies only, he says he is aiming at a dummy, I say he knows what I mean, and add a bit of a telepathic push to get him firing his flames at the target dummies instead of Harry. Neville Longbottom is smoking… quite literally… the tip of his wand is producing a lot of smoke, but no fire. He continues doing that, apparently trying to focus harder, until there is a small explosion at his wand that succeeds in covering his face with soot, but doesn't seem to have done any more. Draco says if Neville did that enough, he might improve the appearance of his face by burning it off, Harry tells Draco to shut up, Draco says Harry should make him, Harry says ok that he will… but I break it up before it becomes an actual fight, I don't need anyone getting set on fire here. Then I am able to give some personal attention to Neville in the form of a bit of a telepathic guide on how to do the spell as well as some positive encouragement, and soon Neville is able to form a small fireball, at which he is thrilled.

    Nomad is firing ice bullets at his target, interchanged with fireballs, he is clearly doing just fine with these spells, though I was sure he would… he does something else and comes out with a bunch of candy canes… huh? I wonder where he got those, and he starts passing them out to everyone, then starts eating his own while most of the students are still staring at him. Crabb and Goyle are the only ones to immediately start eating their candy. Nomad now does his best impression of a hydrogen molecule, he is bouncing all around the field and target range like a kid jacked up on so much sugar that he can't see straight. I almost call him Nomad, then I remember he is Jason right now, and I ask him to settle down a bit, there are people trying to learn here. Nomad lands near me, gives me a big hug while thanking me, and then he creates a disc out of ice and gets on it, then proceeds to make it fly into the air and shoot a circle of fire out from the ice disc while he is riding it, it looks quite cool… Then the two opposite elements interacting with each other form a tornado. The tornado picks up a lot of dust and then finally disperses, and when it is gone, so is Nomad. Everyone is staring, getting anyone to focus now would be impossible… or most everyone is staring. Crabb and Goyle are collecting candy canes, a lot of the students dropped their candy canes in shock when they saw Nomad disappear. They return to Draco, both of them holding big hands full of candy canes, licking them enthusiastically, as happy as a kid in a candy store. Harry asks if we will be learning all of that, too… I say it is really just a variation on the spells I showed them today, and yes, we will get into modifying the spells to fit specific needs. Ron utters another "Bloody hell!" I see the class is just about over, so I tell everyone it is time to go, a few minutes early to allow them to reach their next class on time.


    Nomad's Dream

    I am on the Moon in the Biodome. I walk to the magic school. No one is there. I am confused.

    I focus on Raven, and I tumble through a portal, landing on my feet, and turning into a desk in a class in Hogwarts. She tells me I am late. Let's get started. She talks about using pyrokinesis.

    We go outside and practice. She says to toss the fireballs around, and make them move in all directions. I get bored of being a desk. I become a little wizard boy in a black robe. I say my name is Jason.

    We then practice with water, ice and steam. We make ice like bullets. We practice on metal targets at a range. I shoot alternating balls of fire and ice at my target. Raven gives us all candy canes that taste like magic. I realize I am dreaming. I stare at the candy cane. It looks so real. It tastes like peppermint and guava. I touch the hay nearby. I jump around in the firing range. Raven tells me to stop fooling around.

    "But we are dreaming Raven!"

    I run to her and give her a hug. "Thanks for helping me. Thanks for teaching me this cool magic!!!"

    I make an ice disk and ride it in the sky, shooting streams of fire and spinning in the air. I make a fire tornado and fly around in it. The dream fades as I chuckle to myself.

    In waking life.
    I had planned to come to Raven's Magic Class at Hogwarts. I asked if it would be okay to be a desk. She said okay. Nothing else was discussed prior to the dream.

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