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    SHARED DREAM: RealShift and WakingNomad

    by , 12-17-2010 at 10:41 PM (753 Views)
    So, I had this experience. I was half awake when I heard the second NOMAD!

    I am asleep. I hear Gypsy yelling at me from the astral plane. It sounds like she wants me to wake up. NOMAD!

    I am confused.

    NOMAD! she shouts again.

    I wake up. I realize it's a dream. I go back to sleep.


    I wake up, and I have an email from Gypsy telling me to call her.


    Then, I read this email from Realshift.

    Shared dreaming
    I know this is weird and all, but I've read many of your dreams and decided if there was anyone trying to contact while LD'ing, it would be you.
    Anyway, I had a LD last night (16. Dec) where I tried to contact you. As an experiment.
    I could go into detail, but I'll keep you from having to read it all (wasn't really that interesting anyway).
    The thing is, I called and you answered but I was wondering if it all was manifested by me or if there actually was a connection.



    I asked him to post the dream.

    Realshift's Dream

    I get my gun out from the ships guns locker.
    As I fiddle around with it, it dissembles itself and falls to the floor.
    I try to put it back together, but the more I try, the more it falls apart.
    I become lucid and I remember another of the many thing I have to try and do while being lucid. Contacting another dreamer/sharing a dream.

    I call out to a person of whom I have in the past already chosen as the recipient (due to his experience and openness).
    I call out a second time, but this time as loud,strict and determined as I can.
    It could of been a number of reasons why my dream was now hazy. Maybe because of the amount of energy I put in my voice. Or because the dream was becoming unstable.

    I hear some sort of loud response, as if an annoyed person shouted "What?!" to me.
    A moment later a kind of silhouette appeared in front of me. If it was in fact the person I had been trying to contact, or a manifestation of my mind, I don't know.

    I proceeded to ask questions like "who are you", "what are you" and for some reason "what is going to happen".
    He answered the last question with calm words. Unfortunately, I don't remember what these words were. Even though I specifically told myself to remember.
    As he answered me I felt a cold breeze , his face revealed itself in a flash and I wake up

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