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    Shared: MoSh and Raven Knight

    by , 01-04-2011 at 05:10 AM (1088 Views)
    Raven Knight's Dream:

    01/03/11 Unlikely Partners

    I finally join the group, though I feel like I shouldn't have been eavesdropping, and MoSh welcomes me there. We talk a bit about possible strategies for the challenge, I say I am really glad to be working with MoSh. Harry is bitching about having to work with Draco, but not because he thinks Draco is out to kill anyone, just because he figures Draco will be exceedingly annoying and they won't have a chance of doing well in the challenge if they have to work together. I tell Harry that I'll see if I can get Draco to behave himself, after all, it's just for one challenge after all… it's not like the two of them have to be best friends forever. Harry says that's not going to happen. I am about to say something else when a girl I don't recognize comes over to us, she is eyeing MoSh very closely. I wonder where Asuka is, and I am thinking Asuka wouldn't like the way this woman is eyeing MoSh. She looks him over as if appraising him, I am wondering what she is doing. I ask her what she is doing, but she just ignores me completely. After examining MoSh head to foot for a bit longer, she says we all need healing… healing for what? She says we need a healing hug, I am still not sure what she is talking about… then she starts pulling everyone into a group hug. I go into the hug, trying to see if I can tell anything about her through her energy. I don't see anything hostile about her energy, but the entire situation seems really strange. I hear her whispering something to MoSh about meeting alone with him… um… Asuka definitely wouldn't like this… Speaking of Asuka, where is she? I think maybe I should find Asuka. So I pull free of the group hug and head down the hall and around a corner where I open a portal while focusing on getting to Asuka.


    MoSh's Dream:

    Saim 2

    I'm walking through a hallway at Hogwarts with Raven Knight, Harry, Hermoine, and maybe Nomad. The hallway is dark but is candle lit. As we are walking Saim comes up to us and tells us to wait. She takes a good look at and starts nodding as if amused. She smiles and looks me all over as if sizing me up and as if she is looking for something. She keeps nodding and saying "Yup yup yup," each time she is pleased with something she finds. Then she stands backa bit from the group and says happily, "Okay everyone! Group hug! Let's healing!" and pulls us into a group hug. Harry and hermoine are a bit confused with this, but comply. Raven shrugs and goes into the group hug. Swirling healing energy swarms around us. So much that I can't see the others. Saim goes into the center and pulls on my arm like from the last dream. She says to me, "We need more healing. just you and me?" I'm like "whut?" she starts pulling me through a vortex when I wake up.

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      yes that is amazing.