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    1. Riding the Train, Literally and Fish Ring

      by , 07-08-2013 at 04:08 PM
      Dream 1
      I'm in a giant train station. The ceiling arches way above my head, and support beams branch off from the ceiling to the walls. I'm with my friends and class, but am isolated from the others. We're standing on the top of the train itself, and I know dimly that it is moving but I can't feel the motion, just see the walls of the station sweeping past.

      The top of the train is littered with a ton of boxes, and I mean a ton. Some are open, some closed, some tossed on their side. Some are stacked on top of others. Some are so full that they have objects spilling out. It's a giant yard-sale, except the conductors were going to throw it all away once they reached the next stop. I go up to one box and am searching through the pile of jewelry for anything good. I find a ring, and keep it. I tie the sleeves of my jacket together to make a bag and start to keep the items in there.

      A guy I know in real life comes up behind me and slips an arm around my waist. I pause. I know that it means nothing to him, but it feels out of this world. Like, more feeling than I've felt in a dream before. It's so warm it nearly scorches my skin and I can feel it all the way through my stomach. I don't even particularly like him, but I get an instant rush of affection for him.

      Once the kids see all the cool stuff I'm finding, they start to think that I'm onto something by searching through the boxes.

      Then I'm at the library. The librarian stands in the middle of the room, surrounded by a desk upon which even more boxes are placed. She's searching through them, and I help. I'm more cautious about what I pick out, however, because I actually have to pay for this stuff. The place has an atmosphere of closing time, and we're the only people there besides a gray-haired older lady who is also a librarian.

      I find quite a few things that I like. The librarian smugly beckons me closer, and I obediently leaned closer and peered into her hand. She held a wristwatch/ring/bracelet with several little bits that looked exactly like little fish made out of mercury. They busily 'swam' in the liquid inside, although they weren't attached to strings or anything. The librarian proudly explained something about magnetism, but I wasn't really listening. I really wanted that bracelet. Then she expectantly says, "Care to outbid me?" I say no, because I don't have enough money, and leave.

      Dream 2
      I remember being at some sort of party and looking for a girl that I had previously dated and was hoping to get back together with. We were both adults in this dream. I finally find her, with her arm around a dark-haired man as they both burst into a chorus of laughter that I can't hear because of the distance between us. Her long blonde hair swings as she shakes with laughter. I know that the man is her new boyfriend, and that I'm too later. I leave, extremely hurt because I thought that we were getting somewhere.

      Spoiler for Warning:Disturbing Porn:

      I'm in a room with another girl around my age. She has long, dark brown hair that just about reaches her waist. Despite that, she's rather plain looking and very timid. That's why I'm even more surprised when she brings up a porn site and starts watching it right there. She even comments on it, and lets her sister lend me a laptop as well. Her sister is very outspoken and loud. She's always chewing gum, and is very short but with big hair. I dislike her. I know that she introduced her sister to porn, and made her the way she is.

      We're in a room with my little brother when he comes up and asks what we're watching. He sees a handjob for a brief second and starts asking questions about it. I awkwardly make the motion with a hand and asks if he does 'that'. He starts mimicking the motion, and I tell him not to several times. I think that I told him to try it sometime. I'm being arrogant because the outspoken sister is in the room and I'm influenced by her.

      My brother runs over to my mom who has just entered the room and makes the motion several times, and she looks up at me, aghast. I yell, "I WAS ONLY TEACHING HIM HOW TO OPEN A CAN OF SODA, I SWEAR!" I make the motion myself, to reassure myself that it is indeed a soda opening motion. Yes, this is definitely a good excuse (not).

      There was some sort of school that I either excelled at or was terrible at. It was a summer camp kind of deal. I got very bored with it. The kids there were all stuck up.
    2. Long Lucid Dream

      by , 07-06-2013 at 09:33 PM

      I was in my dad's living room, and something prompted me to think that it was a dream. My brother stood right in front of me. To test my dream theory, I charged right through the wall and my brother, no fear. I saw his eyes widen as I rammed towards him at the speed of light, and I closed my eyes.

      Once I opened my eyes I was standing outside. Well, I guess that this is a dream. I attempt flying, but then completely slow down and am slowly spinning out of control, as if I'm in space. This is the first time that I've been unable to fly in a dream. My gaze tilts upward, and the power lines are outlined against the sky. I float alarmingly close to them. All while this is happening, a calm, female voice similar to that of a flight attendant talks inside my head. It seems as though she is some sort of 'lucid dreaming for beginners' guide. She explains something about the power lines, and how they shock you.

      I remember that you could sometimes jump to initiate flight, but it's not needed. Soon I'm zooming down the road, above the trees. For some reason in Every. Single. Dream I have, the lower part of the town I live in (past the hospital) is always dramatically changed. In this dream, although I was lucid, I couldn't recall what the area looked like. I jokingly recalled the map of past dreams, not really meaning to explore further but thinking that it'd be funny if it looked like it did in dreams.

      I looked down and imagined a small dog coming out of the bushes. Then, I put out my hands in a frame shape and imagined up a dog. It was small, and had matted brown fur. It was still cute.

      The dog followed me along, I assume flying. I wanted to come upon something fun to do. We flew above a small camp of ruffians with blue tents. I saw people in tribal paint jumping about, and worried about them attacking me. I believe that this was when two or three other girls joined us, at least two brown-haired and one blonde.

      We kept on flying. Our group quickly grew large, and I felt pleased. As if I was collecting people. We landed in a meadow. One girl and I stood by a fence. I studied her. I expected her face to be warped or somehow missing a nose, since it was a dream. She was quite beautiful, even her frizzy hair which stood a good three inches from her face somehow made her seem quaint. She was familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

      I told her that she was beautiful. She blushed and looked down. Yes, definitely beautiful, I decided. I asked her what she thought of me, knowing her answer already. This was my dream, of course she would respond positively. She gave me a critical head-to-toe. Then she said that I was beautiful. I jokingly said something about it being a dream. I was worried that she'd freak out since I'd called it a dream, but she didn't. She just half-smiled and laughed. So the people here were completely accepting of it being a dream.

      I think that we were still in the meadow when I tried to write something down. God, that was a nightmare. On every single word I had to backspace and retype the letter, but even then I rarely got it right. I realized that it was hard because I was in a dream, and gave up on that.

      I wanted to get to a city, and repeatedly commanded a taxi to appear. No luck. Then I told myself that we'd just take a boat. We fly a short while and we come upon a sea that is thrashing wildly, as if in the middle of a storm. We land on the deck and I see a few wary deckhands and smaller boats. I see a small yacht, but decide that it's too small. I pray for a giant cruise ship to pull around the mountain, but instead there comes a wild mix between boat and floating black truck. I didn't bat an eye at it in the dream, besides being disappointed that it wasn't a cruise ship. I pulls close to the deck and we fly to the 'boat deck'. There are doors that you open to get into the seats, and I immediately sit in the first row, window seat. The blonde girl is about to sit down outside the door, but I beg her to sit inside with me. I don't tell her why yet. She resists, but finally comes in to sit.

      I want to turn her into an actor and it'll be easier with her since she's already blonde. I tell her that I want to change her appearance into that of an actor, and she readily agrees. I worry that it won't feel the same with her as it would if he'd just walked up out of the mist.

      I tell her that I didn't want her to sit outside because things that I didn't have my eye on at all times in dreams had a habit of disappearing. I used the dog as an example, who I hadn't seen for a while and I could only assume had disappeared.

      I faced her, but we were on land now. I made her hair blonde, since it was brunette now. I sharpened her nose, changed her teeth. I was having an awful time trying to remember what he looked like, and worrying that I'd gotten a feature wrong. The brown slowly spread back into her/his hair. I said nuh uh and quickly changed it back to blonde. Then he changed into a alien and I got a comic-like picture of him beating his chest while howling at the sky. As a bulgy eyed, white alien. I sighed in disappointment because all my hard work was wasted. I began to lose lucidity.

      I was under these stairs, looking for my friend's little brother to put him to bed. With each turn the passageway got smaller and darker. I continued to brightly call for him. I turned once again, and knew that his was a trap to get me so deep in that I couldn't turn around to go back. I saw a panel on the wall shake, and I knew something scary was going to pop out behind it. It quickly turned to leave, and saw the little brother scamper across my path.

      I'm running along a dark, leaky room with wet pavement. I'm filled with adrenaline, and can see my friends leaping forward and sprinting beside me.

      I'm in a small, old-fashioned town. There's a funeral going on and I unwittingly say something offensive because I didn't know that it was a funeral. There a white church with a steeple beside the garage where the funeral is held. The brown casket is carried into the garage. Dream On by Aerosmith plays in the background, and I'm amazed that I can remember all the words. I'm also amazed that I've remembered the little details from 'a dream past'. I had a false memory of this happening in a dream, and of a crazy lady with wild hair interrupting the funeral.

      Although it doesn't seem like it, I'm still partly lucid. I want to try to eat something, so a friend or two and I flew to a fast food restaurant. We go inside, and I break off the top of a drink dispenser. What looks like tapioca is inside. I have it in a cup, and know that it will taste awful. A cop comes over and is mad at us for breaking open the machine.
      I force my friend to use her power to turn the white liquid red, hoping that it will disguise it from the cop and also make it taste better. It half-works, the cop stirs it with a finger and the color is instantly stirred under. I wake up.