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    Attacked on the Street and Water Bending

    by , 06-23-2013 at 02:50 AM (725 Views)
    Dream 1

    I'm just walking down the sidewalk, minding my own business, when three or four older guys come up to me and a friend, carrying these thin red sticks that I instinctively know are for butt-whupping. I begin to walk faster, but it's no use because they are really going after us. I think that they were going after my friend. I wait until one guy comes close and I think that I used a red stick. I whipped it right into his stomach and he falls backwards. I stand completely still, a nonchalant expression on my face. The other two come at me, but I easily disarm them use a flurry of moves to beat them back. I feel like a badass. One man advances towards me with a strange, twisted, ruby knife that looks cruel.

    Health bars appear in the bottom left corner. I deftly hit one man aside until he stumbles in a heap, his health level shrunk to a tiny slice of red. I turned to a man who came at me from behind. I slap him back with the pole, and his health shrinks to a thin line. I'm satisfied now, but he comes at me and I unthinkingly lightly swat at him with the pole. He staggers backwards, his health line completely disappearing. I reach a hand out to him, "No." I say in disbelief. He falls backwards and lands like a sack of sand, dead.

    I start to scream, "Noooooo!" I turn around and can see my friends staring at me, in confusion and perhaps a little fear. See, in the dream I had a rule with myself that I'd never kill another human, and now I'd just killed a man by accident. You could describe me as feeling sorrowful, and agonized because I knew that the man was bad but also refusing to admit that he needed to die. I fall to my knees in the middle of the street, still howling.

    I decide to 'redo' the entire situation to see if I can make things end better. Everything happens very similar to last time, as far as I can remember. But the fights moves into the backyard of a house near the street that we fought in. I remember looking at one house and repeatedly thinking that "we were in the neighbor's yard". I took out all the other guys, until just one was left. He was gross, chubby, and reminded me of that guy on X-Men Evolution because I think he was wearing overalls.

    I discovered that I had the power to control water, but it didn't really come as a surprise. I was throwing water at him, he was about 20 yards away. I glance at the ground and see a hole carved into the ground, filled with water. I think that I won't be able to mentally lift it all, but I reach out a hand and make a scooping motion. The water flies up and hovers in a big moving droplet, and I realize that it's frozen. It turns a silvery, cold color. I throw it at the advancing man, and he flies backwards. I have a bad feeling, and I think that he was dead. When I look at him he is encased in a block of ice. I feel discouraged. Things didn't end as well as I'd hope, maybe worse than last time.

    I sigh. I know that eventually, maybe years from now, the ice will melt and the bad guy will be released again. Then I'll have to deal with him again, since I know he will go after me and attempt murder.

    Dream 2
    I remember running from my dad's house. I'm on the sidewalk in front of my neighbor's house, I feel very creepy and spooked. I continue onward.

    Now I'm in a room which I believe is an apartment. The room is white, and I sit at a table. A guy that I know is to my left, and Girlfriend 1 sits on my right. Girlfriend 2 and/or Girlfriend 3 sits on Girlfriend 3's other side. The guy is talking to me, and showing me pictures that he's posted on Instagram, except the pictures are printed on little flashcards that he has in a huge stack. The pictures are all the quote-y girly kind that teenage girls like to post, except they're about baseball. I feign interest.

    He casually leans toward me and wraps an arm around my shoulder/waist. I feel very warm, and I haven't felt like that before. My heart was hot and I felt very at ease, peaceful. I kept telling myself that I needed to shake him off, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I tell myself that I have to, and that Girlfriend 1 is sitting right next to me, although suddenly it feels as if she is one person away from me, as if she'd have to lean around someone to see me. I distractedly flip through the cards and realize that I can't imagine ever reaching the bottom of the stack. The cards seem to multiply, like one replaces the one that I take away.

    I think to myself that he must like me, I mean he's got his arm around me! Girlfriend 1 leans forward and becomes very still. Oh no, she's seen us. I feel almost defiant, because I want him.

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