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    Riding the Train, Literally and Fish Ring

    by , 07-08-2013 at 04:08 PM (584 Views)
    Dream 1
    I'm in a giant train station. The ceiling arches way above my head, and support beams branch off from the ceiling to the walls. I'm with my friends and class, but am isolated from the others. We're standing on the top of the train itself, and I know dimly that it is moving but I can't feel the motion, just see the walls of the station sweeping past.

    The top of the train is littered with a ton of boxes, and I mean a ton. Some are open, some closed, some tossed on their side. Some are stacked on top of others. Some are so full that they have objects spilling out. It's a giant yard-sale, except the conductors were going to throw it all away once they reached the next stop. I go up to one box and am searching through the pile of jewelry for anything good. I find a ring, and keep it. I tie the sleeves of my jacket together to make a bag and start to keep the items in there.

    A guy I know in real life comes up behind me and slips an arm around my waist. I pause. I know that it means nothing to him, but it feels out of this world. Like, more feeling than I've felt in a dream before. It's so warm it nearly scorches my skin and I can feel it all the way through my stomach. I don't even particularly like him, but I get an instant rush of affection for him.

    Once the kids see all the cool stuff I'm finding, they start to think that I'm onto something by searching through the boxes.

    Then I'm at the library. The librarian stands in the middle of the room, surrounded by a desk upon which even more boxes are placed. She's searching through them, and I help. I'm more cautious about what I pick out, however, because I actually have to pay for this stuff. The place has an atmosphere of closing time, and we're the only people there besides a gray-haired older lady who is also a librarian.

    I find quite a few things that I like. The librarian smugly beckons me closer, and I obediently leaned closer and peered into her hand. She held a wristwatch/ring/bracelet with several little bits that looked exactly like little fish made out of mercury. They busily 'swam' in the liquid inside, although they weren't attached to strings or anything. The librarian proudly explained something about magnetism, but I wasn't really listening. I really wanted that bracelet. Then she expectantly says, "Care to outbid me?" I say no, because I don't have enough money, and leave.

    Dream 2
    I remember being at some sort of party and looking for a girl that I had previously dated and was hoping to get back together with. We were both adults in this dream. I finally find her, with her arm around a dark-haired man as they both burst into a chorus of laughter that I can't hear because of the distance between us. Her long blonde hair swings as she shakes with laughter. I know that the man is her new boyfriend, and that I'm too later. I leave, extremely hurt because I thought that we were getting somewhere.

    Spoiler for Warning:Disturbing Porn:

    I'm in a room with another girl around my age. She has long, dark brown hair that just about reaches her waist. Despite that, she's rather plain looking and very timid. That's why I'm even more surprised when she brings up a porn site and starts watching it right there. She even comments on it, and lets her sister lend me a laptop as well. Her sister is very outspoken and loud. She's always chewing gum, and is very short but with big hair. I dislike her. I know that she introduced her sister to porn, and made her the way she is.

    We're in a room with my little brother when he comes up and asks what we're watching. He sees a handjob for a brief second and starts asking questions about it. I awkwardly make the motion with a hand and asks if he does 'that'. He starts mimicking the motion, and I tell him not to several times. I think that I told him to try it sometime. I'm being arrogant because the outspoken sister is in the room and I'm influenced by her.

    My brother runs over to my mom who has just entered the room and makes the motion several times, and she looks up at me, aghast. I yell, "I WAS ONLY TEACHING HIM HOW TO OPEN A CAN OF SODA, I SWEAR!" I make the motion myself, to reassure myself that it is indeed a soda opening motion. Yes, this is definitely a good excuse (not).

    There was some sort of school that I either excelled at or was terrible at. It was a summer camp kind of deal. I got very bored with it. The kids there were all stuck up.

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