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    1. Riding the Train, Literally and Fish Ring

      by , 07-08-2013 at 04:08 PM
      Dream 1
      I'm in a giant train station. The ceiling arches way above my head, and support beams branch off from the ceiling to the walls. I'm with my friends and class, but am isolated from the others. We're standing on the top of the train itself, and I know dimly that it is moving but I can't feel the motion, just see the walls of the station sweeping past.

      The top of the train is littered with a ton of boxes, and I mean a ton. Some are open, some closed, some tossed on their side. Some are stacked on top of others. Some are so full that they have objects spilling out. It's a giant yard-sale, except the conductors were going to throw it all away once they reached the next stop. I go up to one box and am searching through the pile of jewelry for anything good. I find a ring, and keep it. I tie the sleeves of my jacket together to make a bag and start to keep the items in there.

      A guy I know in real life comes up behind me and slips an arm around my waist. I pause. I know that it means nothing to him, but it feels out of this world. Like, more feeling than I've felt in a dream before. It's so warm it nearly scorches my skin and I can feel it all the way through my stomach. I don't even particularly like him, but I get an instant rush of affection for him.

      Once the kids see all the cool stuff I'm finding, they start to think that I'm onto something by searching through the boxes.

      Then I'm at the library. The librarian stands in the middle of the room, surrounded by a desk upon which even more boxes are placed. She's searching through them, and I help. I'm more cautious about what I pick out, however, because I actually have to pay for this stuff. The place has an atmosphere of closing time, and we're the only people there besides a gray-haired older lady who is also a librarian.

      I find quite a few things that I like. The librarian smugly beckons me closer, and I obediently leaned closer and peered into her hand. She held a wristwatch/ring/bracelet with several little bits that looked exactly like little fish made out of mercury. They busily 'swam' in the liquid inside, although they weren't attached to strings or anything. The librarian proudly explained something about magnetism, but I wasn't really listening. I really wanted that bracelet. Then she expectantly says, "Care to outbid me?" I say no, because I don't have enough money, and leave.

      Dream 2
      I remember being at some sort of party and looking for a girl that I had previously dated and was hoping to get back together with. We were both adults in this dream. I finally find her, with her arm around a dark-haired man as they both burst into a chorus of laughter that I can't hear because of the distance between us. Her long blonde hair swings as she shakes with laughter. I know that the man is her new boyfriend, and that I'm too later. I leave, extremely hurt because I thought that we were getting somewhere.

      Spoiler for Warning:Disturbing Porn:

      I'm in a room with another girl around my age. She has long, dark brown hair that just about reaches her waist. Despite that, she's rather plain looking and very timid. That's why I'm even more surprised when she brings up a porn site and starts watching it right there. She even comments on it, and lets her sister lend me a laptop as well. Her sister is very outspoken and loud. She's always chewing gum, and is very short but with big hair. I dislike her. I know that she introduced her sister to porn, and made her the way she is.

      We're in a room with my little brother when he comes up and asks what we're watching. He sees a handjob for a brief second and starts asking questions about it. I awkwardly make the motion with a hand and asks if he does 'that'. He starts mimicking the motion, and I tell him not to several times. I think that I told him to try it sometime. I'm being arrogant because the outspoken sister is in the room and I'm influenced by her.

      My brother runs over to my mom who has just entered the room and makes the motion several times, and she looks up at me, aghast. I yell, "I WAS ONLY TEACHING HIM HOW TO OPEN A CAN OF SODA, I SWEAR!" I make the motion myself, to reassure myself that it is indeed a soda opening motion. Yes, this is definitely a good excuse (not).

      There was some sort of school that I either excelled at or was terrible at. It was a summer camp kind of deal. I got very bored with it. The kids there were all stuck up.
    2. Attacked on the Street and Water Bending

      by , 06-23-2013 at 02:50 AM
      Dream 1

      I'm just walking down the sidewalk, minding my own business, when three or four older guys come up to me and a friend, carrying these thin red sticks that I instinctively know are for butt-whupping. I begin to walk faster, but it's no use because they are really going after us. I think that they were going after my friend. I wait until one guy comes close and I think that I used a red stick. I whipped it right into his stomach and he falls backwards. I stand completely still, a nonchalant expression on my face. The other two come at me, but I easily disarm them use a flurry of moves to beat them back. I feel like a badass. One man advances towards me with a strange, twisted, ruby knife that looks cruel.

      Health bars appear in the bottom left corner. I deftly hit one man aside until he stumbles in a heap, his health level shrunk to a tiny slice of red. I turned to a man who came at me from behind. I slap him back with the pole, and his health shrinks to a thin line. I'm satisfied now, but he comes at me and I unthinkingly lightly swat at him with the pole. He staggers backwards, his health line completely disappearing. I reach a hand out to him, "No." I say in disbelief. He falls backwards and lands like a sack of sand, dead.

      I start to scream, "Noooooo!" I turn around and can see my friends staring at me, in confusion and perhaps a little fear. See, in the dream I had a rule with myself that I'd never kill another human, and now I'd just killed a man by accident. You could describe me as feeling sorrowful, and agonized because I knew that the man was bad but also refusing to admit that he needed to die. I fall to my knees in the middle of the street, still howling.

      I decide to 'redo' the entire situation to see if I can make things end better. Everything happens very similar to last time, as far as I can remember. But the fights moves into the backyard of a house near the street that we fought in. I remember looking at one house and repeatedly thinking that "we were in the neighbor's yard". I took out all the other guys, until just one was left. He was gross, chubby, and reminded me of that guy on X-Men Evolution because I think he was wearing overalls.

      I discovered that I had the power to control water, but it didn't really come as a surprise. I was throwing water at him, he was about 20 yards away. I glance at the ground and see a hole carved into the ground, filled with water. I think that I won't be able to mentally lift it all, but I reach out a hand and make a scooping motion. The water flies up and hovers in a big moving droplet, and I realize that it's frozen. It turns a silvery, cold color. I throw it at the advancing man, and he flies backwards. I have a bad feeling, and I think that he was dead. When I look at him he is encased in a block of ice. I feel discouraged. Things didn't end as well as I'd hope, maybe worse than last time.

      I sigh. I know that eventually, maybe years from now, the ice will melt and the bad guy will be released again. Then I'll have to deal with him again, since I know he will go after me and attempt murder.

      Dream 2
      I remember running from my dad's house. I'm on the sidewalk in front of my neighbor's house, I feel very creepy and spooked. I continue onward.

      Now I'm in a room which I believe is an apartment. The room is white, and I sit at a table. A guy that I know is to my left, and Girlfriend 1 sits on my right. Girlfriend 2 and/or Girlfriend 3 sits on Girlfriend 3's other side. The guy is talking to me, and showing me pictures that he's posted on Instagram, except the pictures are printed on little flashcards that he has in a huge stack. The pictures are all the quote-y girly kind that teenage girls like to post, except they're about baseball. I feign interest.

      He casually leans toward me and wraps an arm around my shoulder/waist. I feel very warm, and I haven't felt like that before. My heart was hot and I felt very at ease, peaceful. I kept telling myself that I needed to shake him off, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I tell myself that I have to, and that Girlfriend 1 is sitting right next to me, although suddenly it feels as if she is one person away from me, as if she'd have to lean around someone to see me. I distractedly flip through the cards and realize that I can't imagine ever reaching the bottom of the stack. The cards seem to multiply, like one replaces the one that I take away.

      I think to myself that he must like me, I mean he's got his arm around me! Girlfriend 1 leans forward and becomes very still. Oh no, she's seen us. I feel almost defiant, because I want him.
    3. Three Lucids and Sugar Cookies

      by , 05-18-2013 at 07:43 PM
      Lucid Dream 1
      I don't know where I became lucid. I wanted to find Angel Falls or the Colosseum so I started to fly above wooded land. I knew that I should try to find a jungle so I willed it to start to turn into palm trees. I somehow threw something down there that made it start to turn into a jungle. I was pleased.

      I flew low to the ground and looked forward and up and little, commanding Angel Falls to appear in front of me. I came to a clearing with a little town, and two houses stood out to me. One was made of dark, polished wood but was made almost completely out of glass. It was very modern looking. There was a house next to it that looked very homey and was about two stories tall. I knew instantly that it was a hotel. The grass was neatly trimmed around these two houses, There might have been a pickup truck next to the glass house, and I think that there was a shed next to the hotel. I decided that I could take a detour, and lighted down in front of the hotel. I walked up the sidewalk and on the the front porch. I think that they had a screen door. The people there instantly welcomed me, and I felt at home. My room was directly to the left, like at my mom's house. I had a bed that sank almost to the floor when you laid in it.

      I remember the buzz of conversation, and I went into the main room. There might have been a dining room table. One of the women who worked there was wearing a maid's outfit and holding a plate of sugar cookies. I reached forward and took one. It was exactly how sugar cookies are supposed to be, so soft that they nearly break just picking them up. I know that she was talking to another woman while I ate around 3-4 cookies before stopping out of politeness/didn't want to get fat.

      I left the house and wanted to find another hotel to stay at, because I thought that this was really cool. I walked across the dusty road and thought that I had bee in this dream for a while, accompanied by an exhilarated feeling. I think that this was the dream where everything got narrow very suddenly, the feeling that usually precedes waking up. Everything in my vision got squished together, and my nose was really long and narrow. I think that I woke up. It's like all this happened, but it also didn't happen. I flew out over the edge of the mountain that I'd been on which declined steeply. There were two hotels there, one was interesting looking but looked unreal, like something made of clay. The other one almost made the cut. It had a rounded top and looked similar to a Colosseum. It looked too small though, and also had that air of fakeness.

      So I kept flying. I wanted to see a log cabin hotel, and pretty soon I was fast approaching a long line of log cabins. I immediately knew that they were rented out by people who came here in the summer/winter. There was also a fairly small town next to the cabins. But, there was a huge mansion that was in the corner of the town. I flew above the town and looked down, and the mansion was almost a third as big as the entire town put together. I was going to pass the mansion by, but then I caught a glimpse of a bedroom through a burnt sienna colored stained glass window. I was pretty high up, so I swooped down to the entrance of the mansion. This is where I started to lose lucidity. I remember water, I think. I guess that I got lost or something because I kept on going in and out of the building. I remember a ledge, and one of those things that covers the top of a bed, that filmy and fluttery material.

      Lucid Dream 2
      I was at my grandparent's house. My brother was there as well. Everything was dim and gray. there was a gigantic spider, bigger than a trailer, that was circling the house on a set track. My brother and I were mostly hiding on the front porch, but then I decided to be brave and try and kill the thing. Oddly, I don't remember seeing any trees in my grandparent's front yard. My brother stayed on the front porch while I circled around to the back porch. I remember trying to run really fast,and constantly checking over my shoulder to make sure that it wasn't there behind me. I think that I saw it coming, once. Also, I went to the back porch because I somehow knew that we had to attack the spider from the front and back at the same time. That doesn't make much sense, though, since it was impossible for the spider to be in the front and back yard at the same time.

      My brother had a sword, as did I. I remember seeing the spider scuttling around the side of the house and hiding behind the porch while trying to get within distance to attack but not close enough to get grabbed by one of it's legs.

      When I was walking further into the backyard I thoughtlessly did a reality check and counted 6 fingers out loud. A moment later I paused because I knew that I should have only five fingers. I realized that I must be in a dream. I know that I flew around and did cool stuff, but I can't remember any of it! I do remember doing a nose plug RC and being completely taken by surprise when I could easily breath. I tried it again, and knew that I was in a dream when I could breath. I remember a field.

      Then I had a false awakening, of sorts. I 'woke up' in the same place that I'd been in before I'd become lucid. I checked my hand, and counted five fingers. I was still a little doubtful, so I triple checked, and each time I had five fingers. I shrugged and continued to walk forward, non-lucid.

      Note:This dream was probably influenced by the movie Charlotte's Web, which I watched yesterday.

      Lucid Dream 3
      I was with a group of my friends. I forget how I became lucid. I thought that we were all having the same dream, and that it was really them. I was super excited when I told them to check their hands, because they were in a dream. They all looked down in confusion. I remember seeing N with his face scrunched up in confusion. I looked down at my own hand. I whispered "wow" because it looked as though there were tiny cracks all over my hand, very strange looking. I think that K came over and was curious as to what my hand looked like.

      I told J that we were going camping, and hiked a blue backpack over my shoulder. I was pleased that I'd be able to check off a task in my personal summer goals list. I commanded there to be a field of purple violets in the next field. I went over the hill, but it was really bumpy and I wanted it to be smooth so I held out a flat hand and made a wiping motion over and over. The landscape slowly flattened, but it was if the violets had been sheared because only short green stalks were left. I remember a field with corn that had grown about up to my thigh. I was disappointed that the field was ruined, and continued onward. We came to a road at the other end of the field, with a farmhouse, maybe red. Around this point we started running from a man who was trying to kill us. I remembered promising my friends that we'd go horseback riding as I was fleeing. I could only see that ground beneath me as I ran with all my might. A horse appeared underneath me, tan colored. It had an odd gait, but I was content.

      I remember running across a rickety bridge and trying to cut the ropes before the man could follow me across.

      I was on a rock in the middle of some very dark water. I was close to the shore, but I'd still have to swim to get there. There were a few rocks scattered around me, along with some floating pieces of driftwood/rafts. I was absolutely terrified in this place. It had a slimy, creepy feeling. I was scared that something would come up from underneath and grab me. I wanted to conquer my fear of this place, though, so I began to thread seaweed/thread/rope between all the stranded rocks and such, like I was making little bridges so I didn't have to step over cracks. It calmed me.

      Dream 4
      I was in the place with the glass house and hotel. I was trying to continue up a hill, but it was so steep that I found it impossible. KM was climbing it with ease, and I loathed her because of it. There was someone else with me who disliked her as well. When we reached the top and looked down, the view was breathtaking. KM laughed and said that she wouldn't be testing it out

      I remember entering this pathetic little dog who I loved in a dog contest.

      I had to skate up the mountain which had just climbed, and you had to control these three lines and keep them in line with the lines printed on the ground, sorta like a video game of some kind. It was nearly impossible, I only got two stars and whatever machines I was using got damaged. Someone said that they told me so.

      The judges said that I did bad.
    4. Red Pill or Blue Plue

      by , 05-13-2013 at 09:20 PM
      I remember staring at a brown, wooden table with several small holes in it. I had to make a difficult decision, and I was really struggling. The room was pretty dim, everything was shadowy beyond the table. There was an empty pill bottle, and there were about 4-5 red and blue pills each in a pile beside the upturned bottle. There might have been green pills as well. I knew that my life would change in completely different ways with each pill, because I was only allowed to pick one color.

      Dream Fragment
      I remember walking around my hometown. Something weird was going on, since there were no cars or people. I got a view of the four-way from above, as if I was perched on a lamppost or if I was on the balcony of that old antique store. I remember looking around with my hand on my brow, like I was blocking the sun from my eyes. I think that I was trying to solve a mystery.
    5. The Bubble, Swim Center

      by , 05-12-2013 at 05:38 PM
      I was at a swim meet. It was in an open, airy room. I think that there were glass walls, or a glass roof. I wasn't swimming as fast as I could, because everyone in front of me was swimming slowly.

      I think that I might have been in a twisted version of the Bubble. There must have been 8-10 lanes there, long-course. I was slacking off, then I decided to go all out. I swam at would normally be considered a sprint for almost an entire 200 meters, and I felt this great feeling of pride, and I could tell that everyone was watching me. I had the feeling that people were there from school, and they were amazed that I could swim that fast. I watched myself in third person. I was happy that my practicing was finally paying off, to the point that I could swim a 200 sprint without running out of breath.
    6. Truck Tipping

      by , 05-11-2013 at 08:05 PM
      This kid was narrating. He was saying stuff like, "Lived in them my whole life, we were constantly moving, we followed other ranchers (I'm pretty sure that's the word he used) on the road. We didn't go to school but our families taught us. I never did know how to drive a truck. "
      Basically, it's like these many families that travel around together in these RV/truck/some sort of hauler. So while this kid is narrating you see the trucks heading down some country roads, and then after the kid is finished talking you see that the trucks are going up some steep hills. At first they're not too steep, but then they're straight up and down. I was getting a view from the front window. I forgot to mention that each RV is carrying hay on top of it. Like, a ridiculous amount. Enough to tip it over.
      So they get to the top of the first few hills, but then they get to a long one. There's a white fence to the left, up the entire road, and there's a field behind it. On the right is a giant cliff, and at the top is where we would be staying for that month or whatever, our homes. There's a husband and wife in the front of the RV, and they were kinda like country hicks. The wife says something like, "One of these days it's gonna tip over!" and then it does. It stops, and then starts sliding backwards and tipping. We all jump out of the sudden, magically open doors right beside us, and are met with a horrific sight. All the trucks in front of us are all tipping. There are people everywhere and I got the feeling that our truck tipping had made the others tip, like the dynamos effect( I know it doesn't make sense, but it's a dream).
      And then you find out that some of the trucks were in the camp when they started tipping. I am suddenly bodiless and am instantly in a good spot over the cliff to watch the trucks fly over, throwing over the wreckage of everything in their path. I distinctly remember chickens flying everywhere as their coop was crushed.
      Then I get an ariel view of the camp. It is a perfect circle, and all of a sudden there is a fence that encircles the entire thing. There are people outside banging on it and yelling to be let in, but nobody is letting them in to where the limited food and water is, and I think something like, " Human nature. " because we turned on each other as soon as we realized there were limited resources.
      Anyways, this is where it turned into something like a game. The actual houses and skyscraper building were right outside the fence, but all the resources were inside the fence. The silver fence went extremely high up, I don't know how to describe it, and there were black ropes all hanging off of the top of it (We were completely trapped, although I didn't think of it at the time. Even if we climbed to the very top we couldn't get out because the fence went across the top too, and that's where the ropes where all hanging off of.
      The ropes were of varying lengths, although I think most of them went all the way down to the floor. So suddenly I'm in the air, and I get a picture of what I want to do to ensure that my food and resources stay safe. A nest of some sort, with knots and stuff. I could make a little ball in the center that I could stay in with my stuff. I didn't occur to me that I wouldn't be able to get out.
      So the first thing I do is tie two ropes together, and for some reason they make a completely flat surface for me to sit on. I decide to ambush a lady and her husband.
      They've somehow already got a little floating house type thing set up, and all of their resources are there. I swing in on a rope I had grabbed, Tarzan style. They start screaming at me and whacking me with stuff, and trying to grab my rope so thy could pull me in. But I grabbed the stuff I wanted and then swung around again, trying to gain momentum to swing back up to my meek little home. Suddenly there's a time limit on how long I can be out stealing stuff, and I only have like five seconds left. I desperately try to swing up there, and I'm so close, but the wife grabs my tail or something and I lose all of my momentum or something, and a loud voice (possibly over an intercom) informs me that I now owe something to the people I had been raiding (He actually said like, two waters and a mango or something like that).
      Also, I forgot to say that I was some kind of animal with a tail in these games.
      So I swing back up to my home and deposit what I stole, which somehow stays balanced. I then realize that I want to improve my home, so I steal some ropes and make it a little better. It looks like some kind of bird's best, or maybe a wasp's nest.
      Then somebody's attacking me! They grab onto the outside of my nest and easily pull away one of the ropes, which they swing back to their house on. I decide that I should use some knots so I'm safer. I tie some knots, and make my nest a little more secure. Then I get revenge on whoever it was that stole from me. They actually live right next to me, so it isn't hard to get to them. They're talking on a phone, and a grab it out've they're hands, and then intercom voice is there again. He says that I must give her two leopard pelts because you have to let the person talk on the phone for at least ten minutes before stealing it. Then she says that she was only on the phone for like, three seconds.
      I'm all mad because how the heck do I find two leopard pelts they're really rare and if I don't find them within a week I'll be kicked out of the games (My neighbor also reminded me of my other fees).
      I'm sitting moping in my nest when all of a sudden a leopard (Yes, the animals are intelligent in this dream) swings in through a small hole in my nest on my left side. She is also carrying a leopard pelt. She realizes that this is a bad idea because she doesn't have room to move and I'm grabbing at her. She swings back in twice more, while desperately trying to push off in a different direction, and I grab onto her tail. I hold on, but she slips out and I just just lay there despondently because I'm sure I won't be able to find everything in time. That was when I woke up.