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    WILD - Playing with the kids

    by , 05-22-2011 at 04:09 PM (507 Views)
    22 maj 2011 (WILD)


    I saw the horizon with a lot of tall buildings. all the sudden this vivid picture was on an old TV in bad quality. i am in a kitchen with this big big window and a lot of kids. i do a reality check and i go lucid

    I am in the middle of a cooking class. the kids teacher isnt around so i decided to have some fun with them and mess with them. i said "Hey kids! wanna see something magical?" and they are like "YEAA YEAA!" so i do the "finger through palm" kinda thing. the kids is standing there looking at me in awe while they begin trying the trick themself.

    I decided to try walk through the wall, but not with any success.

    I look out the big window and i see some F-16 starting bombing the school. Apperently one of the kids is on the "most wanted" teorrist list. i go outside to find that kids dad and we talk about things. after that i woke up

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