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    The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...

    Hello and welcome to my Out of Body Experiences Journal, or OBEJ! Comments are welcome, especially those from more experienced travelers who wish to help me grow and improve. I'm also open to any methods or techniques that help induce the vibrational state.

    This journal is about to undergo a major overhaul. When I started it I was a Christian. At some point during its construction, I fell in love with what I believe to be a tulpa (thought form) I created. My focus changed from leaving my body to leaving this dimension, to go to hers, wherever she was/is, so I could be with her. But I have since ended that relationship and disconnected myself (we were energetically connected.) I have since renounced my faith. I have since changed many of the ways I used to think, many of the things I used to believe. The person sitting here, typing this, is nothing at all like the person who fell in love with a tulpa, and that person was nothing at all like the Christian who started it.

    As of the writing of this new introduction, here in the human construct of time of May 9th, 2014, I am reading Graham Nicholls book, "Navigating The Out of Body Experience." I no longer see myself as having anything in me that would have to be removed, or fixed. There is, in short, nothing wrong with me and no reason I can not easily leave my body. I view this experience, of leaving my body, as an adventure. You don't need a passport to see the world in an OBE! I am thinking about visiting some of the nearby houses to see if anyone else is leaving their body and traveling. Maybe hook up with them, and/or become friends in physical life. I'll check out various places of interest right here on earth, and maybe start with the Big Sur in California.

    If a time or times come when I am unable to leave my body I will not automatically assume I screwed up, or that I am broken, or that I am resisting in some way, or blocked, or anything like that. I will apply the principle of flexibility and the process of admit, allow, accept. I did some things that bothered me in my earlier lucid dreams, when I first started looking into these things, as I was taking my first steps, unknowingly, away from my former Christian faith and its teachings. Creation and God itself are so much more than any limited religion can allow, describe or detail. I have learned since to be gentle with myself, face these things that conflict with my desired image of myself. In fact try to throw out as much of any idea or preconception of who I am, who God is, and what I experience while traveling as possible. I short I am leaving my ego behind with my body.

    If I have any doubt, fear or worry I think it is more towards whether or not I can diligently practice leaving my body. That I can stick with my OBE training. There are so many things I have dropped. I just can't seem to bring myself to draw or write. I started to teach myself how to program and sing, but stopped these activities as well. I have only managed to continue my spiritual studies, but it is be coming increasingly clear that at some point this has to stop too. Learning is useless if you never use what you have learned. I can't read books all my life, and expect to actually experience life! I have also taken up barefoot running, while stopping my brief period of dance, Qi Gong and body-weight exercising. And I am still meditating, but not as regularly as I feel I should be.

    I am also struggling to figure out my dream or purpose. What should I do? Where should I go? Well perhaps leaving the body will bring me some answers. Icing on the cake, so-to-speak. I am learning to be gentle with myself. I will not fight and resist if for some reason I have no desire to practice. Nor will I just give up. Instead I will admit what I am feeling, allow those feelings to be there until they have worked themselves out, without any intervention or intention they leave on my part, and accept what I am feeling. I enjoy barefoot running, and meditating, so I find myself returning to these things time and time again. I am making the practice of leaving the body on a regular basis, to explore this world, this universe, this galaxy, and perhaps others in their entirety, to explore this dimension and perhaps others as well, something I enjoy, an experience I want to keep returning to. I think this is the key to easily leaving the body, whenever I want to.

    So I will leave the old entries for a reference and eventually update this introduction. I will cover my experiences in detail, unless they really are too personal. I will also cover the projection methods I have used, which ones worked for me, which ones didn't, and why, to the best of my ability. I would like this to be a sort of guide to having your own OBE, an account of one soul's experiences, and proof that there is nothing to fear outside of your body but the boogeyman you believe in. I am leaving my beliefs behind along with my ego and my body. I strongly urge yu to do the same. There is a lot to experience out there, imagine how that will be without any filters!

    There is no anger, no enemy, nothing to overcome, nothing lacking, nothing missing, no resistance and no doorway to rip off. There is only joy, and the thrill of adventure. This positive energy flowing into leaving my body, and seeing for myself just what is out there.

    Come with me!

    1. Meditation and Projection

      by , 12-22-2011 at 02:19 PM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      This isn't a journal entry per say, just something I wanted to share that I have noticed, related to the subject of this journal.

      I have been meditating for 3 months or so now and I have noticed, sometimes when I am deep in meditation, that I can occasionally feel a body part in a different location than where I left it.

      For example tonight my physical feet were on the floor, as usual, but at one point I felt them sort of crossed in front of me, soles touching. This was really weird because the chair is high enough that I could not physically place my feet in the same location I felt them.

      Other experiences like this are hands or arms in a different place then their physical counterparts. I have also had one false alarm when my hand felt arched instead of flat on my knee, but I glanced down and it was arched, although I do not recalling arching it.

      All other times I was able to subtly verify the location of the physical limbs, then the sensation from the non-physical limbs vanished.
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    2. OBE Attempt - Date Unknown

      by , 12-20-2011 at 12:49 PM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      For a short period of time I decided that I would not record any OBE attempts that were not successful. By calling them OBE attempts I created a negative connotation. This was before I discovered Jack Canfield's book, "Key to Living the Law of Attraction." Anyhow there is one experience that I remember clearly but I did not write down or did not find in my DJs.

      I was going through the process of getting out of my body by putting my body to sleep. I was deeply relaxed. Some time may have passed before I suddenly realized that I could feel my hand on my leg. That was weird because I was sitting in my recliner with my hands on the armrests my physical arms and physical hands were still on the armrests at the time. The instant that I realized that I had another hand from somewhere touching my leg the sensation went away.
    3. OBE Experiment - 12-18-2011

      by , 12-20-2011 at 12:41 PM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      Put my body asleep. Try to find the vibrations. Passed out briefly and when I "came to" I felt the vibrations. I felt them one other time when reaching .This method from Robert Monroe's, "Journeys Out of Body" does work, but I have not yet found the best point to "converge", for lack of a better word. When I "came to" I felt vibrations, and then tried to increase them, also trying to converge. Vibrations faded. Tried "third-eye" focus, too much strain on the eyes looking up and in. Feel better about being slowly relaxed. Kept my target, "Etheric83" in mind. Tried to stretch my arms up or towards the dresser at the foot of my bed when I felt them in a higher position than they should be. Partial separation of arms. Sensation faded quickly. My position through this was on my back, head to my right, mouth breathing. Tried nose breathing, felt I could not get enough air. Throat incredibly dry. Also before the SP part of the experiment tried to induce a falling sensation. Such as what I experienced as a child. I have been not found the right position yet. During SP portion of experiment tried sinking than rising. Minor subtle hardly noticeable changes. I concluded that Monroe is correct, vibrations are the keys to that particular door. Now I know what they feel like. Can even artificially stimulate (by tensing) my ears.
    4. OBE - 12-6-2011, 3:00-3:45 a.m.

      by , 12-20-2011 at 12:27 PM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      I was dreaming a strange dream. I was in a vehicle with some lady, traveling a winding road. We stopped. I warned her not to pull ahead further. I had been here before (I felt) and I knew there was a sudden drop off not safe for the car. She |got| (gets) nervous, nearly drives off (the cliff.) I somehow stop it, get the front and push back or something. I watch as the vehicle (car) backs off some rocks embedded in a ground (they were flat on top, sticking about out about a foot or so.) I think the lady is grandma. BC (our straight barn cat) appears and jumps on my lap (BC is skittish and has never jumped on anyone's lap to date.) Then we're in a hospital and grandma is being checked. BC leaves when the doctor enters. We have stopped so we can come here. I move the chair and rip apart an electrical charge cord at the plugged end. Curiously it was connected to my mom's phone and had far too many wires. The doctor examines grandma, I try to get out of the way, squeezing behind her, feeling her tense to move forward. I tell her to stay there, I am fine.

      Large gap here. Next thing I know there is some tough guy pulled out or come out of somewhere. A guy whose face was not familiar. A guy who is not easily scared. I feel there is something in the room with me (I am the guy.) I roll from my left side to the floor. I feel up pressure in my upper body, a squeezing, and a definite sense of weight or hands on my back. Before this happened I could feel something moving behind me and to one side. A rollover, fall through the floor, and keep going. My ears pop or tense or something at weird regular intervals, as if (untranslatable.) I pull |ed| through something. Then it stops and I sense I am floating, drifting. But I can't see, it's as if the OBE was interrupted, or perhaps I was projecting but blind. I did not like the pressure, the pushing. I could feel (my left) hand on my chin, cupping it and the other touching the left elbow, pointing down. I recognize a tingling sensation. I was fully conscious and could feel everything I felt when I put my body to sleep.

      F.A. (feelings after)
      Scared, excited, wary, happy I was able to do what I have been wanting to do but not happy with how it was done (how it happened.)
    5. Projection - 11-15-2011

      by , 12-20-2011 at 11:51 AM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      Had a dream where I finally projected. It affected how I walked and how I felt. I think I did at the dinner table with my family right there. I think I used a twisting motion, like what you feel if you put your arms straight out and spin around. Later I ended up as a cop, a new partner for someone. In another scene to a huge flies were buzzing around me. As I tried it before the window here in Camas I succeeded. I remember really enjoying the feel of separation. I also remember slight worry about the flies and my empty, not dead, body. I also remember a shooting out of my body experience and sensation.

      More OBE stuff... Some girl, possibly kidnapped, raised as a spy or something. Some man (her brother) trying to help her. Something about 80 being a bad thing for her. Some connection to a haunting or the church. The 80 is a good thing for me. A huge guy brought this thing. The backside of an earlier victim was sticking out of it.

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    6. Fourth and Fifth OBE attempts - 10-27-2011

      by , 12-20-2011 at 11:38 AM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      Try PMR (primary muscle relaxation) then "float now" mantra. Realized that I felt the same feelings when I was a kid. I think I actually projected as a child. I can only experience these feelings on my back. I tried to picture my paper above me, where the |untranslatable| (I have a paper above my bed with some text from, "Zen Body Being." I used that as a target.) I found I could increase the feelings and sensations if I simply kept my head and toes in a comfortable angle straight out in front of me. I saw many icons (lucidology reference here) but managed to open none. A landscape opened up to me but I lost it before I realized. No success yet.

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    7. Third OBE attempt - 10-23-2011

      by , 12-20-2011 at 11:23 AM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      I used the Brain Waves Mind Voyages Astral Pprojection guided audio recording today. (ASTRAL TRANCE CD: OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES- ASTRAL PROJECTION CD) I laid on my back with a pillow under my knees. I can feel my body go to sleep, even my face was partially paralyzed. Towards the end I could feel at another body inside me. It was firmly attached to my physical body, I could not break free. As I slid the inner body to the side, my entire paralyzed physical body was pulled with it. As I tried to transfer my view to the side of my bed, tried to be there at the side of my bed, my body was pulled towards that direction. Same thing when I tried this from the light bulb (I tried to put myself inside the light bulb, to project my consciousness there.) My body was pulled up and to the side. I could not separate. But I could feel the other bodies legs, and arms, even duplicated and muscle twitched in the physical body and the other body. I could feel the twitch happening inside the limb, the physical limb, but the limb itself experienced no twitch. I could also see in my mind's eye of the other body. I could also see a black square to my upper left with my eyes closed. This seemed important. Next attempt I will use a blindfold or darken the room.
    8. Dreams of Lucidity - 10-7-2011

      by , 12-20-2011 at 11:01 AM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      I can't remember many dreams tonight I did the "hold close the right nostril" thing and tried to WILD in as I fell asleep.

      I end up in something like my room. There's this picture, black with something like a partial, dim moon superimposed over it. I hear words, something like, "no lucidity, partial lucidity, lucidity." At "no lucidity" the image is black. At "full lucidity" you see the partial dim moon. I recall actually walking past the images, as though they were suspended over my sleeping body, and seeing an seeing them in layers. I also saw my body, just a shape in the darkness.

      I guess I fell asleep, then there was this rushing, sinking sensation after I saw the partial moon. I felt myself sitting down and rushed out of my own body at the realization I was lucid. Then a strange thing happened. I feel my real right physical eye literally pop open, just before I'm about to leave the room and go exploring. I remember wondering, "why, if I'm lucid, aren't things more detailed?"

      Now I still feel as if I'm sinking, I feel my whole body vibrates, and I hear a noise, something like a shrill whistling tea kettle and a large car driving slowly by. The noise fades. I open my eyes, thinking I had WILDed it without knowing it. I lay perfectly still. I was sure that I was in sleep paralysis. But I found I could move around. I swallowed, not really a reflex (my mouth was dry) and decided to wake up to write this.

      I can't remember any other dreams, and it seems like this is so the single dream is emphasized. I get the feeling it's extremely important, that being told something, instructed or taught in some way, here.

      The moon felt like the first time I recognized a dream sign and gained lucidity. It felt like a Dream Sign which I have never used or set aside as a Dream Sign before, also as if someone was giving me a Dream Sign I never had before. It also feels like a process, the process of gaining lucidity. Like a literal symbol of the process.

      Finally I feel as if this is something I should share for some reason.

      Body Hopping - 9-10 a.m.
      So I drift in and out of semi-lucidity here while trying WILD. I started simply in the body of someone. I remember their hands opening doors and how weird it felt.

      (During this or later) |First| I am at a party. I'm here with some friends, but they are in disguises. I burn the top half of my dress (I guess it's a blouse) a long with their disguises. I feel a vicious sort of revenge here. I wearing any red dress with a low top. I think I have long raven black or brown hair. I want to look prettier than them for once. I realize I'm in a female's body and looked down to see my breasts, and a send my senses down to feel the absence of my male parts. I'm seeing things through the eyes of the girl, and when I realize I'm dreaming I end up (or maybe I was already in the process of body hopping) Anyhow I end up in the body of what I assume to be a little boy. It's a night in the city and I'm running to the minivan. For some reason I take note of the people in the front seats. I think I see two men. Another boy my brother, is in the seat behind the driver. We drive straight through some trash in an alley. I still remember how strange it felt for me to run with my tiny legs.

      I never tried to control any of these dreams I just sat back and watched. Noise disturbances were constantly disturbing me.

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    9. Childhood Paranormal and Out of Body Experiences

      by , 12-20-2011 at 10:19 AM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      This is one of the few rare times I will share personal experiences. I am doing this here to answer the inevitable question some may have in the back of their mind that asks, "Why is he like this?" Here then is a glimpse into some of what I experienced as a child, which I hope will answer that question.

      There are two things I experienced as a child, that, during my reading on the subject only this year, have lead me to believe I did have Out of Body experiences as I was growing up. If this is true it also supports the idea William Buhlman (as I recall) presented, stating children experience this a lot, and for most it goes away as they become adults.

      The first thing I experienced quite often, which for some reason I can not induce now, was a feeling of falling. As I recall I could position my head a certain way and feel like I was falling. Sometimes it happened right after I settled down to sleep - no positioning required. I would go to sleep with that feeling.

      The second was I am sure a visit to the spiritual realm. I found myself in a cardboard tomato box, floating or being carried through the closet. Inside it was darkness and flames. I believe this experience scared me, and that fear is one of the obstacles I will have to overcome.

      I was raised by strict Christian parents, my mom, when I was 12, led me to the Lord. It was never really my choice. It just seemed the right thing to do at the time. Later my mom told me she was going to, or she had, send or sent me a dream concerning the second coming. I had a nightmare where I walked outside the trailer where we lived. It was foggy and gray out. I think there were screams all around. I saw an arm lying on the ground. I think I saw other pieces too. This fear has stayed with me all my life. I don't want to be left behind. I don't want to go to Hell. It is a prison I have so far been unable to escape from.

      I experienced other things as a child growing up on that same property. I woke up to find laughing demon faces floating on my wall in broad daylight. I saw a floating face, of an unearthly green color, floating up outside my window, slowly, from the bottom. I was wide awake - not even in bed yet. I could hear my brother and my father in the bathroom next door. I can not describe the face, but I have to sleep with the windows covered even today. This experience left deep psychological scars. I saw a black dog on a trail leading from our house through a strip of woods to a field. As I recall I shone a flashlight on it. The light went through it. The shape in a thick black mist was of a dog, lean and tall, at least 4 feet high, with glowing red eyes. After I shone the light on it the black dog merely turned away and walked into the woods. My stuffed toy rabbit I always slept with turned its head 180 degrees to look at me as I was going to sleep with glowing red eyes. I saw a man, dirty, dressed in denim several times. No record of any such person living in the area. I saw a cat, beheaded, a bloody axe still through it, on a stump with another cat carcass nearby in a gravel pit across from our property. I saw a car from the 60's drive past in the road next to the field. I saw the headlights, but heard no engine and saw no taillights when it passed. It just disappeared. I frequently felt watched and was even followed by something pacing alongside me in the woods.

      Now in recent years I have gone from being angry at God for various reasons, to forgiving Him, to questioning the validity of the Bible, to feeling chained and bound to my faith. I have come to feel that there is too much left out, that the thousands of people exploring the afterlife and giving us a glimpse of the spiritual realm can't all be hallucinating, lying, or be simply deceived. I can't believe that Satan could create such a place, I can't believe God, through His Son, would interact with any place Satan created if he did, and I can't believe it is some intricate illusion either. In my opinion Satan, being destructive in nature, could not create anything, and even if he did he would simply destroy it because that is who he is.

      So that about sums it up for the my background and childhood, and this sets the stage for the entries of my Out of Body Experiments.

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