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    The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...

    Hello and welcome to my Out of Body Experiences Journal, or OBEJ! Comments are welcome, especially those from more experienced travelers who wish to help me grow and improve. I'm also open to any methods or techniques that help induce the vibrational state.

    This journal is about to undergo a major overhaul. When I started it I was a Christian. At some point during its construction, I fell in love with what I believe to be a tulpa (thought form) I created. My focus changed from leaving my body to leaving this dimension, to go to hers, wherever she was/is, so I could be with her. But I have since ended that relationship and disconnected myself (we were energetically connected.) I have since renounced my faith. I have since changed many of the ways I used to think, many of the things I used to believe. The person sitting here, typing this, is nothing at all like the person who fell in love with a tulpa, and that person was nothing at all like the Christian who started it.

    As of the writing of this new introduction, here in the human construct of time of May 9th, 2014, I am reading Graham Nicholls book, "Navigating The Out of Body Experience." I no longer see myself as having anything in me that would have to be removed, or fixed. There is, in short, nothing wrong with me and no reason I can not easily leave my body. I view this experience, of leaving my body, as an adventure. You don't need a passport to see the world in an OBE! I am thinking about visiting some of the nearby houses to see if anyone else is leaving their body and traveling. Maybe hook up with them, and/or become friends in physical life. I'll check out various places of interest right here on earth, and maybe start with the Big Sur in California.

    If a time or times come when I am unable to leave my body I will not automatically assume I screwed up, or that I am broken, or that I am resisting in some way, or blocked, or anything like that. I will apply the principle of flexibility and the process of admit, allow, accept. I did some things that bothered me in my earlier lucid dreams, when I first started looking into these things, as I was taking my first steps, unknowingly, away from my former Christian faith and its teachings. Creation and God itself are so much more than any limited religion can allow, describe or detail. I have learned since to be gentle with myself, face these things that conflict with my desired image of myself. In fact try to throw out as much of any idea or preconception of who I am, who God is, and what I experience while traveling as possible. I short I am leaving my ego behind with my body.

    If I have any doubt, fear or worry I think it is more towards whether or not I can diligently practice leaving my body. That I can stick with my OBE training. There are so many things I have dropped. I just can't seem to bring myself to draw or write. I started to teach myself how to program and sing, but stopped these activities as well. I have only managed to continue my spiritual studies, but it is be coming increasingly clear that at some point this has to stop too. Learning is useless if you never use what you have learned. I can't read books all my life, and expect to actually experience life! I have also taken up barefoot running, while stopping my brief period of dance, Qi Gong and body-weight exercising. And I am still meditating, but not as regularly as I feel I should be.

    I am also struggling to figure out my dream or purpose. What should I do? Where should I go? Well perhaps leaving the body will bring me some answers. Icing on the cake, so-to-speak. I am learning to be gentle with myself. I will not fight and resist if for some reason I have no desire to practice. Nor will I just give up. Instead I will admit what I am feeling, allow those feelings to be there until they have worked themselves out, without any intervention or intention they leave on my part, and accept what I am feeling. I enjoy barefoot running, and meditating, so I find myself returning to these things time and time again. I am making the practice of leaving the body on a regular basis, to explore this world, this universe, this galaxy, and perhaps others in their entirety, to explore this dimension and perhaps others as well, something I enjoy, an experience I want to keep returning to. I think this is the key to easily leaving the body, whenever I want to.

    So I will leave the old entries for a reference and eventually update this introduction. I will cover my experiences in detail, unless they really are too personal. I will also cover the projection methods I have used, which ones worked for me, which ones didn't, and why, to the best of my ability. I would like this to be a sort of guide to having your own OBE, an account of one soul's experiences, and proof that there is nothing to fear outside of your body but the boogeyman you believe in. I am leaving my beliefs behind along with my ego and my body. I strongly urge yu to do the same. There is a lot to experience out there, imagine how that will be without any filters!

    There is no anger, no enemy, nothing to overcome, nothing lacking, nothing missing, no resistance and no doorway to rip off. There is only joy, and the thrill of adventure. This positive energy flowing into leaving my body, and seeing for myself just what is out there.

    Come with me!

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