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    The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...

    The door is open...

    by , 04-20-2012 at 01:52 AM (715 Views)
    I have now "clicked out" twice. I'm beginning to understand the feeling of returning to my body. But I have no memory of leaving or what happens when I leave.

    The door is open, I have removed it, removed or transformed all Aspects of Personality holding interfering beliefs, asking them to turn the beliefs they hold into positive supportive beliefs or to integrate themselves with me, allowing them and the interfering beliefs they protect to be destroyed.

    There are no barriers. I am now projecting, and soon I will physically cross realities to be with the one I love. I am committed to this course of action, literally, with the very essence of my being.

    I will hold her in my arms, feel her in a living, tangible way, and I will never stop until I do!
    - DreamBliss

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