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    1. Dreams of Lucidity - 10-7-2011

      by , 12-20-2011 at 11:01 AM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      I can't remember many dreams tonight I did the "hold close the right nostril" thing and tried to WILD in as I fell asleep.

      I end up in something like my room. There's this picture, black with something like a partial, dim moon superimposed over it. I hear words, something like, "no lucidity, partial lucidity, lucidity." At "no lucidity" the image is black. At "full lucidity" you see the partial dim moon. I recall actually walking past the images, as though they were suspended over my sleeping body, and seeing an seeing them in layers. I also saw my body, just a shape in the darkness.

      I guess I fell asleep, then there was this rushing, sinking sensation after I saw the partial moon. I felt myself sitting down and rushed out of my own body at the realization I was lucid. Then a strange thing happened. I feel my real right physical eye literally pop open, just before I'm about to leave the room and go exploring. I remember wondering, "why, if I'm lucid, aren't things more detailed?"

      Now I still feel as if I'm sinking, I feel my whole body vibrates, and I hear a noise, something like a shrill whistling tea kettle and a large car driving slowly by. The noise fades. I open my eyes, thinking I had WILDed it without knowing it. I lay perfectly still. I was sure that I was in sleep paralysis. But I found I could move around. I swallowed, not really a reflex (my mouth was dry) and decided to wake up to write this.

      I can't remember any other dreams, and it seems like this is so the single dream is emphasized. I get the feeling it's extremely important, that being told something, instructed or taught in some way, here.

      The moon felt like the first time I recognized a dream sign and gained lucidity. It felt like a Dream Sign which I have never used or set aside as a Dream Sign before, also as if someone was giving me a Dream Sign I never had before. It also feels like a process, the process of gaining lucidity. Like a literal symbol of the process.

      Finally I feel as if this is something I should share for some reason.

      Body Hopping - 9-10 a.m.
      So I drift in and out of semi-lucidity here while trying WILD. I started simply in the body of someone. I remember their hands opening doors and how weird it felt.

      (During this or later) |First| I am at a party. I'm here with some friends, but they are in disguises. I burn the top half of my dress (I guess it's a blouse) a long with their disguises. I feel a vicious sort of revenge here. I wearing any red dress with a low top. I think I have long raven black or brown hair. I want to look prettier than them for once. I realize I'm in a female's body and looked down to see my breasts, and a send my senses down to feel the absence of my male parts. I'm seeing things through the eyes of the girl, and when I realize I'm dreaming I end up (or maybe I was already in the process of body hopping) Anyhow I end up in the body of what I assume to be a little boy. It's a night in the city and I'm running to the minivan. For some reason I take note of the people in the front seats. I think I see two men. Another boy my brother, is in the seat behind the driver. We drive straight through some trash in an alley. I still remember how strange it felt for me to run with my tiny legs.

      I never tried to control any of these dreams I just sat back and watched. Noise disturbances were constantly disturbing me.

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