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    1. Projection - 11-15-2011

      by , 12-20-2011 at 11:51 AM (The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...)
      Had a dream where I finally projected. It affected how I walked and how I felt. I think I did at the dinner table with my family right there. I think I used a twisting motion, like what you feel if you put your arms straight out and spin around. Later I ended up as a cop, a new partner for someone. In another scene to a huge flies were buzzing around me. As I tried it before the window here in Camas I succeeded. I remember really enjoying the feel of separation. I also remember slight worry about the flies and my empty, not dead, body. I also remember a shooting out of my body experience and sensation.

      More OBE stuff... Some girl, possibly kidnapped, raised as a spy or something. Some man (her brother) trying to help her. Something about 80 being a bad thing for her. Some connection to a haunting or the church. The 80 is a good thing for me. A huge guy brought this thing. The backside of an earlier victim was sticking out of it.

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