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    The Adventure Begins! My OBE Experiences...

    OBE Experiment - 12-18-2011

    by , 12-20-2011 at 12:41 PM (708 Views)
    Put my body asleep. Try to find the vibrations. Passed out briefly and when I "came to" I felt the vibrations. I felt them one other time when reaching .This method from Robert Monroe's, "Journeys Out of Body" does work, but I have not yet found the best point to "converge", for lack of a better word. When I "came to" I felt vibrations, and then tried to increase them, also trying to converge. Vibrations faded. Tried "third-eye" focus, too much strain on the eyes looking up and in. Feel better about being slowly relaxed. Kept my target, "Etheric83" in mind. Tried to stretch my arms up or towards the dresser at the foot of my bed when I felt them in a higher position than they should be. Partial separation of arms. Sensation faded quickly. My position through this was on my back, head to my right, mouth breathing. Tried nose breathing, felt I could not get enough air. Throat incredibly dry. Also before the SP part of the experiment tried to induce a falling sensation. Such as what I experienced as a child. I have been not found the right position yet. During SP portion of experiment tried sinking than rising. Minor subtle hardly noticeable changes. I concluded that Monroe is correct, vibrations are the keys to that particular door. Now I know what they feel like. Can even artificially stimulate (by tensing) my ears.

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