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    2/24/13 first visit to my dream island

    by , 02-26-2013 at 05:13 AM (837 Views)
    the first half of this dream is a ND. the rest is an LD. here it is. i was in a big city, i enterd a building. inside it was like a fast food restaurant. i seen a 2 male teenagers sitting at the front. they looked like little Evil hoodlums . one of them had a big stack of huge quarters but they werent quarters they were checks on the back. he was counting them most of them had 2.50 to 5.50 $ on them. i asked him if i could have one, so i could get something to eat. he gave me the biggest aditude and was acting like a real jerk i dont remember what he said though. i do remember calling him a little asshole and mooning him and fliping him off on my way out the door . then i ran into a lady and pushed her against the door . i told her i was so sorry :sorry: i was trying to get away from those pricks and i pointed to them. the lady reckegnized them and ran away to get the cops. they came out the door and booked it. they must have stollen those quater checks or something. i got lucid after that and flew way up into the clouds. i didnt want to get involved this time. Then i started singing im dreaming, dreaming la-de-da-de-da yah . then i went down through the clouds i saw an island. i floated above it to see the differant types of buildings. i said to myself which one do i want to go see. i decided to go in front of one that was made from a tree. on the front it said An Inn. with a bell and wierd symboles on it. There was no one around it was a ghost town . The building and stuff looked new though. I started to read stuff i picked up a box of something and read the back. It had the bell and the wierd symboles like the building. I put the box down and picked up a bottle. It looked like a bear and tasted like it too. I read the lable same bell and symboles but there was some fine print on this one. It was starting to get blurd and my eyes hurt. I snaped my fingers and said glasses to make my glasses apear. I put them on thinking it would make things clearer. Oh no it made things soo blury and my eyes started to sting bad . I woke up after that.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Cool exploration LD. I like how it instantly turned fun and adventurous in spite of the grumpy non-lucid content at the beginning where you were annoyed enough to moon people. So is this island a place that you've imagined before? I was intrigued when you called it "my dream island". Some dreamers create persistent worlds that they'll revisit frequently over time and I was curious whether this was something like that for you. It's not something I've done myself but the idea really fascinates me.

      You definitely nailed the use of smilies in this post. Probably the most evocative use of that I've seen. =)

      Congratulations on the LD!
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    2. dreamenaider's Avatar
      lol ya those were some pretty mean people. ya i do actualy have goals to creat settings but this one. the island was already there and sence there was no one there i tend to revisit and make it mine then bring some dc's to it. i may remodel too so i can practice my power to create. then i can make the floating island ive been wanting to with a castle on it which will be above a water fall of lucid dreams. i may start with building a big house or something and take small steps. yes i do intend revisiting all these places from time to time starting with this first island the symboles i saw there were so cool looking like nothing ive ever seen before . i am a big fan of this stuff too are you going to try something like this canislucidus. maybe we could help each other. i think i will call this island treefort island. because of the big building in the middle of the island made out of a tree.
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