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    levi's lucid dream journal

    well here is most of my lucid dreams, there is maybe 2 or 3 ND's but other then that they will all be LD's and maybe a couple status reports on how my dreams are going. here are some of (my LD Goals) to meet my spirit guide, get to know more DC's,pay attention to more details, go to dream school, create a house and go back to it, To revisit treefort island to explore more and remodel a bit and bring some DC's to it, then for my grand fanaly create a floating island with a castle on it which will be above a water fall of lucid dreaming within a medow. i really really hope who ever reads my dj will coment on my dreams or maybe just your fav. i would really love the feed back and such. i really could use the inspiration at this point.

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