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    4/21/13 the flower tree

    by , 04-26-2013 at 09:01 AM (655 Views)
    this was a short lucid dream i had. i became lucid right away. ~~~ i said to my self im dreaming again, oh and im lucid. every thing came clear, i walked to a small gate and opened. i didnt see anything that was interesting. just some regular houses and streets. then i flew up to see if i could find anything of intrest as i was glancing at my hands and touching the nearby trees to keep my dream stable. every thing felt so real but that was to be expected. although my body felt like i was on a salvia trip it but i was calm and realaxed and clear headed. then i came to a tree with pink and purple white flowers growing from the trips of the branches. it was great and stunning to look at. after all that i seen a computer animated looking cheracter that looked like peter pan or something flying around in the tree with some of his fairies. he said something i dont remember then i woke up. ~~~ lol haha what a fruity ending right salvia dream trip indead.

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    1. Jeaness's Avatar
      I am dreamenaider I can take a pic of myself to prove it too.lol this sucks.