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    following the white rabbit LD 1/5/13

    by , 02-22-2013 at 10:27 PM (367 Views)
    i was on a boat in the water and i saw alot of other boats in the water. about 20 yards from my boat i saw a dock. then i started to sing the song rock u like a hurricane to keep my awareness and to prepare myself to create and summon. i started with the water that was in between my boat and the dock and turned that part of the water into grass. after that i hopped off the boat onto the grass. i was about to create a door so i can summon my sg but i was distracted by a white rabbit that hopped with two legs and said follow me. i was interested in what the rabbit wanted to show me so i stopped singing and followed him instead. then he led me to a village. i flew ontop of a roof then i recognized the village from another dream but this time there were no people any where. then the rabbit said come on and he started hopping down a path on a small bridge. i followed him by flying over the bridge. he started hopping threw an obstacle course that went up so i flew up with him. he stopped at a floating wierd looking cow and said something like do you want to have a cup of its milk it will give you power. i took a drink of some milk but while i was drinking my heater turned on and woke me up. oh well hope i have better luck next time.lol


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