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    1. pls i need some feed back on this and pls read the end notes first if you like. i d

      by , 10-02-2015 at 09:00 AM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      I was in a room and there were a lot of dc's tasense then the lastthe form of a lot of my family members. But i knew they werent. None of them seemed good. They were trying to make me believe thier ways and told me if i keep going on thinking how i am they would Take my identidy and prety much make sure im a laughing stock and kick me out of the land. This did not seem right.
      I don't remember what happened but I was kicked out. Then a big storm fell upon them. The looks of the sky was unlike I've ever seen I can't even begin to explain it. When I saw this I began to sing open the eyes of my heart lord open the eyes of my heart I want to see you. When I did that it began to hail huge shaterd glass hail.
      Their was a pick up bed cannapy conveniently open for me to go in. I went in and continued to sing. As I layd my head down coverd my self with a blanket that was also coveniently there and dosed off.
      When I woke I was being driven some where else. It was pure sun shine. The place there felt good and full of happiness. Then somthing happened I don't remember. I know I went some where else like on a mission it felt I was on.
      This part don't make sence but it makes more sence. I was in a room with a bunch of people again. None of them seemed good. Exept two was with me that was good this time. We were watching somthing on a TV the people there was supposed to perform a live event on the TV for us to bare wittness to some how.
      They played somthing but stopped and rewound it and then edited it to them messing around with snakes. so we would not know what actually happened. But I seen the flip And I started to object and say that's not how it happened I saw what you did they all looked at me with an evil glare.
      Then I turned to one of my friends and asked did you see that. He said nothing then I went to ask my other friend but he was turned to ash. Then I looked back at them and said somthing but I don't remember what but I know I was talking in my sleep saying it. The last thing I remember saying if you are truely a man of God you will let me go. Then I woke up.

      Notes:I prayd despritly before I dosed off. the very first dream I had after an hour in a half I had this dream. I ask god to show me guidance. to show me what he wanted me to know, in my dreams for those visions speak loud. So that I may know the real truth. In
      my theory maybe this was symbolic meaning for what I was studying the night before on if I should believe it or not. The history of the christians. How it was said that a group of christians violently attacked other groups of christians and imprisened them for what they believed in and burnt there books untill nothing was left of them. Leaving them able to edit thier own to what they believed.
      You know how jesus says turn the other cheek and love your enemies and your neighbors as your self. Why did this group seem to not follow that What does this really mean look it up. It could be in other theory with out the prayer my mind filling info. But with this strong feeling I put into the prayer makes me think other wise. And for it to be so strong of a dream and the very first one I have also makes me think. Like im sorry but I have to show it to you this way for you to understand and feel the meaning.
      Although it's tottaly OK I can take it I'm not afraid any more. I do not walk alone. If at all I am an open minded person. My mate suggested it could have been a spiritual attack. Maybe it could have been both or all three But I point out what I said. Before how strong I felt that prayer was. I know I will be able to confirm some day but untill then this is highly noted.
      Also note I don't usually yell or speak so loud out loud when I dream. My mate was in the next room and could hear me off and on for an hour. Weird I need feed back pls any one. I hope it was just a file but if not what then huh. And anyone who says anything might be like my friends in the dream they ether don't say anything or they turn to ash."disappear " also note I don't tottaly believe this but I know it has some meaning to it or somthing its weird.lol

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    2. Post 2013 Visits To DreamWorld Castles/Grounds Here

      by , 04-25-2013 at 12:49 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      well i made it to the castle in a non lucid dream. parts of it was hazy but im sure its safe to say i made it. i started out walking along the castle wall berier i looked at the outline of the wall and it surrounded the castle in a circle or oval shape i didnt get a good look at the castle but it was there. also there were stairs and ladders in certen spots on the inward side of the wall. there were some stairs in the middle of it too that led to some rooms or an under ground passage or portals to the inside of the castle not sure which one though. i was on my way to a meeting or something and after walking the path on top of the wall i went down a set of stairs that went into the wall. once i got to the bottom i dont remember what happend but i apeared in a castle room. it looked like a modern day class room sort of. although there were no desks just some circle and sqaur tables with chairs. there were book shelves against a stone wall with posters or paintings on it. the floor had white tile and the lighting was dim other then that i dont remember what els was around. i saw a lady that looked like my older sister bloned hair with glasses. im not sure if it was her or not. she was there to tell my dream past and dream future so to speak, with a deck of cards. the cards were holographic and the pictures moved. i couldnt make them out very well though. i dont remember much after that exept that she pulled out a card that folded out into a map of an island and said we are here. lol well that was my short visit to the dwa castle. i will try when lucid to see where those stairs do lead to and/or explore more of the castle i will also try to meet some cheracters that dont seem or look like some one i know.
    3. 3rd dream- the lame rider on a blind horse-ND Tue 11 Dec, 2012

      by , 02-22-2013 at 10:19 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      I had this dream after reading the part in Roberts book about the lame rider on a blind horse.

      all I remember is riding a horse on the beach. someone else was riding one behind me, he was trying to get his cowboy hat back from me. he was wearing a brown trench coat with cowboy boots. he got his hat back as I rode under an arched rock on the beach.
      past the arched rock was a blur until a dark meadow appeared it was intriguing .
      I saw a statue of a man with either a rifle or a sword posted on the ground I cant recall nor what he was wearing. although after I saw the statue I got off the horse. then my horse went to join with the statue and turned a yellowish color I was amazed
      after that I wanted to get back on the horse. then I jumped on it, as it came alive again. I rode off a few feet then woke up.


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    4. 2nd dream. finding joyce.(my girlfriend) ND

      by , 02-22-2013 at 10:17 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      we were in someone's house when they were'nt there. I had the feeling we had to get out fast. although I knew we were there to investigate something I don't remember what.
      I saw joyce go out the front door with a backpack. before I left I grabed something and put it in my backpack I dont remember what. there was someone with me a friend of some sort.
      I went out the door to find joyce but she was no where to be found.
      I turnd left down a side walk path. bushes and a fence surrounded it. I got to the corner and turned left again. I came to a courtyard the same bushes and fence surrounded it also. I walked to the end of the courtyard and turnd left yet again.
      down a street at the end was a fence that I intended to jump. as I got up to it someone started shooting at us with a paintball gun. I used my backpack as a shield and it grew a bit then turned yellow. I looked to see who it was, it was a staff member from the Job Corps I used to go to. he used to take us paintballing.
      I appeard on a balcony uptop from a plaza inside, it was crowded. I started to get frustrated because I could not find joyce. I finally got the feeling I can do anything.
      I stood ontop of the railing and grew bird wings. I jumped off and glided across the plaza I lost altitude. as I got to the ground I appeard in a beautiful park.
      across the big beautiful park was a grand hotel. as if I warped to it I was inside.
      inside It too was big and beautiful. I don't remember much after that except I got a room there and joyce was in it. then I woke up.

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    5. my first dream in this dj ND

      by , 02-22-2013 at 10:14 PM (levi's lucid dream journal)
      I will start with a couple ND's of mine then the rest will be LD's.
      I started out swimming with some people I did not know.
      some kind of conflict happened but I don't recall.
      They ended up locking me in a building and tried to kill me with knives.
      Two girls and two men with knives. I took one of thier knives away and stabbed the two men in the side. not trying to kill them but to hurt them so I could get away.
      I finally get away through a window.
      now I am running, jumping and flying away. I find a book store and started to look at some books I picked two up. then I saw one of the men I stabbed. I ran for the door with books in hand. Outside I realized I still had the books so I dropped them near the door. the book store clerk was mad.
      the man was still after me so I ran toward a street. I saw a car I wanted it to hit me to end it all. instead it stopped and the two girls got out. the two men appeard behind me. I was cornered so I said just kill me allready. one of the girls said, I'd be glad to. she stabbed in the throat.
      I fell to the ground and started bleeding out. Holding my neck I began to pray, forgive me father for all my sins. then I woke up.

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