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    the unknown dc in the land of the dead LD 1/17/13

    by , 02-22-2013 at 10:28 PM (312 Views)
    1/17/13 LD . . . . . . . . . . . I found myself where there was sports games playing in a couple of different fields. then i thought wait this looks like lacenter washington. (a place i lived when i was a kid) i said i dont live in lacenter anymore. i became lucid, i walked over to a picnic table where my family was. i saw my mom my uncle R. And some others. I told them this is a dream, i lost sight of my mom but my uncle said. If this is a dream then why dont you grow bigger and swing me around, so i did. i grew 10ft tall and swung him around by his arms like ring around the rosey. his feet were off the ground as we were going round and a round. he thought it was fun but after awhile i felt i was hurting his arms cuz we were going so fast. i said ok im going to stop so i slowed down so i wouldnt make him go flying and stoped. then i fell down i was having trouble turning back to normal size. my uncle said here ill help lay on ur belly so i did and he popped my back. i got up and said wow that feels better. (i forgot about the study on dc's but...) i remembered i wanted to create a house and come back to it in a later dream but then everyone disappeared and a girl appeared. she looked about 12 yrs old. then i think i lost lucidity a bit or i wasnt thinking right. i told her i lived in lacenter from 1995 to... i couldnt remember when i left and it was more like 98 not 95. then i asked well what is the yr here, i dont remember what she said. i came back to better thinking and said wait your my spirit guide huh. i dont remember what she said again darn it.lol any way i got distracted on the other goal to create a house. the setting changed there was a construction site with just the foundation laid out of a building with big out of this world looking plants around it. (if i was thinking better that would have been the best place for me to make it, but no instead i thought...) i dont want to ruin anything i wanted to start from scratch in an empty field.( duh i feel dumb now cuz i think my unconscious self was trying to help me by laying out the foundation for me) anyway. i went flying in search for an empty field. there were buildings every where and was no room to make anything. i saw the girl following me from below jumping from rooftop to rooftop on the buildings. i had the feeling she was following me the whole time. i stoped to talk to her i didnt get to say anything but she told me, we are all dead here you cant allways come back to this place. then she went away, i tried to catch up to ask what she ment but it was too late i was losing power and i felt the dream ending.(i should have tried something to stablize it but i forgot to) i have learned from this ld that i need to alter my perception on how i view the dream world. i know this will take practice.

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