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    School 2

    Scaling a Wall Under the Ocean

    by , 06-08-2012 at 06:27 AM (359 Views)
    Dream; Semi-Lucid; Lucid; Memorable; 1-4 My Recollection;

    Woke 4:30am
    My brother had the tv on while I slept.
    Going to bed at sunset.

    2; I fell into sleep a bit restless. I slept very warmly and deeply. Some way through I became conscious of being in a deep dream but wasn't lucid. It picked up along the course of my brothers army training. I remember training and the next thing my brother smiled at what was happening.. Deep in the ocean I was set among other people scaling a cement wall, with weighted gear under the water. Climbing the structure, it became electrified and we endured our way through the SHOCK, and up the ocean wall to the top which became another dream outside of the water. It ended as I watched someone finish.. The next dream celebrated.

    here there's sunlight

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