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    Level up! (Lucid Level Bar #2)

    by , 09-25-2015 at 10:06 AM (383 Views)
    Last night I did lots of stuff, and thus got lots of XP too, and now I'm finally level 1 (and already close to level 2)!

    So with each new level, I need 50 XP more than the level before to fill up the bar. Level 0 required a total of 50 XP, so now I need 100 XP to get to level 2. The blue line marks where I was the day before.

    I may should explain what this square thing on the bottom means. I want to add something called "Lucid Points". I get one lucid point for either leveling up or having a lucid dream, so they're quite valuable. Whenever I get a lucid point, it will be stored in one of the slots on the right side of the square at first. After that I can "use" it by moving it onto a pixel in the square. Depending on which color I put it, I'm rewarded with something different. Blue gives me 50 XP, Red doubles the amount of XP I get for the rest of the day (or maybe the rest of the level?), Black gives me a special Challange (with lots of cool rewards for beating it of course), and Purple will give me two random rewards (so for example +50XP and a new challange). These rewards are of course very unbalanced for now, which is why I "stored" my Lucid Point for now (maybe in the future I will remove the storing slots for the sake of simplicity).
    Oh yeah, I forgot, after placing the first LP, all following LPs must be placed next to at least one other LP. That way I have to plan ahead on what direction I want to go. :3

    Like I already mentioned, I want to add challanges (may even adding the tasks of the month), as well as unlockables and maybe some kind of skill tree for different techniques like WILD, DILD, etc.

    That's it, thanks for reading, criticism and ideas are very welcome!

    EDIT: Dangit, I made a mistake! Already wondored how I could have so much XP within one day... xD
    Actually there should only be 11 pixels filled in the bar, so I still have way to go for my next level... ^^' xD

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