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    My new leveling system :3

    by , 09-23-2015 at 05:59 PM (616 Views)
    So yesterday I once again began to develop a leveling system rewarding me with XP for all kinds of (lucid) dream activity. I tried this several times now (with quitting it after one week or so because it was way too laborious and complicated ), but this time I have a rather good feeling about it. ^^
    So what I did was pixeling myself a progress bar, decided how much XP I need for each level in order to level up, made a list of activitys and goals and determined how much XP each one of them is worth.

    Now, after one day, I'm already halfway through to reaching the first level (starting at level 0): :3

    I wrote a little kind of program in an excel document, so I just have to insert the amount of XP I got that day and it will put out all my stats including how many pixels I have to dye green on the bar.
    The little bar below will show my amount of lucid dreams, one pixel matching one lucid dream. However I'm not quite sure what to do if I filled the bar up fully... :/
    As soon as I have more lucid dreams, I plan to add some subbars in different colors for each big lucid dreaming skill (for example control, lucidity, etc.) . How exactly it'll work I have no idea though.

    Oh right, here's the prototipe of my XP list:
    Spoiler for list:

    So that's it for now, if you have any ideas or criticism please tell me! ^^
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    1. Milly's Avatar
      First, that's really neat and I'm very jealous and I want to run away with it XD And for your little number of lucid dreams bar, why no add one more right next to it when you fill it up, than another until you cover all the lenght of the XP bar, then add another line underneath it with symbol like maybe dot, with each do representing a full XP bar worth of lucid dreams? I don't know if I'm clear XD like in RPG when you can stock up full combo bar under the still-filling one.
    2. dreamingcookie's Avatar
      Thanks alot, and these are great ideas! Maybe I use dots underneath the bar to indicate how many of them I already filled. And everytime I filled up a bar I want to add something like a ridicolously high multiplyer for that day, just for fun. xD
    3. Milly's Avatar
      The insane multiplier IS the best part after all
    4. MeohMyoh's Avatar
      I think I might copy your points idea except I think your a bit stingy with your challenge points...
      but then i'm a total noob.

      It'd be more like +1000 for any of those challenges, plus a new skill obtained!
    5. dreamingcookie's Avatar
      I think you're right here, Meoh. Given that I'm pretty much still a beginner in lucid dreaming I should stock the rewards for these way up.

      And awesome, I'm glad people like my stuff so much they use it themselfs or get an inspiration of it. :3