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    Dreams of all types (but mostly war)

    Hello and welcome to my dream journal. I am posting up a lot of the dreams I remember from my past and when I'm finished most of my big ones I will start posting dreams that I have that are current. There is some profain language in here so if you aren't old enough to read it objectively, then don't say I didn't warn ya. I've been dreaming so much about war lately and being in the middle of war, that I decided I had to start sharing. Thanks for showing interest in this journal and my dreams

    p.s. if you feel that some of these dreams may be too elaborate, or seem like they are taken straight out of a book or a movie, please remember that my dreams are very detailed and I can hardly even describe most of what is seen, heard and felt. I am giving accurate accounts of what I experienced regardless of what has inspired it. Thanks

    1. Skyrim

      by , 12-23-2011 at 02:48 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      The dream starts out and I'm embodied as my character in Skyrim (a bethesda game that just came out). I play a high elf magic user and i'm fully capable of shooting lightning bolts from my hands. I'm in a town and I'm questing, or walking around looking for something to do. I walk past the houses and people walking about and I see one person sitting on a table.

      "What's there to do around here?" I ask the person. He looked like a gnome or something, not a typical human being. Kinda short and.. green. So he doesn't really say anything in my dream but suddenly I have a task and somewhere to go. I walk to the edge of town where I see a big gate and a pathway through that gate, surrounded by trees going down and around a corner. something told me I wasn't supposed to be going out that way.

      I walk to the other side of town and I look down at this huge chasm below. this chasm is at least 1-2000 feet deep, too deep to see the bottom of it. For some reason I am thrown off this chasm and I find myself falling. In bethesda games if you fall you actually die before you hit the ground, so I'm falling and falling wondering why I haven't died yet. Then my descent slows and I find myself standing in front of a door to a cave. I look up and I can see the ridge of the cliff edge however far up. All I could see was a sliver of sky and a gorge of darkness. The door seemed to be lit up so I open it and walk in.

      I walk through the door and I'm greeted by my brother, who is playing his dark elf toon, and seems to be much more powerful than mine. In real his toon is level 38 and mine is only 20 so he has some kickass to his shit and I'm kinda the weakling. He tells me to stick with him which I do. We start exploring this cave together and we come into a great big corridor with lots of rooms to either left and right. I take the first step in and find myself face to face with a giant centipede. I start fighting this centipede shooting my lightning bolts at it and we are tangled in a mess. My brother is off in the distance trying to place a good shot on the creature but I am all over the place, jumping and dashing everywhere and he is afraid to take the shot in case he hits me.

      So I finally decide to run away and let my brother take care of the centipede, which he does, but I am now lost in a labyrinth of rooms. This is the last I see of my brother. Some kind of undead guy wearing black armor starts chasing me and I knew I couldn't beat ths guy and start to run. I try to fire off the odd fireball but I sometimes miss, and the ones that do land don't really do much against this creature. I'm running and running and trying to find my way back to my brother, when I step through this glowy thing and I get teleported back to top level.

      I find myself back in the town I first started in except some things were changed. I look around and there's all these glowing blue things on the ground. I had a feeling I was supposed to collect them so I did. I started walking around picking up these whisps or whatever, when I come face to face with some guy who is trying to tell me something. I look at him puzzled, and I try to talk to him. I ask him if he knows of anything or if there is something i can do. I was trying to get information from him in general. He didn't say anything with his lips but he talked to me telepathically.

      "let me show you" he transmitted his thoughts to my head. Suddenly I was not in skyrim anymore. It was kindof like a cutscene and my view was on the hood of a car. I was watching a man and his wife driving down the road. They had a serious worried look on their face. They were talking about their daughter, who was driving in the car in front of them. Suddenly their car flipped over and my view transfered to their daughters car. I was inside her car sitting on her dash, just in front of her steering wheel. I was watching her and she was panicking.

      I was watching her when a person threw himself against her car. She screamed and swerved. Her car made a thump, like she ran over something, then another person threw herself against her car. There were people falling all across the hood of her car. I saw the look on the people who were trying to throw themselves on her car and they were all covered in blood. Not once they hit her car, but before. They looked like zombies. She was screaming and panicking. My view zoomed out of her car and I could see the whole town she was in.

      There were thousands of zombies, packed into this town, and they seemed to be walled off. There was military around and they had sectioned off the town. Something told me it was not just this town, but the whole world was being affected by the zombies. I could see her driving away from the town up a windy mountain road, when a bright flash nearly blinded me. After the flash I saw a mushroom cloud.

      The vision ended and I was back in the town in skyrim.

      "So that's why we are in skyrim" the person told me. The vision was about what made skyrim this way. It was a nuclear holocaust. I started adding it all up. The magic, the beasts, everything, was because of the radiation. We became immune to the radiation and we were able to weild the forces of nature because of it. 'Wow', I thought. 'So that's why it's such a wasteland here'. But it had been at least a thousand years since all that happened.

      "The door is now open, you may go through". I looked across to the edge of town. The big wooden gate which sealed off the path was now open. I started walking down that path when I came up to a big shrine. It was all glowy and yellow stuff was coming up from the ground. At this point I woke up..
    2. car jacked (long)

      by , 12-14-2011 at 08:40 PM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      here is last night's dream for you

      So I'm in this store here in town, at the mall. I think i was at The Bay. It's a big department store that sells a little bit of everything. I was waiting in line to pay for my stuff when this guy comes up to me and strikes up a conversation. I thought he was a decent enough guy and he was tellin me about his life, saying he was going to leave town and just leave it all behind. Then he asks me if I want to keep his car, and of course, I say "sure", being the gullable idiot that I am sometimes (in real).

      So we leave the store after I pay for my goods and he takes me to this car. It's a white car that is the same make and model as mine but it was a little messy on the inside. So I get in this car and he gives me the key. I try to start it but it was having some issues. "It needs some gas" he said. "I just ran out on my way here". So he thanks me for taking his car off his hands and "I'm happy to see it's in the hands of a good owner". 'OK great' I think, thinking of what I"m going to do with this thing. Do I sell it? Do I keep it? I figured it was a good car for parts for my own car, not that it's falling apart or anything, but it does have a pretty bad dent in one of the quarters.

      "One thing though," he said. "Do you mind if I have a look at your car?"

      "Sure" I say. So I take him over to my car and show him that it's the same make and model as his, but it's in much better condition.

      "Wow what an awesome car this is!" he exclaims. I thought, 'It's nothing special.. same thing u got..'

      "OK great!" he said. He leaves. I went back in the mall as I had a few more hours of browsing/shopping to do. It's late by the time I'm done and i come out of the mall. It's close to closing time and there is hardly anyone in the parking lot. So I walk over to his car and try to start it. I look at the gas guage in his car and see that it still has a little gas in it. 'Funny I didn't notice that' I think to myself. Then I start searching his car for any treasures he might have left behind, and that's when I start to find drugs. 'Uh oh'. My first thought turns to.. this is a hot car.

      So I pull the drugs out of his car, as it was just some weed, and I walk over to my car. 'Well there's a problem with that car, but maybe I can have it towed and use it for parts to replace the panel on my car' I think. Then as i walk to my car I start to imagine what I could replace in my own car to make it better. I imagine the panel being on my car and being dent free. I've had the dent in my car for quite some time in real, and in my dream I thought it would be so awesome to have my car nice looking again. The only problem with his car is that it was white and mine is green. 'oh well, I'll get it painted' I think. So I get into my car and hmmm.. for some reason the key won't work on the door. I get quite confused about this and I don't know what's going on. I decide to get in through the passenger side and unlock the driver side door, which worked.

      I get in my car and insert the key and turn it. Now MY car was having problems starting. I couldn't figure out what was going on, till I notice the gas guage. It was dead empty. 'Oh god, what the hell?' I think to myself.

      INSERT: In a previous dream fragment I had last night, at the very end of my dream, i remember putting a bunch of gas in my car.

      So here I am wondering why I'm out of gas. 'I just put some gas in it! I should have a quarter tank at least!' I thought. Thankfully there is a gas station that is in the same parking lot as the mall and it was only 20 or 30 feet away from where I was parked. Great I think, as I pull into the gas station. I go inside the station and talk to the addendant there. "I need to put in $10" I say. We had a short chat, and I asked her how does gas just suddenly disappear from the gas tank like that?

      "Maybe someone siphoned your gas out" she says.

      "nah that's impossible, who would do that in a parking lot outside a busy mall" I say. But I go back to my car and put the gas in. As I'm pouring the gas, I think, damn I think she's actually right. I couldn't think of any other possibility. There was definitely not a leak in my gas tank. Then my thoughts go back to the guy who gave me his car. 'Something very fishy is going on here' I think. Then I started looking at my own car. It was a mess. I could see in through the window that someone had been inside my car and threw a bunch of garbage in there. My thoughts immediately turn to my guns, which are usually stored in the trunk of my car. Ohhhh shit.

      I finished putting fuel in my car and was about to get in, when I hear "HEY" from a few feet away. I turn to look, and there was the guy that gave me his car, with a possey of friends with him. Ohhhh double shit.

      "I want my car back" he said.

      "Yeah, about that," I retorted. "Your car won't start, it's fucked. I don't know what's up with it." I started adding everything up. The guy had obviously stolen the car and left it there in the parking lot as it had died. These guys were obviously drug dealers and they needed to get rid of some sort of.. "evidence".. pawning it off to me.. some innocent guy.

      "Yeah," he said "That's why we're here. We're taking your car. Give me the keys" My thoughts turned back to my guns. What do I do? Give him the car? But if I do my guns are in the trunk, and I could be in BIG shit for that. Also, do I get my gun out of the trunk of my car and defend myself? I can feel an attack coming on.

      "You're not getting my keys" I said. "This is my car. you can have yours back.. i don't want it"

      "Oh it's too late for that, you've seen what's in there. We need your car now"

      "No" I said. I tried to get into my car. My adrenaline was pumping and my hands were shaking.. I couldn't get the key into the door lock. I always lock my doors when I fill up my car. Bad habit, I guess. No sooner did my attempt to get in my car fail, one of his buddies started heading towards me. He was a fairly stalky dude and I knew I would have a hard time defending myself. I'm not the strongest guy in the world and I hate fighting.. I freeze up and I generally get my ass kicked in every fight. 'Oh what I would give to have my sword with me right now' i think. In real, I bought a very nice sword, 36'' blade. It is a replica of a 14th century military sword used by soldiers in the english army. I bought it specifically for home defense.

      So the guy comes up to me and grabs me. I was wishing I had just told the guy to fuck off to begin with, but wishing wasn't going to change the situation I was in now. The guy was punching my chest and tried to tackle me from behind. During this I managed to pull my phone out. I got it unlocked and got the dialer open. I was trying to dial 911 when the guy put his leg around my mid section. A moment of brilliance hit me and I pulled my legs up and kicked his knee out. I was now on top of him, and we were both falling to the ground. I remember the fall being in slow motion, the whole way down i thought, 'this is going to be really bad for him'. My head was directly in front of his face. We hit the ground and I made a strong point of smashing the back of my head right into his face as his head slammed against the pavement.

      Sure enough I knocked him out cold. I had enough time to dial 911. Then one of the other guys came up to me and slapped my phone out of my hand. It landed on the ground but it was too late, it was already dialed, and the line was open. Now all I had to do was wait for the cops to show up and I would be OK. I pushed the guy away and tried to talk to my attackers, especially the guy I was originally dealing with. He was standing in the background. I yelled out "why are you doing this to me? what did I ever do to you? I'm just some stranger to you!"

      "You were in the wrong place at the wrong time" he said. At this point they managed to get my car keys away from me. They all walked up to my car. I was still talking to them. The guy that I had faceplanted into the ground got up and went to the car as well. "You're a fucking idiot man" he said. "What kind of retard accepts a car from a perfect stranger".

      "I felt bad for you man.. I took the car off your hands because I thought you needed to get rid of it and had no where else to go"

      "Well, sucks to be you right? Let this be a lesson for next time"

      I looked at his buddies. I looked at the guy that just attacked me. I gave him the motion that I was pumping a pretend shell into a pretend shotgun, and pretended to point my pretend gun at his head. I pulled the pretend trigger. I wanted to let him know that if I were armed, I would have blasted his face off where he stood. Of course I wouldn't do this in real, as it's just a car, and even tho they attacked me, I believe in trying to turn a person around first, but still I was pissed, and dreams are a little less controllable than real.

      I looked at the group of them again, thinking, I had just put gas in my car, and then had to put more in. "I just filled my car too.. and one of you fuckin assholes siphoned the gas out didn't you?" One of his buddies looked at me. He was a total white G wannabe. Crooked hat with the flat brim, the half pulled down pants, a total idiot.

      "heheh.. hehehe.. i guess I did eh?" he said "thanks for filling it again asshole. Heheh.. hehehe.." They all piled into my car. 'Oh god my guns..' I thought. Then the magic happened. He tried to start my car but the key wouldn't turn. I could hear him inside trying to jiggle my key but it just would not turn. 'What the hell?' I thought. I looked at the key I had in my hand. It was my own car key, on the old chain he had given me. The key he thought belonged to my car was actually the key to the car he had stolen. You see, I have what they call a master key for my car. I can open the door and turn the ignition to 33% of all the cars in north america that are the same make as mine. I realized this in my dream. "Oh, shit".. I thought.

      The guy got out of my car. "Ok, why won't this fucking thing turn!" he said. "You still got the key to your car asshole!" I had a smile on my face. I ran back to his old car hoping I would be able to start it. I had quite the head start on him and by the time I got to his old car, sure as SHIT the key opened the door. I got in and locked the door. I knew it would only be a matter of seconds before his buddies surrounded the car and smashed the windows to get in and get at me.

      Just as they surrounded the car, suddenly a huge force of police showed up. Apparently the gas station attendant had been on the phone with them, and my cell phone recorded the whole mess to the guys at the 911 call centre. These guys were fugatives and there was quite the police force there. Swat, police, canadian secret service, the whole 9 yards. 'Thank the Lord' i thought, smiling.

      "YOU GUYS ARE FUCKED NOW!" I yelled out from inside the car. I could see the look on buddies face that tried to screw me over. I could see the one thought in his mind, 'Oh shit'. The police took them down hard. They were all laying on the ground, with shotguns and pistols pointed at them. They had gotten themselves into a lot of trouble, and I guess by fucking with me they fucked with the wrong guy.

      So I started talking to one of the officers and I was so happy I was almost in tears. I wanted to hug the guy and and just take a few moments relishing in the fact that they had showed up. These fuckers were taken down. Then came the 9 degree grilling you would get from so many different enforcement services.

      "Do you have guns in your car?" he asked. Funny for that being a first question, but I am an honest guy, and I have nothing to hide. My guns are registered to me and I obtained them legally.

      "Yes, yes i do" I said. I showed him my firearms license. He looked at me and nodded, gave me back my license. We went to the trunk of my car and I pulled out my guns. I nooded and patted me on the back when he saw they had trigger locks on them.

      "I commend you for your self restraint son" he said. The mess was over. My car was mine again. Somehow it was parked again close to where the white car was. Dreams are dreams, afterall. So I was delusional and walked up to what I thought was my car. I opened the trunk to get at my guns and I started pulling out all kinds of garbage and sheets upon sheets of plastic. 'WTF' I thought. After a while, I realized it wasn't my car i was digging through. There was garbage all over the ground and all around the car after I spent a fair amount of time digging through it. 'Holy shit look at all this crap. these guys were fucking slobs' I thought. I stopped digging and wondered what I actually could have salvaged off the car. I looked at the wheels. They seemed way to small to fit my wheels. then I started looking at the car's body. It was covered in rust and had little dents and scratches all over. This car was in really bad shape, much worse shape than my car is in. So I thought 'better not mess with any evidence', and walked back to my car. I started it up and drove home.

      On my way home I started thinking of what might have happened if those guys hadn't been caught. I imagined myself half way home and being stopped by the guy I pretended to shoot with my pretend shotgun. I imagined his buddies grabbing me and beating me up and shooting me. Druggies like that don't like to be messed with. 'Well I'm glad they were caught' I thought to myself..
    3. Flooding, tornado (Kelowna BC)

      by , 12-13-2011 at 11:16 PM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      This dream I had a week before the 2003 forest fires in kelowna.

      I was in the save-on supermarket in teh south end of town. If you know the layout of kelowna at all, it's right next to a big lake, and the area that kelowna sits on is kindof a delta, surrounded by some pretty tall mountains. So I was in the supermarket and I was waiting in line to pay for the stuff I bought when I saw water rising up the outside entrance way. The doors were sealed shut so the water wasn't coming in but I realized I was sitting in a deathtrap.

      I went outside to try and drive my bike (I had a suzuki 600cc at the time). So I started up my bike and tried to drive it. The water level had come up to the gas tank and I was worried I wouldn't be able to drive home. I got the bike started and drove away and just as I started driving the water level went above the handlebars of the bike. I cranked the gas and tried to use the tire as a hydroplane, using high rpm's to keep the bike afloat, which actually worked. By the time i started heading for the mountains (which is where I lived in real) the water level was at least 20 feet high. I looked southward and off in the distance I could see this massive tornado. There was stuff in the air flying everywhere, there was stuff floating around like toys, garbage, everything u could imagine from people's backyards.

      All I could remember was thinking was 'oh my god this town is going to go under'.

      The Kelowna 2003 forest fire happened a week after this dream and for the first day, the tornado of smoke that went up looked EXACTLY like the tornado I saw in my dream, and pretty much in the very same area of the okanagan too. Very weird that I would dream of a giant tornado and a week later we get a firestorm.
    4. War, fighting, dream fragments

      by , 12-13-2011 at 07:11 PM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      Hello here is a dream I had last night. It is quite fragmented as my recall has been horrible lately and i woke up several times last night, but the dream had a theme which seemed to play through the fragments.

      It starts and I am with a group of people. It was war and we were being invaded i think by our own military. I was with a group of at least 20 people and we were prepared for this war. We all had the gear we needed to survive including weapons. We were in a city and we were waiting for this military to finish invading this city so that we could escape to the mountains and live there. A few of my friends were very militaristic in that they had no issue with taking someone out to save their own life. But for some reason I was the leader of this group, me and one other person, we made the decisions for the group and tried to lead everyone to safety.

      So we come up to this complex which was partially underground and had fencing all around it. This complex was on the outskirts of town embedded into a mountain or tall hillside. We were inside this complex during the night when we had some military forces try to take us out. I remember taking my rifle and aiming it on someones head. I remember thinking 'oh my god i've never killed a man before' but I also knew that it was me or him. The rifle I was shooting had open sights and I also remember thinking 'I don't know if I can make this shot I'm terrible with open sights'. But I took the shot and hit the guy right in the head. he died. The guy that was beside me looked at me and said something along the lines of "it's ok, you had to".

      Then the dream skipped forward a bit and the whole group was in this firefight. We had left the complex and we were travelling elsewhere. A lot of military were getting killed by us as we were a feirce group, we had men women and children, and we were trying to defend all of us against this force. So because we had no choice it was either fight or die, we had to fight. Killing people was making me sick even in my own dream. I remember saying a prayer thiking "oh forgive me god" but something inside me knew that it was OK, that I was doing out of necessity. So we fended off the invading soldiers once again and we had time to round up more firearms from the fallen soldiers.

      I got my hands on a good powerful rifle, it was a 7mm magnum. I took this new rifle and went to invade a gun shop where I knew there was ammo. When I walked up to the shop I saw that it was all barred up except the door was made out of glass. So I shot the glass out and walked into the gun store. There was a small entrance area and then I went up this small set of stairs.. maybe 3 steps, and into a living area, where to my surprise I found a man sitting in a chair, in front of a fireplace having a coffee or something. I was very surprised and he turned around.

      "Come to steal my stuff eh?"

      "Well I thought this place was empty and I'm with a group that's trying to survive so yeah" I could tell he was the owner of the shop and could probably help me with some firearms. I showed him my gun and he thought it was a very nice rifle but it seemed to have a problem. I asked him to show me some handguns because I thought it would be nice to be able to pull out a handgun if i had to make a last ditch effort to protect myself. He showed me his wall of handguns and i started picking out a couple different ones. I had picked out 2 of them when he came back with my modified rifle. He had taken the stock off of it and shortened the barrel and basically turned it into a handgun. He also gave me another handgun that was a very simple design, it was like a rail with a barrel on it and some kind of clip system that worked as a magazine.

      I looked at the modified rifle and thought to myself 'damn this is a frikkin magnum.. how am I supposed to shoot this thing!'. I went from looking at the 7mm to the other handgun he had given me. I thought to myself what is this a pellet gun? So I started looking for any sort of marking on the gun, and sure enough it had 9mm stamped on the side. 'Ok,' I thought. He handed me a bag with boxes of ammo in it. I started looking through the boxes and none of the ammo types matched the guns I had in my posession. 30-06, 30-30, 300 win mag, .303, all these ammo types I had no gun for. But I thought 'well maybe he gave me a variety in case I pick up a gun that matches this ammo sometime down the road'.

      I looked at the shop owner. "Thank you" I exclaimed. I left the shop and I was greeted by a young boy.

      "Are you gonna shoot people?" he asked

      "Yes, if I have to I will". He looked at me with a stare. I carried on my way and got back to the pathway I had to follow to get back to the group. Some way down the road I was suddenly surrounded by military. I pulled out my new modified handgun, the 7mm, and started waving it around at all the soldiers off in the distance. I thought to myself 'this is it, I'm never gonna get out of this now'. I was standing there with my gun drawn when I felt a pull of my jacket. I was pulled into the hillside in a tunnel that had been dug out some time ago. It was my friend, the other leader of my group. I started to hear gunshots outside the entrance of this tunnel. The whole group had come to protect me and I was grateful.

      I looked at my buddy and we got to work. We followed the tunnel back to a bunker where the majority of the group was. It was starting to turn night and I had the feeling we were about to have to really defend ourselves. Some soldiers started pilling in through the tunnel that led to the entrance of the bunker. I took the first shot with the 7mm and hit a soldier in the chest. Then my buddy beside me took another shot, and another soldier fell. As the rest of the group started to open fire on the invading soldiers I heard a helicopter overhead, and someone started talking through a loudspeaker. "You will never escape. You are fugitives. Give up now and you will be spared". I thought, 'hah', in a world that had been taken by force, in a world where laws and rules meant nothing anymore.. in a society that had fallen, it was every man for himself. I wasn't about to believe some warmonger..
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. flying a UFO over new york

      by , 12-09-2011 at 01:13 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      This dream took place a few years ago.

      I was in New York, in the bronx I think. The buildings were tall but older, there was graffiti and garbage cans all over the place. It was dark and i was walking along, when I bumped into my brother. I hadn't seen him in quite some time so I gave him a big hug and asked how he was doing.

      "Well I'm going to this party" he said. "Wanna come with?"

      "Sure, why not."

      As we were walking down this road we saw a big light come down from the sky and land in an alley way nearby. Me and my brother both looked at eachother and there was a silent agreement to go check this thing out. Just as i was about to take the first step towards the alleyway I was stopped by a cop.

      "You shouldn't go in there" he said.

      "Why not?"

      "It's dangerous, you don't know what's in there!"

      "I think I can make my own decisions," I said. I could see the look in his eyes. He was terrified, and he was trying to keep me away from the thing due to his own fear.

      "Well, I'm going to go see that thing, why don't you come with us? I'm going whether you like it or not." I pushed past him and started running for the alley way. The cop didn't say much more but soon after decided to run after us.

      I got to the alley that we had seen the UFO land in. It was a small vessel, with a matte grey finish to it. It looked like it was made out of polished rock, or more like a dull metal, as opposed to being a very shiney metal. I walked within 20 feet of it. My brother stopped and grabbed my arm.

      "I don't think you should go any further, man" He had a look of concern on his face. Not terrified like the cop, who was now behind us with his gun drawn, but I could tell he was worried about me getting close to the UFO.

      "I know man, I know. I think I'll be OK though. Something inside me is telling me it's alright.. I can feel it." Knowing there was no stopping me on what I wanted to do, my brother took his hand off me. I continued to walk closer to the craft.

      "Don't do it!" the cop yelled out from behind a dumpster some ways back down the alley. I heard him speak but his words turned into a twisted form of incomprehensible sound. When I got to the UFO I put my hands on it. My intentions were to find a way in, or feel around it for some kind of button I could push to open the door. There were no buttons. The craft felt warm and smooth. Suddenly I felt a small depression under both my hands. An area lit up around each hand, and the shell of the craft depressed under the pressure of my hands.

      A door opened up, letting out a bright, white light. It didn't hurt my eyes to look inside though. So I looked back at my brother, and then at the cop, who was still huddled behind the dumpster with his gun drawn. I looked back at my brother again.. and gave him the look that this would be my last goodbye. I didn't say anything though. Then I looked forward and stepped inside. The door closed behind me, and I was inside what one would consider a small house, or at least it seemed that way. It was totally lit up from every direction. There were no shadows inside this thing. It was very bright, all lit up in this white light. There was a main entranceway where I had stepped, a door in front of me across the room, and a staircase up each side of the wall sweeping back around the inside of the craft and meeting up directly above me where I had just came in from.

      I decided to check out the upper level, so I started up the stairs. There were 2 more rooms up there, but I decided not to go in them. I heard, or felt, a voice coming from the one door downstairs that I hadn't checked out yet. Something told me this was the cockpit of the ship, and I started back down the stairs to check it out. I got to the door, opened it, and went through. I didn't really see what i was getting myself into until the door closed behind me.

      I looked at my surroundings. What I saw, and felt, shook my entire reality for months after I had this dream. I had an epiphany, inside of a dream, that was so powerful, and experience I can *never* forget. Not in my entire lifetime. I looked around inside this.. "room". There were no walls. It was as if I was standing back outside the alleyway. The walls were totally invisible. There were sparkles all over the place, or little lights, or one could say what looks like stars in the night sky. The best description I can give of it would be like, being in the centre of the explosion of a firework when it goes off, the ones that explode out really big in a sphere with all the little bits that fly out. Being in the centre of that.

      So I was pretty caught up in looking out at this.. room.. that had no walls.. when I realized i was being lifted up in to the centre of this room. I was weightless, and the ship had placed me at the center of itself. I wasn't sure what was going on until the ship spoke to me.

      "Hello dave," the ship said. It spoke to me telepathically.

      "Hello?" I replied, but in my thoughts. It wasn't even like a conversation one would have with words. It all happened so instantly. The second I even had the thought of hello the ship was already responding.

      "Where would you like to go?" it asked me. The funny thing about the ship talking to me was, it wasn't like it was a separate entity. It was like, my own mind, was sending out the thought, and as light reflects off a mirror, so my own thoughts were reflecting off the inner shell of the ship, back into my own mind again. it's like the ship had become a part of me, like an extension of my body. There was nothing separating me and this entity. The ship was alive, just as alive as I was. The feeling of having two separate, fully functioning consciousnesses working in conjunction with eachother, is something I had never felt before.

      I felt at one, at peace. I felt a feeling of warmth and love, as a child would feel from their mother, still in the womb, just days before that child is born. A complete and total connection. No barriers, no walls. No hidden agenda's or any secrets of any kind. Just perfect, perfect harmony, and the intense feeling of being connected to the entire universe. I felt like all I had to do was think it, and I would be there, me and this ship, or rather, me and this extension of myself. I felt like I had all knowledge available to me. There was nothing I couldn't know, or anywhere I couldnt' be.

      I remembered that the ship had asked me a question. I didn't answer with words. My thoughts turned to seeing the city from above. Suddenly the ship started floating upwards, with me still in the centre of it. I could see straight down, at my brother, at the alleyway and the cop standing there looking up at me. We started moving forward. There was a constant download/upload of thoughts and feelings between me and the ship. It's like the ship wasn't a ship at all, more like an entity, a living breathing consciousness, and I was a part of it. We started moving forward. I could see the empire state building in the distance, and further behind it the statue of liberty. I looked up at the sky above us. Even tho there were star-like lights inside the ship, I could recognize the stars that were in the sky as being stars. We continued to move forward across the city.
    6. being a mage

      by , 12-09-2011 at 12:27 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      I was walking down this path, with my short little gnome friend with me. We were in a world where there were no cars or technology or anything like that. Everything was natural, we had our minds open to natural ability and so on. I was wearing a simple cloth outfit, nothing fancy, more like a robe, or something Link would wear from legend of zelda. I had a staff in my hand that I was using to walk with. I remember looking to either side of the path marvelling at how busy forest was, with sprites flying about all over the place, plants growing everywhere with sparkles and naturally glowing things on them. The trees were twisted and gnarled in their trunks but green and luscious in the leaves. I spent a lot of time in this dream just taking in my surroundings.

      So I continued on down this pathway with my little gnome friend when we met up with 2 people coming towards us. they were also mystical creatures, I believe one was a gnome, and another was something similar to a gnome, but taller and skinnier. But still a lot shorter than me. They stopped and we stopped, and they looked at my staff.

      "Woahh.. is that the.." the taller one asked

      "Yes, yes it is," i replied "Would you like to see me use it?"

      "oh yes oh yes!" the 3 of them all jumped up and down at once, clapping and dancing around me. so, holding the main part of the staff with my right hand, and grasping the end of the staff with my left hand, i pointed the staff at the taller gnome, or elf, or whatever it was (I think it was a girl, actually). Suddenly these strands popped out of the staff. There were hundreds, if not thousands of these little strands, and it wasn't so much the strands themselves but the ends of the strands that were of concern here. Each strand at the end had a little ball of light emitting a very bright coloured light. The colours changed as well.

      "Watch this," I said, as I commanded the strands to make shapes. One shape was a butterfly, another was like a firework when it goes off. I made all kinds of shapes and images of things but the last image I saved for the end. It was a rose, the most complex looking rose I could ever ask for. It was a large image, made of thousands of points of light, coming from these strands. All the images before were also made from the points of light but weren't as complex. To further explain what the images looked like, it was like a 3D lightbright. I don't know how many of you remember those, but with thousands of little points of light.

      "here you are" i said to the (girl?).

      "Wowww that's amazing!" she said. I was happy she was impressed. I had made her day showing her the images and the rose. Me and my little gnome friend parted ways from the other 2, and we continued on our way.
    7. the spider king (pt. 3)

      by , 12-06-2011 at 08:53 PM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      I was walking through the forest with a few friends of mine. We were following a trail, the trail led to a trailer which one of my friends had set up in the middle of the woods as a place to camp, party, hang out etc. The trees were very tall and skinny, much like the trees we have here in BC, except that there was a lot of other types of growth around. It was mid day and my friends were two females and another male (for naming purposes, i will make up the names for these people. Jason, Maria and Emmy).

      We finally got to the trailer after hiking for a while. it looked to be in pretty good shape. There was power running to the trailer, it was fully set up as a place to live, except we were just there to visit. So we walk into this place. The door led straight into the main room. There was a pad there to put our shoes and a closet for our jackets to the right. Looking to the left was a big living room and on the far side of the living was a door to a bedroom. Around the corner to the right on the other side of the closet was an entranceway to a small kitchen. I went straight for the kitchen as I had brought food with me and put it away.

      I went back and forth from the living room to the kitchen. upon further inspection of the living room I noticed that it was fully furnished with an entertainment system against one wall. It looked like the entertainment system had not been set up yet as the speakers were disconnected and some things were still in boxes. So I thought to myself "I'll set that up later, we're gonna want some music". I went back into the kitchen to unload the last of the food I had brought with me, when Emmy came up beside me.

      "Did you see that?" She said, pointing out the window.

      "No, what did you see?"

      "I could've sworn I saw a little person with wings, just now, fly across the window"

      The kitchen had a big bay window, as most trailers do, a big window at the front of the trailer. We could see out into the forest and it was bright out from the noon sun.

      "No," I said, "I didn't see anything at all, you must be imagining things!"

      She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Maria and Jason were in the bedroom setting things up in there.

      "I'm going to go join them." Emmy turned and walked away. I was left by myself.

      'Well,' I thought to myself, 'the food is put away..' My thoughts turned to the stereo. 'It would be nice to have some music playing'.

      I went into the living room and looked at the boxes sitting next to the stand. I started to open the boxes and unpack what was in them. I had my mind pretty well set on my task when suddenly the scene changed inside the room I was in. There were cobwebs all over the place, like the place had been sitting there for years with no one in it. I stopped what I was doing and looked around the room. There were cobwebs everywhere. They formed a sort of tunnel towards the kitchen which still had light shining through it. Then just as suddenly as they appeared, they disappeared.

      'Wow that's odd' I thought to myself. I shrugged and continued unpacking. Maria and Emmy came out of the room and stood beside me watching me set up the stereo.

      "AHHH!" Emmy screamed.

      "What? What is it??"

      "That thing, I saw it again.." She turned to me. I looked at her face and she was scared.

      "Huh, you and your imagination" I retorded. I turned back to the stereo. Then the cobwebs appeared again and my two friends were gone. I stood up once more, except upon looking at the ceiling and all the cobwebs, I saw a few little sparkles of light dancing around. One of the sparkles came up close to me and I could see what you would consider a little pixie. A small little fairy like thing, with little glowing wings, darted from one side of me to the other. It seemed this little thing was just as interested in me as I was in it. There were other little pixies flying around near the ceiling of the room.

      The pixie looked at me. "OH NO!" it exclaimed, then flew away. The other little pixies that were with this thing also flew away.

      'What the hell?' My mind was racing. 'What is all this, why did that thing just fly away?'. I asked the question in my mind, but it was soon after that I got the answer. A darkness fell inside the room and it got cold. Very cold. I was shivering and rubbing my arms to try and stay warm. Then from out of the ceiling, I saw it. First the hands, or claws, one could say, then the arms. Then those deep red eyes that I have become familiar with. I knew in my dream that I had seen this thing before, many dreams I've had of this thing. I could hear it breathing as a demon growls when it breathes in and out.

      "Who ARE you??" I called out to this thing coming through the ceiling. It said nothing, but as I gazed upon it, I began to feel an emotion that I knew wasn't mine. It was talking to me through my thoughts, my feelings. I could tell it was there to take me away, to kill me, to collect my soul and keep me forever.

      "Who are you???" I called out again.

      "I am the spider king" the thing responded, in its deep gnarly voice. I looked at his face. He had the signature row of teeth, those long, sharp spikes for teeth. His face had no skin, just this skull, and those teeth, with those deep red eyes. The rest of his body was a shadow form but I knew he was real enough to hurt me. He came in closer, I think to attack me.

      "NO!" I yelled out. In my heart I knew I wasn't afraid. I feel no fear in my dreams, although I act as I should given a circumstance. But in this dream I felt not fear and that threw the demon off. He didn't expect me to not be afraid, it's almost as if my very lack of fear made him afraid and pull away from me. My 3 friends came out of the bedroom and started to ask what was going on.

      "What's going on???" I said excitedly. "You mean you can't see the cobwebs.. the pixies, that big frikkin demon right there??"

      "I have no idea what you're talking about" said Jason. I looked back. The cobwebs were gone, the spider king was gone. Everything was normal as it should be and the music was playing out of the stereo. Some pop song you would hear on the radio.

      I woke up with the song stuck in my head. I felt good to have finally faced the demon and show it that I'm the one in control not it. Having a name for him was also good. I don't know why he would call himself the spider king, I never did try to research it. But if I ever dream of the spider king again I will surely share it in this journal
    8. Swords, haunted mansion, fighting the (spider king)(horror)

      by , 12-06-2011 at 07:21 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      I'm in my bed, in a carriage house I used to rent. It's broad daylight out but I'm super tired anyway. I hear this big commotion outside and I get out of bed to hear what's going on. I open my door to see my neighbours (owner of the main house) moving a bunch of furniture around. "Huh" I think to myself. "Wonder why they are moving stuff, that furniture looks so old yet expensive". I didn't check to see if they were moving in or out. I go to lay back down since I'm still really tired. After a few minutes of wondering why my neighbour has this big moving truck and a bunch of furniture, I start to hear someone playing a piano. It's not like whoever it was .. was playing an actual song or anything, more like an 8 year old kid banging on the keyboard thinking it's cool. So I get up and open the door again. As soon as I opened the door, the piano playing stopped.

      "Who's playin the damn piano?" I ask.

      "What piano. There's no piano here, you see, it's bedroom furniture."

      "But I swear to god someone was just playing a piano."

      "Nope, no piano playing here"

      "Alright", so I go back into my room. I'm sooo tired. I do one of those falling tree maneouvers and faceplant back into my bed. The second my head hits the pillow, the piano starts up again. "Who the HELL is playing that damned piano???". It was so loud, and obnoxious, and not really a song of any time, just random banging on the keys. I could handle it if it were something with substance, you know, something a REAL musician would play. I'm pissed off now, so I put on my clothes. "No rest for the wicked" I think to myself. I armed myself to the teeth with verbal ammunition. "Oh yeah", I think "Whoever is doing it's gonna get a piece of me that's for sure". But when I opened the door, there was no one there.

      Curious. How could a 5 tonne moving truck, loaded to the hilt with furniture, and all those people loading it, suddenly disappear in the 2 minutes it took me to land on my bed, get right back up and put on my clothes? Besides I didn't even hear the thing start up. "Something fishy is going on here". I leave my shack and walk around the backside, or what I thought was the trail leading to the back. Suddenly I slam into a big front door to this house that makes Elton John's estate look like a chump shack. "Um ok that's odd, suddenly a mansion appears where a trail is supposed to be" I think. Oh well, it felt normal, like the thing was supposed to be there. I didn't question it. I walk in.

      Behind me the door closes. *Click*. The lock sets itself in place. I didn't sign up to be trapped inside this huge house. But I couldn't open the front door and the door was made of heavy hardwood. It was a big door. Defeated I turn around to look at my surroundings. I'm standing in this room that has a huge table and chairs. A big brick fireplace lines the wall. There is a staircase going up on the left side of the room. An entranceway leads to another room to the far left. On the right side is a corridor that leads around the corner to which I couldn't see where it led. Looking down the middle of this big room, I see 2 more doors lining the right side, and another door on the left, just past the fireplace. It was dimly lit, almost by candle light. There wes rod iron lattice work all over the place. A huge chandelier hung above the table, filled with lit candles.

      "Ok," I think, "Now to find a way out of this place". I was marvelling at all the trinkets all over the place. The walls were maroon colour, kindof like a deep blood red. Go figure, the perfect colour for a haunted mansion! I can feel a presence in the house, one that is right close to me. I start to get a little antsy, as the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. You would think it would be nice and warm in there, since the people who were just outside loading furninuture into the disappearing 5 tonne moving van were wearing jeans and t-shirts. But no, I was freezing cold. It was definitely below zero, and I was trapped in this frost pocket. Strangely enough, there were no windows. The inside of the house flashes, and I hear something like thunder shaking the walls. "AHA," I thought, "there MUST be a window somewhere". So I start by going up the stairs.

      The top of the stairs led to another hallway, a long hallway, which seemed to have at least a dozen doors lining each side of the hall. I look to the end of the hallway and see a little table with a big plant pot sitting on it. There was no plant in it, but it was there anyway. But above that planter was a window. A small window. "Jackpot" I think. I start down the hallway towards this window. I can feel a breeze blowing on my neck, a cold one. I didn't think too much of it till I realized I was INSIDE, and where the hell would a breeze be coming from, INSIDE the house. I turn around. There's nothing there. "Hmmmm". I turn around again and walk up to the window. It felt like it took 5 minutes to walk down this 10 mile long hallway. Or at least it seemed that long. It was long.

      I get to the window. I try to open it. No, it was not the opening type. "Ok, if you're not gonna open for me, I'll smash you" I thought, but upon looking further, there were bars on the outside of this window. Great. I really am a prisoner in this freaky mansion, locked inside, with some *thing* breathing down my neck. Literally. I start to get goosebumps thinking about it. "Ok don't think about it". Then I hear it. It was a woman's voice, coming from one of the rooms.

      "Hello??" I call out. "Hellooooo" The voice gets quiet. I start walking back down the hallway and to the approximate door I think the sound is coming from.

      "Help!" I hear a muffled cry coming out from behind one of the doors. My heart stops, my breathing stops, and I'm scared shitless. "Help?" I think to myself, "Yeah I'm the one that needs the help dammit". "Help!" I hear it again.

      "Hello?" I cried out again.

      "In here! In here!" This woman started calling out to me. Then she started banging on the door of the room she was in. I walk up to the door I'm sure is making the noise.

      "Hello are you in there?"

      "Yes, yes I'm in here! Oh god please let me out!" I open the door. There is a lovely young lady standing there. She has fair, olive skin, long black, curly hair down to the small of her back. I guess you could say she was the epitome of beautiful. My heart went out to her. She was wearing a dress, she looked so beautiful standing there. I could tell the look on her eyes was total fear, probably the same way I looked at her. "Oh thank you so much! These doors only open from the outside!"

      "What??? Well how long have you been trapped here???"

      "Oh, well, that's a hard question to answer, you see, I'm not living"

      "Not living? Like, not living the life, or, morbidly dead?"

      "Um, more the morbid side of not alive". My heart stopped again. "Damn, if my heart stops one more time, ONE MORE TIME, I swear I will be in the morbid side of not living myself!"

      "O.. OK.. so.. You are a ghost?"

      "Well, not really a ghost either. Look, I died in this house. I know it well, many people have died here, you are the only one here that's alive."

      "What do you mean.. the only one.."

      "Well, besides me, there is one other that lives here, who trapped me in this room long ago. I have to show you how to get out of here, or he will get you too, come on, come with me!" I touched her. I just had to. My hand felt sweet, solid skin under my finger tips. She stopped to let me touch her. I ran my fingers through her long black hair, it felt so soft. I couldn't understand how someone who was "in the morbid side of not alive" could feel so wonderful. I took her in my arms and gave her a hug. She felt so good next to me. I put my hand on the back of her head and pressed her into me. Yes she felt very real, very nice and I felt an instant connection with her. She was a very special girl to me, to someone who was.. not a alive.. and someone.. or something.. who I had just met.

      She looked at me and smiled, gave out a little giggle, and said "Come on, you need to get out of here".

      "OK", I said "But first let me check the window in this room".

      "There's no way out of this room"

      "Well I see a window and.." I stepped to see the window. It had bars on it.. of course! Bars, dammit. I turned, but before my eyes set back on this beautiful woman I had just met, I saw something in a chair in the corner of the room. It was a dead body, full of cobwebs. It had obviously been there for a very long time. My heart skipped a beat.

      "Is.. is that.. is that..."

      "Yes, it's.. it's.. "

      "It's ok, I get it. Let's go.." We promptly left the room. "Is the whole place locked up.. or.. what?"

      "Yeah it is, if it wasn't, I would still be alive, although probably very old by now"

      "Oh.. shit.." I exclaimed. "Well, then I will take your word for it.. let's get the hell outta here."

      "Come," she said, taking my hand into hers. I couldn't believe this, whatever it was, felt so real, her hands so soft in mine, so elegant. Her fingernails were painted red, the same colour as her dress, almost the same colour as the rest of the house, for that matter. But she was gorgeous nonetheless, the dress suited her, her and her long black, curly hair, that faint olive skin. My god my heart went out to her. I wanted to get to know this majestic lady. But the living cannot mingle with the dead unfortunately, it's pretty hard to get settled down with a dead girl, get married, have kids, all that sort of thing. So I dropped my feelings for her and turned to the business side of getting the hell out of this freaky place.

      She led me back down the starcase and into the main room. Thunder and lightning struck again. For a place that had no windows, it sure lit up well in a thunder storm. I didn't understand it, but the lightning sparked a bit of panick on the girls face.

      "Oh my god", she said. "Um, come with me.. QUICKLY" She started to run. I could hear a voice coming from the main room that we were in. Then a slight, shadowy figure. The voice was faint at first, but gradually got louder, and louder, till the walls shook with this deep growl the thing was letting out. The girl let go of my hand and covered her ears and screamed. "NOOOO... NOOOO" she screamed. "JUST LEAVE US ALONE!!!!"


      The shadowy figure took form. It wasn't as defined as the girl, it was simply an outline of a person, as a shadow takes form, on a cloudy day. But one thing did stand out, those red, red eyes. The eyes of a demon.

      "In here!" screamed the woman. The second door on the right, inside the main room, swung open. I stepped in, the.. thing.. following closely behind us. We got in just in the nick of time and slammed the door on the beast.

      "We are locked in now. He can't get us, and we can't get out. We are now stuck, but if you want to live as long as you can, you won't leave this room."

      "Ok, oh shit, well, what are we supposed to do then?"

      "I don't know", replied the woman.

      I started searching around the room. There was a small window high up just above a ledge. The room was quite tall, maybe 12 feet tall. I pulled up a chair and climbed up to see the window. It was barred from the outside. "THUMP" The door rang like a bell. "THUMP, THUMP". The thing was outside the room, trying to get in. I looked at the woman. She looked back at me, with those sweet eyes of hers.

      "He can't get in. He's just as trapped out there as we are in here"

      "Well there's got to be a way" I retorted.

      "I've looked all around this house and never found a way out. I died after 3 days of being here. There's nothing to eat, and nothing to drink. You are going to die in here, just the same way I did". But I couldn't accept that fact. I started searching around in the room. There was something different about the room. It was not like the rest of the house. It glowed like a golden lamp. There were carvings in the room, it was decorated much differently. It was warm and welcoming. I felt at peace. I continued to search the room, running my fingers along the walls, looking for something, anything that might help me out. That's when I felt it.

      It was a small bump in the wall, hardly detectable, but it was there. I pushed on the bump, and a panel on one of the walls opened up. There, sitting inside a display case, were two swords, one above the other. The blades were pointing the opposite directions. They seemed to be made of silver. They had not suffered carbonation as silver does, they were shiny. The hilts had engravements on them and they looked ancient, like they had been crafted by some ancient master swordsmith. I took them from the display case.

      "Well, look what I have here!" The woman looked at me.

      "You know, of all the time I've spent in this house, even in death, search for something that could help me, and of all the time I've spent in this very room, I had no idea those were even there!"

      "Well I found them, and now I have a way to kill this monster. I'm gonna kill that thing and get us out of here"

      "That sounds wonderful" she said. "I need to let my soul rest. I hate this place. I've been here for centuries"

      "Ok, so how do I open the door?"

      "I don't know," she said. I went up to the door, which was thumping quite regularly by now, but I had weapons now and my fear was gone. I was determined to not only get out but slay the demon. I noticed in the door there was a slot that somewhat matched the shape of the swords. I pushed the tip of the blade into the slot, and the door clicked open. The door swung slowly inward, and I stood there, face to face with the demon who had now taken a solid shape. When I saw his face, my fear came right back. The demon had red eyes. His face was like a skull, with huge spikes all across his mouth. There were no lips, or any flesh, just bone and a row of spikes for teeth. My mind couldn't help but feel that this thing was strangely familiar.

      "What are you gonna do with those things.. kill me?"

      "YOU'RE DAMN STRAIGHT!" I took a swing, then another. I should have cut the thing in half twice over, but the swords felt no resistance of flesh. It was as if I was swinging at nothing, slicing through thin air.

      "HAHAHAAAA!" The demon pushed me back into the room, still standing at the door. I stepped back up and took another swing. Again, I swung at air. Nothing solid at all.

      "There's nothing you can do. I'm more powerful than that, fool!"

      My heart began to sink as I started to realize the peril of my situation. That's when I began slicing wildly at the creature. As I was swinging I could see the swords going right through the creature, like swinging a sword through a puff of smoke. The creature became distorted wherever the swords went through. But my consistent swinging meant that he could not take a solid form as long as I was trying to slice at him which meant that as long as I kept attacking him, he couldn't hurt me. I pushed my way out of the room. Thunder and lightning were filling the main room with light and sound. Finally the thing disappeared for a moment and I knew I could make a run for the front door.

      I pushed the knob, wiggled it around, tried kicking the door down. It wouldn't budge. Then I felt the breathing on my neck. I got goosebumps up my back and I could feel the hairs of my neck standing on end. I turned around and I was face to face with the demon once more. I took a swing and then another. I skirted around it while I tried to keep it in shadow form, or smoke, or whatever you want to call something that isn't really there. A few times while I was swinging away the creature put it's arms up and blocked my strikes. There just wasn't anything I could seem to do to trap the thing, then my heart began to sink. I really was trapped, and there was no fighting the creature. I scrambled to get back in the room and close the door.

      I ran back in, closed the door behind me. The woman was standing against the wall right near the door. When I turned to look at her, she had this look on her face, that she was worried for me. I saw the sad look in her eyes. She knew there was no defeating this creature. She put her hand on my face. I reached up to feel that soft, silky, lovely, warm skin of hers. I closed my eyes and held on to that sweet hand of hers. The touch of her skin against mine was the only thing that kept me somewhat sane.

      Somehow, the sounds of the demon screaming on the other side of the door, the thumping, the thunder, it all seemed to blend into one sound. The piano playing. Everything seemed to sound like it was coming from underwater, it was all swirling together in one sound. I opened my eyes and the room started doing the same as the sound. It was all swirling together in a blurr of colour and shapes. The sound, the sight, it was like I was being sucked down a whirlpool. I then suddenly found myself standing at the front door of my home, looking at the people loading the 5 tonne moving van. They were loading a piano, and a little girl was sitting there playing as they loaded it.

      "Where ya been, you said you were gonna help us load this thing up eh?", said one of the movers.

      "Are you fucking kidding me...." I retorted. They all stopped and stood there, looking at me.
    9. 5x inside a dream (horror)(the spider king, intro)

      by , 12-06-2011 at 05:32 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      I went to bed one night after ghostbusting (in real) and feeling very much like we had been followed back to our house. I don't know if you believe in the unnatural or not, but whatever it doesn't matter. To me it's real and I was definitely being persued by this spirit or whatever. So I fall asleep and soon after enter my dream state. I dream that I'm laying in bed, the same bed I'm sleeping in (in real) and I'm paralysed. I can't move. I'm laying on my back (in my dream) looking up at the ceiling wondering when I'm going to be able to move, when I hear this hard knocking sound down the hall, in the kitchen. I can feel my girlfriend beside me and she's sound asleep. The knocking sound gets louder and I hear a deep growl of a voice call my name and then laugh. I'm thinking holy shit this has GOT to be a dream. So sure enough I wake up out of the dream, to find myself back in my bed, laying in bed, wide awake wondering what the hell that was all about.

      Then suddenly I start to hear the knocking again.. and thumping.. this time it was in the attic. I hear heavy breathing and deep growling and sounds like footsteps right over top of my bed. I thought to myself, "Oh god I just woke up so it's real this time" and once again I find myself on my back, paralyzed, unable to move. My heart starts to race, as I question whether or not this is reality, and I wake up again. I find myself in my bed, laying on my side. This time I got up and went to the bathroom, in full confidence that I was really awake this time. No kiddin! really awake. So I finish doing my thing in the bathroom and I take one step outside the bathroom door. Suddenly everything is black, and I can see nothing. I can still feel what's around me, and everything is in place as it should be, just can't see. I feel something touch my back, something sharp. Something behind me. Something NOT VERY NICE. I wake up.

      So there I am, laying in my bed. What the HELL is going on here? Damn I really need to pee. I thought I just went? Oh man, that was a dream, I'm really awake this time. THUMP. Oh shit what was that? I start to hear the growls again. The footsteps. The thumping, all up in the attic. "HAHAHAHAHAH" .. oh god it's, he's, whateverit's, is laughing. And like that deep, evil, satanic laugh we have all come to love from the movies. Straight from a movie. Doesn't get anymore demonic than that .. right?? right???? Whatever it was stepped on the spot in the attic that was right above me. "Oh daaaavvveee" .. oh what??? oh what??? "heh heh heh.. you're gonna die dave.. gonne DIE..." .. This can't be real. can't be.. can't be real. WAKE.. UP...

      I find myself laying in my bed. OK.. is it gone.. am I AWAKE this time? Maybe I should pinch myself. OUCH yep.. that hurt. I'm awake. "HEH HEH HEH.. OH DAAAAAVVVEEE...." I look up. I'm laying in my bed, on my back, my girlfriend sleeping right next to me. FUCK ME I NEED TO PEE. I start to see this swirling, shadowy vortex open up in the ceiling. First the claws come out, then the hands. Then the arms. In the middle of this vortex I see blood red eyes. Yep the head is coming out. Oh god those teeth, look at those teeth! Wait those aren't teeth, more like a row of 6'' splinters you would pass for a mouth only a mother could love. OMG. "HAHAHAHAHA... HAHAHAHAHAHA...." The.. thing.. moves closer. and closer.. and closer. I can feel it's breath on my face. I can't move.. paralysed. Holy shit .... ok god.. if you are real.. SAVE ME.

      I wake up. My girlfriend is sleeping next to me. I'm laying on my side. Whew.. I'm FINALLY awake.. no shit this time. My heart is racing, I'm drenched in sweat. HOLY .. SHIT.. I need to take a pee. Nope.. there's no way I'm stepping one foot off this bed. I look out the bedroom door and it's black as black can be. I know 100% FOR SURE I'm awake this time. I squeeze up next to my girlfriend and hug her tight. I let out a whimper. She doesn't even budge. She's either dead asleep or simply ignoring me. Whatever, I will hold my bladder till tomorrow. I fall back asleep and dreamed of nothing till the morning came. Thank you, god
    10. Russia Invades (Hawaii?)

      by , 12-06-2011 at 03:08 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on some island out in the middle of the ocean. The name of the island remains unknown to me but by the distance out to sea and near the equator zone, I can only guess it was hawaii. Although I don't physically know the layout of hawaii and what towns/cities are near the area I was dreaming about I can only make an educated guess about the location of this dream. I was sitting in my home with a woman (probably a girlfriend) when we heard on the radio that there was a massive earthquake only a 1000 kilometers away or so. There was expected to be a tsunami headed our way and that everyone needed to get to higher ground.

      Me and my friend decided to pack what we could and head up the mountains. We exited the house and the city was a total basket case. There were people everywhere. Cars were in gridlock. The whole transportation system was down. people were flocking to the hills and to higher ground. Overlooking the city was a tall cliffside, at least a thousand feet tall. My partner and I both looked at eachother and decided that straight up would be the best route, as it would take hours to go around the other side and up the hill. So we did just that. We hiked it to the base of the cliff and we looked up. We had enough vantage point of the city to see the ocean. The water along the beach was already starting to get sucked up by this giant wave that was heading towards us. We couldn't see the wave quite yet at that point but we knew it was coming and soon.

      So I took the first step in climbing this cliff side wall. It took us quite some time to get at least half way up and by the time we got to a ledge we could rest on we looked back out at the ocean. That's when we saw it. Off in the distance, glistening in the noon sun, we could see the crest of this wave coming towards us. We could only see the top of it, as if a painter had painted a streak across the entire canvas in silver sparkle paint, with deep blue beneath as the wave gathered force. It was already huge and it was yet a few kilometers out from inland. We knew it was going to be BIG so we decided to get climbing once more.

      Near the top of this cliff we came upon a ledge that went back into the mountain quite some way. The ledge was long, it stretched almost across the entire mountainside. We stopped and sat on the ledge of this mountain, looking back at the city. Horror came across our faces as we saw this wave, now hundreds of feet tall. The crest of it was almost at our eye level. We had spent the last 2 or 3 hours climbing this cliff only to find it eye level. We were at least 1000 feet up. The wave came across the city like a wave at the beach washes across the shoreline. The tall buildings did nothing to stop this monster, and it ate up the entire city. I heard my friend beside me scream and I realized that we might not be at a high enough elevation to avoid this wave.

      We picked up our gear and ran across the ledge towards a cabin that was there. Just before we got to the cabin the wave hit the cliffside. It just so happened that we were high enough up to avoid the water from sucking us back down the cliff. When it clashed with the mountain and broke, I could feel the spray of water hit my skin. I could see the large globs of water flying upwards and raining back down on us. We were both soaked but OK. I tried to look back at the city below us but the water didn't recede. It stayed there for a while, too long for me to want to look anymore. We ended up getting to this cabin perched on the hillside.

      We walked in the cabin, obviously hungry and thirsty. Whoever had lived there before us had been there for a long time, undisturbed. There was little for supplies but what was there was untouched. The cabin had been dug into the cliffside as there was a basement. We went down there looking for food and water. The inside of this cabin was mostly falling apart and beat up but solid enough to keep us from collapsing through the floor. We split up and started looking for supplies when my eyes turned to an old door. I went through the door and came into an old storage room. "Jackpot" I thought as I started searching through the room. I found cans of food there and started filling my backpack when I saw a dusty old rifle leaning up against the wall. In a cupboard was a few boxes of ammo. So I grabbed the rifle and the ammo and dusted it off, slung it over my shoulder and went to grab my friend.

      Her search was successful as well since we both had found some supplies we could carry with us. Our plan was to head further up to the mountain. There was a small village a few clicks to the east and we figured we could take refuge there. We exited the cabin and we looked down at the city. Horror filled our faces once again. The only thing that was left was a bunch of rubble. There was smoke billowing up from everywhere.. the city was a total ruin. There had been over a million people residing in that city and my heart sank as I realized that most of them probably didn't have enough time to escape. I could see tears rolling down the face of my friend. Her family lived there and she feared for their lives.

      "It's ok, I'm sure they made it out" I said as I hugged her.

      "Yeah, yeah, you're probably right" she said as she tried to force a smile. I could tell she was in shock. We travelled for an hour or two eastward towards the town that was situated on top of the mountain. We came out into a clearing where we could see a road that led into a neighbourhood. I thought it was odd that everyone was in their homes. No one was out, there were no kids playing in the streets. No one was in their vehicles. No one was trying to see the disaster the wave had left in its wake. It was literally dead in the neighbourhood and I couldn't understand it. Then I heard something off in the distance that made me understand. A gunshot. I heard a cry from the same direction I heard the gunshot, and then another gunshot. The cry was silenced.

      I unshouldered my rifle and put some ammo in it. There was something fishy going on. People were in their homes and I was hearing gunshots? This was not normal. Who would be shooting after such a tragedy that just happened. Everyone should be out in the streets at least trying to get a view of the city below but there was no one in sight.

      "Stay close, I got a bad feelin about this" I could feel her hand grab my coat. She hung on as I slowly advanced through the field that bordered this neighbourhood. I came up to the edge of the road and to the first parked car. I crouched down behind it holding my rifle tightly. I could hear more screams off in the distance and more gunshots. It sounded like they were smashing doors down and invading peoples homes one house at a time. I looked up the road as it was up a hill that crested and went down again and didn't see anything, so I looked back at my friend and nodded to her. She was still in shock over loosing her family but hours ago and looked back at me, her eyes wide and filled with tears. I closed my eyes hoping to open them back up, imagining something different, that this whole thing was just a nightmare. But when I opened my eyes again there she was, still looking at me, crying.

      I turned my focus back up the road again. I saw a young child coming up to the crest of the hill with his arms up in the air. 'CRACK'. Blood filled the air in front of him and this child fell to the ground. A couple more gunshots went off in the distance and more screaming. My blood instantly started to boil and I knew what I had to do. I turned and looked at the girl so tightly hanging on to me, set my gun on the ground and grabbed her shoulders. I gave her a good hard squeeze on the shoulders.

      "I'm going to leave and check it out. You stay HERE you understand? Do you understand???" She looked at me blankly for a second then slowly nodded yes. I hugged her tightly.

      "You don't move an inch till I get back ok? I WILL be back for you.. don't move!" She nodded. I picked up my gun and turned around. I ran across the road to another car that was parked further up. I crouched down really low and put the rifle up to my shoulder. My thoughts turned to the rifle, it was old and dusty and might not shoot. This thought worried me a bit. I wanted to fire off a test shot but didn't want to give myself away. I moved further up the road till I could see over the crest and down below. My heart sank. People were being rounded up and carted off into vehicles. Many homes were on fire. People were trying to flee their homes and were being shot, there were soldiers breaking down doors and dragging families out on to the road, executing them. People were being slaughtered, innocent families.

      I put the rife to my shoulder and looked through the scope. I found one soldier standing there having a smoke. "You just took your last drag you FUCK" I thought. I aimed at his chest and pulled the trigger. 'CRACK'. A mist of blood and the soldier fell. "Fuck me this thing SHOOTS!" I thought as I reloaded another round. It was only a couple seconds before his buddies started scattering and finding a position to defend themselves. They took too long however, as I had pulled the trigger twice more and reloaded both those rounds. I had killed 3 so far and was shooting like a sniper straight out of military special forces. I then realized that I had been sitting there too long. A bullet whizzed by my head. I was laying flat against the pavement of the road so I was a hard target to hit but I had no cover except the cars that were behind me.

      Some people saw me shooting those fuckers out of their homes. A couple men came out with their rifles too. Seeing me fall those fucks gave them the courage they needed to join the fight. I now had a small platoon. they crouched some ways behind me. "What you think we should do mister?" I looked back at the one. "Get your families the fuck outta here man!" He stared at me for a second. I could tell he wanted to shoot those bastards more than I did.. but in the end he knew I was right. He turned to look at his house, and around at his neighbours. They got to work right away waving their families out of their homes and it became a parade of families silently running for the bush. I descended the hill and used cars for cover.

      I was checking my rear as I came down the hill and saw a shadowy figure cresting the hill. I knew it was a soldier coming for me and I ducked behind a car. 'BAP BAP BAP'. Whatever was shooting at me was fully automatic and had a loud thud as the cartriges were fired. I had a strong feeling the soldiers weren't from north america. I had seen enough movies and heard enough AK-47's go off to know what one sounds like. Whoever it was, was either chinese, russian or from the middle east. But I didn't care much, the main point is that I was being shot at. 'CRACK'. A gunshot from in front of me. I heard a thump behind me and looked back to see the soldier falling to the ground. The guy who took the shot waived at me.

      I waved back and continued to regress down the road. More soldiers were coming over the hill. I turned around and fired a few more rounds out of my rifle. I hit a couple but missed. I was scared and nervous, I could feel my heart pumping under my chest. I was too scared shitless to shoot accurately and my ammo was limited. Even though I was pissed those men didn't leave with their families I was happy that they had covered me. I got to the girl I was with and grabbed her. "Were gettin the fuck outta here!" I grabbed her and she didn't put up any sort of fight. We ran back across the field and I waved the guys to get outta there and get to their families. I knew the soldiers were after me, they didn't realize I had friends helping me out back there. So they chased us back to the cabin.

      When we got to the cabin I threw my friend in the same storage room I found the rifle in. I was scared shitless and didn't know what to do. I tried to find a good choke point for the soldiers that I knew were right behind me but the cabin was too broken up and there were holes everwhere a soldier could see me. So I took up the best point I could down in that basement and held my ground. I saw one soldier come down the stairs, then two. I heard more coming into the cabin. I aimed my rifle and pulled the trigger. the first soldier fell. I quickly reloaded and fired again at the second soldier. He fell too. Suddenly I felt wood splinters falling down into my shirt. A soldier had shot at me but through the floor. I got out of the way since they had automatics, I knew there would be more.

      Another soldier came down and I shot him too. Then two more soldiers came down, and I was in the process of reloading my rifle. The one pointed his handgun at me and I knew I was done. The other came up behind him and pointed his gun at me as well.

      "Vell," in his russian accent "Look vat ve got here.. you gonna die like a scum you piece of shit" I looked at him, my heart racing. "Put down zat gun you have dere". I laid the rifle on the floor. "Hands on your head, scum, und turn around. You gonna die like a scum," I put my hands on my head and turned around. "oh god", I thought, "This is the end. they're gonna kill me and find my friend, rape her and kill her too, fucking soldiers.."

      Suddenly "THUMP". The door to the of the storage locker slammed open. "CRACK.. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK.. CRACK CRACK.. CRACK CRACK .. 'TING'" I looked over. There was my friend holding a handgun. She unloaded a whole magazine on those two soldiers. they were laying on the ground full of holes, blood pooling on the floor. As she stood there looking at them her knees began to buckle and she dropped the gun. I ran over to her.

      "Thank you" .. I said.. as I smiled for the first time that day since before we heard the report on the radio about the tsunami. She latched on to me and started to cry.

      "I... I..."

      "I know," I said "You did great, you saved both our lives. You're a hero.."

      It was over. The soldiers were dead. We avoided the tsunami. We were now hidden in the cabin. I led the girl outside to get some fresh air, when we saw american military jets fly by, followed by a series of bombers and troop transports. However it started didn't matter. All that mattered is it was over. We survived and the island was in ruins. I sat her down on and we watched the sunset together. The way the sun shone over the ocean, with the smoke in the air, made the most beautiful sunset I could ever imagine. We sat there and watched the sky turn all shades of pink and red. I marvelled at how so much beauty could come out of such a disaster, but I marvelled even more at how we survived. Quick thinking, good shooting, a whole lot of balls, and we were out of it.

      I looked at her and she looked back at me. "I love you," she said. I smiled and took her hand..
    11. China Invades (Again)

      by , 12-06-2011 at 12:56 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      The war had been raging on for the last few months now. It was every man for himself. The government was fragmented and people had turned into savages. What little military was left were divided into small groups of self controlled survivors.

      I was with a friend and we were wandering through the wasteland we used to call Canada. The land was scorched, trees were burnt. There were dead scorched carcasses of animals everywhere. We were walking along and we saw a house that had been bombed earlier, but enough of it was left standing to drop our packs and take a rest under some cover. The theory was, once a house had been bombed it was highly unlikely to be bombed again. This house made a pretty good lookout however; we could see much of the valley below us, and since we were at the top of the hill along the edge, we had a vantage point of what was behind us as well.

      I told the girl I was with to wait there for me, that I needed to scope out the area and try to salvage some supplies. There wasn't much around except for scorched land but there was the hint of a tunnel in the distance and I wanted to check it out. Getting grouped up with other survivors was the key to staying alive. Alone a person could not survive this wasteland but there was power in numbers. The girl was reluctant to stay by herself, as I had protected her through much of this war, when I found her she was alone and her family was killed. I told her to stay in a corner and ball herself up so she was hidden. The house was burnt up and there was ashes everywhere, it was black and grey from being burnt, but there was enough of a wall to support a second floor which had mostly broken away. She stayed on the ground level covered by what little the second floor had to offer. I hid our backpacks and went to go scope out the tunnel.

      The tunnel was about 500 yards away. I was hardly able to see the burnt house off in the distance but I was still able to see it, and in that particular spot I had a clear view of the sky. I could see what was coming for miles around. The tunnel had a good tactical advantage. The tunnel itself had good coverage built inside it. As I walked through I began to realize that this was probably used as a military standoff. There was enough area around the front of the tunnel to facilitate vehicles and a small army to stand off at that point. I began to realize why the house had been destroyed. It was in the path of a bomber flying over. There were craters and scorch marks on the ground everywhere from where the tunnel had been attacked. It made me wonder if there was a rifle and some ammo in there that I could pick up and use.

      So I pushed on inside the tunnel. There were barricades going this way and that, covering half the tunnel one way, then further back covering half the tunnel the other way. There was no way to see straight through since the walls covered just over half the tunnel, but left enough of a space open for 2 or 3 people to get around each wall at the same time. About half way into the tunnel I discovered a room. It looked like a hold point. There were holes in the walls and when I looked through the holes I realized that I could see to the end of the tunnel.

      Suddenly, I heard someone shouting in a foreign language. My heart started to race. It wasn't the kind of foreign language you hear in a place like north america. It was the kind of language you hear from somewhere else, like China. I began to panick. I turned everything upside down in the room I was in to try to find something I could defend myself with. I didn't find anything and I felt an immediate sense of defeat. "I'm dead," I thought as I heard not just voices now but also vehicles closing in on my position. I was surrounded. There were voices coming from both the ront and the rear of the tunnel. Thankfully the room I was in was off to the side and my sense of defeat turned to hope as I figured I might be able to hide in a corner and evade the troops trying to search out the tunnel.

      I was looking through the peephole trying to see if anyone had entered the tunnel yet when I heard a sound behind me. It sounded like an old door which was heavy. I hadn't noticed the hidden doorway leading further into the mountain. My life flashed before my eyes as I realized that I was now completely trapped. I had no way out, the room had been discovered, and I was about to take a chinese bullet in the head. My thoughts turned to my friend in the house.

      "Oh why didn't I just stay with her and hide for a while"

      I gazed upon the soldiers who filed into the room. My defeat and sadness turned to elation as I realized they were american troops.

      "Hey boy looks like you've been through a lot" said the captain of the platoon which I now found in my company.

      "Yes sir I have, me and my friend, we 'been through a lot together"

      "Your friend eh, where about is he at now. I only see one of you.."

      "She, and she's hiding in a burnt out house over the hillside there about 500 yards away"

      "Well," said the captain "You good enough to shoot?"

      "Shoot?" I looked upon the rifle that was being handed to me. It was an old enfield .303. A beautiful gun, looked like it had been restocked. The barrel was good and shiney. Open sights with the 1000 yard flip up peeps.. just the way I like it. "Fuck yeah sir, I'm a good shot sir"

      "Well take the damn thing son and shoot them yella bastards when they come thru here. You're officially a member of this platoon now son. We gotta defend this tunnel now ya'hear"

      "Fucking A" I thought to myself. I loaded 10 rounds into the mag and pulled the bolt back. She was smooth as silk that rifle, a good one. Killed many a troops back in the day I was sure of it. I was happy to hold it. I would have made love to it and married it if it was a woman. I had never felt such a sense of peace and protection in my life. I had gone this whole time with no weapon and hardly a thing to defend me and my friend with. Now I had a rifle big enough to blow an 8'' exit hole in whatever was unlucky enough to be pointed at.

      No sooner cocked the bolt back into firing position, when we heard a faint "boom". Some dirt fell on my head.

      "Here she comes boys.. get ready ya'hear?"

      "HOOYA" cried the platoon

      Again, another boom, and another boom, and another and another. They were getting closer and closer. "BOOM". I could feel a rumbling in my chest. "BOOM.. BOOOM.. BOOOOOOM" they were getting closer.

      "Dammit those fuckers, they spotted us, they're firing those fuckers right on top of us.. get ready boys!"


      I could tell they were scared shitless. There were 2 of them to my left checking the rear of the tunnel, one beside me. I looked at the man beside me. He had a fair complexion, he was young. I could tell he hadn't ever had to do what it took to keep his heart beating. I on the other hand had to run, hide, kill, gather, do all the thigns a persons 'gotta do when shit hits the fan. I wasn't battle hardened but I didn't give a fuck if I had to put a bullet between someones eyes to get out of a nasty situation. I was calm and ready for it.

      I put the barrel of my enfield through one of the peepholes. "BOOOOOM".. the walls were shaking. "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOOOOM". I heard a big bomber fly above us.


      "HOOYA!" they cried.

      The bombs fell and I was worried I wouldn't be able to fight my way out of this. I started to question if those bombs would drill right through into the tunnel and start blowing us up. The walls were literally vibrating and dirt was flying everywhere. It felt like my bones were rattling from the inside out. But by the grace of God the tunnel held up and everyone started breathing again. That's when I saw it. A helmet.. with a big red star on it. I already had my gun aimed straight down the tunnel at the entrance. I pulled the trigger. 'CRACK'. The soldeirs helmet flew off his head. All I could see was a mist of red and a body fall to the ground. Then i saw 2 more. "CRACK" and another one of them fell. I could see a mist of blood starting to fill the air. The soldiers beside me started shooting their rifles. "CRACK.. CRACK CRACK.. CRACK"

      Soldiers were falling at the door of the tunnel and all throughout. They were flanking us from both directions. They didn't have a clear shot at where were were though and we had the upper hand. I slowly moved out of the room and peeked my head around a corner where I saw them standing aside from the tunnel entrance. I aimed and pulled the trigger. I saw one fall, then reloaded. I pulled the trigger again. The rifle was shooting true to where I was aiming. We killed so many soldiers I couldn't count them all. Finally it was over and the last Chinese soldier had been killed.

      "That was a lucky one boys" said the captain. "Well let's clean up and see what we can salvage"

      "Yes Sir!" they cried out. They all left the room and I was left with the captain.

      "Well son, never seen such a good shot, you a farmboy?"

      "No sir, just scared shitless"

      "Yeah son I hear that, aren't we all. Them damn bastards took all our homes away"

      "Yeah they sure did sir, I've been on the run for months"

      "Well I figure you best tend to your friend if she's still alive. You are relieved boy, you can have the gun. You earned it"

      "THANK YOU!"

      I ran to the house expecting it to be blown to pieces. Bombs and mortars were dropped all over the place, but for some reason and somehow they left that house alone. I had no remorse for doing what I had to do. I had killed a man, or 10. A year ago the thought of killing a person would have made me sick, but these were different times. We had to fight to survive and there was nothing else. The world was ravaged in this war. I came up to the house, and there was my friend, curled up in a ball like the way I left her. She had her ears covered and she was screaming and crying.

      She fought against me when I first came up to her, but after she realized it was me she hugged me and wouldn't let go. "It's ok sweetie, you're safe.. you're safe. Look what I got!" She looked at my new rifle and smiled. We could not survive and that was a huge step forward for us.

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    12. China Invades

      by , 12-05-2011 at 11:32 PM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      It was a cold, stormy winter night. I woke from my bed to a shaking in my house. I heard a loud rumble overhead as well as the walls and my bed shaking. I get up and look out the window to find that people were leaving their homes and being carted into vehicles. It wasn't pretty, people were being beaten and shoved into these vehicles. I knew something was wrong and I left my house with what little I could find quickly to survive a cold winter night. The setting of this dream was in a town situated in a tight valley with very tall mountains surrounding this valley. Most of the homes and neighbourhoods were loosly knit, there was forest in between each home, and it would be very easy for someone to dig a hole in the snow and hide from the invading army.

      So I left my home and realized I hardly had what I needed. I had a feeling that things would never be the same again, and I had to struggle to protect my own life. So I started going from home to home, ones that had been evacuated, looking for things that I could use to survive. I was breaking and entering these homes, and obviously stealing. In my dream I had gone through about 5 or 6 homes. One of the houses I remember being a small house. The kitchen was directly across from the front door, there was one little room with a bed off to the right. The main area or the living room was a part of the one large room in the house which had the kitchen in it. There were pots and pans hanging from a rack on the ceiling. Thinking back on it now it looked like an old trappers cabin. But I happened to find an old rifle, knowing about guns now, I think it was an old 6.5 swedish mauser. It had like a 30'' barrel and a scope fit for shooting at 800+ yards. Needless to say this thing had guts and could probably tear a hole through some pretty thick armour. I also found a couple 2 way radios and an old military backpack. Apparently this guy had some experience in a war or something. So I grabbed what I could and raided a couple more homes.

      I had for some reason met up with my brother. It was a random happening and I gave him a big hug, I was happy to know that he was still alive. I told him we needed to raid homes and keep gathering supplies. We mapped out a gathering location and promised he would meet me there. I said OK, so we parted ways and I proceeded down the mountainside, trying to break into more homes. It became increasingly difficult though because the further down the mountain I went, the closer I was to this army. I finally got close enough to one of these vehicles to see who the army was. I wasn't very surprised to see that it was the chinese. A big red star painted one of the trucks and there were many soldiers. I didn't get to see the soldiers up close but I could see enough of their equipment to be sure it was chinese.

      I was laying in the snow (I had prepared a backpack fit for winter survival by this point) and I began to serpentine past the vehicles. I tried to raise my brother on the radio but I got no response. This made me worried as we were supposed to be checking in with eachother so often to see if we were OK. I tried 3 more times to get my brother on the radio and nothing. I decided to creep closer to the center of town where I figured most of the chaos was taking place. The night was now slowly turning to day and for some reason a lot of people in the town had no idea we were being invaded. It was business as usual in this little town while the outskirts got carted away, no one was allowed to place phone calls, and no one knew of the invasion. I decided to get everyone educated, starting with the children. So I went to the local elementary school to evacuate the kids and the teachers before the military carted them away.

      Immediately after entering the school I got some pretty strange and worried looks from people. I had this cannon of a rifle strapped to my shoulder still and I was pretty decked out in military gear. I got lucky with my house raids and packed just the right equipment for survival. I saw one young woman who was a teacher and I grabbed her arm and took her into a private room. I told her that China was invading us, and she didn't believe me at first. But somehow I managed to convince her and one of the orders of business was to barracade the school so none of the soldiers could enter the school and take the children away. No sooner did the school get all sealed up that the Chinese army took the whole town by surprise. We were completely surrounded and I had no idea what to do at that point.

      I decided to try and make a stand, so I climbed up to the roof of this building. To my surprise I found a couple others up there also armed with rifles. I took a look around and soldiers were totally surrounding the school. I pulled the mauser off my shoulder and aimed it at a tank. A soldier saw me and the others up there and the tank aimed its cannon straight at me. I remember thinking, oh god how am I going to get out of this. We are surely as good as dead. That's the point where the dream ended and I woke up.