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    5x inside a dream (horror)(the spider king, intro)

    by , 12-06-2011 at 05:32 AM (631 Views)
    I went to bed one night after ghostbusting (in real) and feeling very much like we had been followed back to our house. I don't know if you believe in the unnatural or not, but whatever it doesn't matter. To me it's real and I was definitely being persued by this spirit or whatever. So I fall asleep and soon after enter my dream state. I dream that I'm laying in bed, the same bed I'm sleeping in (in real) and I'm paralysed. I can't move. I'm laying on my back (in my dream) looking up at the ceiling wondering when I'm going to be able to move, when I hear this hard knocking sound down the hall, in the kitchen. I can feel my girlfriend beside me and she's sound asleep. The knocking sound gets louder and I hear a deep growl of a voice call my name and then laugh. I'm thinking holy shit this has GOT to be a dream. So sure enough I wake up out of the dream, to find myself back in my bed, laying in bed, wide awake wondering what the hell that was all about.

    Then suddenly I start to hear the knocking again.. and thumping.. this time it was in the attic. I hear heavy breathing and deep growling and sounds like footsteps right over top of my bed. I thought to myself, "Oh god I just woke up so it's real this time" and once again I find myself on my back, paralyzed, unable to move. My heart starts to race, as I question whether or not this is reality, and I wake up again. I find myself in my bed, laying on my side. This time I got up and went to the bathroom, in full confidence that I was really awake this time. No kiddin! really awake. So I finish doing my thing in the bathroom and I take one step outside the bathroom door. Suddenly everything is black, and I can see nothing. I can still feel what's around me, and everything is in place as it should be, just can't see. I feel something touch my back, something sharp. Something behind me. Something NOT VERY NICE. I wake up.

    So there I am, laying in my bed. What the HELL is going on here? Damn I really need to pee. I thought I just went? Oh man, that was a dream, I'm really awake this time. THUMP. Oh shit what was that? I start to hear the growls again. The footsteps. The thumping, all up in the attic. "HAHAHAHAHAH" .. oh god it's, he's, whateverit's, is laughing. And like that deep, evil, satanic laugh we have all come to love from the movies. Straight from a movie. Doesn't get anymore demonic than that .. right?? right???? Whatever it was stepped on the spot in the attic that was right above me. "Oh daaaavvveee" .. oh what??? oh what??? "heh heh heh.. you're gonna die dave.. gonne DIE..." .. This can't be real. can't be.. can't be real. WAKE.. UP...

    I find myself laying in my bed. OK.. is it gone.. am I AWAKE this time? Maybe I should pinch myself. OUCH yep.. that hurt. I'm awake. "HEH HEH HEH.. OH DAAAAAVVVEEE...." I look up. I'm laying in my bed, on my back, my girlfriend sleeping right next to me. FUCK ME I NEED TO PEE. I start to see this swirling, shadowy vortex open up in the ceiling. First the claws come out, then the hands. Then the arms. In the middle of this vortex I see blood red eyes. Yep the head is coming out. Oh god those teeth, look at those teeth! Wait those aren't teeth, more like a row of 6'' splinters you would pass for a mouth only a mother could love. OMG. "HAHAHAHAHA... HAHAHAHAHAHA...." The.. thing.. moves closer. and closer.. and closer. I can feel it's breath on my face. I can't move.. paralysed. Holy shit .... ok god.. if you are real.. SAVE ME.

    I wake up. My girlfriend is sleeping next to me. I'm laying on my side. Whew.. I'm FINALLY awake.. no shit this time. My heart is racing, I'm drenched in sweat. HOLY .. SHIT.. I need to take a pee. Nope.. there's no way I'm stepping one foot off this bed. I look out the bedroom door and it's black as black can be. I know 100% FOR SURE I'm awake this time. I squeeze up next to my girlfriend and hug her tight. I let out a whimper. She doesn't even budge. She's either dead asleep or simply ignoring me. Whatever, I will hold my bladder till tomorrow. I fall back asleep and dreamed of nothing till the morning came. Thank you, god

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    1. DreamingProphet's Avatar
      this is the first of 3 dreams I had after meeting my last girlfriend (who is now my X). I had this dream in Oct 2009. I call it the spider king because in the 3rd dream he introduced himself by that name. I had the 3rd dream July 2011