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    car jacked (long)

    by , 12-14-2011 at 08:40 PM (795 Views)
    here is last night's dream for you

    So I'm in this store here in town, at the mall. I think i was at The Bay. It's a big department store that sells a little bit of everything. I was waiting in line to pay for my stuff when this guy comes up to me and strikes up a conversation. I thought he was a decent enough guy and he was tellin me about his life, saying he was going to leave town and just leave it all behind. Then he asks me if I want to keep his car, and of course, I say "sure", being the gullable idiot that I am sometimes (in real).

    So we leave the store after I pay for my goods and he takes me to this car. It's a white car that is the same make and model as mine but it was a little messy on the inside. So I get in this car and he gives me the key. I try to start it but it was having some issues. "It needs some gas" he said. "I just ran out on my way here". So he thanks me for taking his car off his hands and "I'm happy to see it's in the hands of a good owner". 'OK great' I think, thinking of what I"m going to do with this thing. Do I sell it? Do I keep it? I figured it was a good car for parts for my own car, not that it's falling apart or anything, but it does have a pretty bad dent in one of the quarters.

    "One thing though," he said. "Do you mind if I have a look at your car?"

    "Sure" I say. So I take him over to my car and show him that it's the same make and model as his, but it's in much better condition.

    "Wow what an awesome car this is!" he exclaims. I thought, 'It's nothing special.. same thing u got..'

    "OK great!" he said. He leaves. I went back in the mall as I had a few more hours of browsing/shopping to do. It's late by the time I'm done and i come out of the mall. It's close to closing time and there is hardly anyone in the parking lot. So I walk over to his car and try to start it. I look at the gas guage in his car and see that it still has a little gas in it. 'Funny I didn't notice that' I think to myself. Then I start searching his car for any treasures he might have left behind, and that's when I start to find drugs. 'Uh oh'. My first thought turns to.. this is a hot car.

    So I pull the drugs out of his car, as it was just some weed, and I walk over to my car. 'Well there's a problem with that car, but maybe I can have it towed and use it for parts to replace the panel on my car' I think. Then as i walk to my car I start to imagine what I could replace in my own car to make it better. I imagine the panel being on my car and being dent free. I've had the dent in my car for quite some time in real, and in my dream I thought it would be so awesome to have my car nice looking again. The only problem with his car is that it was white and mine is green. 'oh well, I'll get it painted' I think. So I get into my car and hmmm.. for some reason the key won't work on the door. I get quite confused about this and I don't know what's going on. I decide to get in through the passenger side and unlock the driver side door, which worked.

    I get in my car and insert the key and turn it. Now MY car was having problems starting. I couldn't figure out what was going on, till I notice the gas guage. It was dead empty. 'Oh god, what the hell?' I think to myself.

    INSERT: In a previous dream fragment I had last night, at the very end of my dream, i remember putting a bunch of gas in my car.

    So here I am wondering why I'm out of gas. 'I just put some gas in it! I should have a quarter tank at least!' I thought. Thankfully there is a gas station that is in the same parking lot as the mall and it was only 20 or 30 feet away from where I was parked. Great I think, as I pull into the gas station. I go inside the station and talk to the addendant there. "I need to put in $10" I say. We had a short chat, and I asked her how does gas just suddenly disappear from the gas tank like that?

    "Maybe someone siphoned your gas out" she says.

    "nah that's impossible, who would do that in a parking lot outside a busy mall" I say. But I go back to my car and put the gas in. As I'm pouring the gas, I think, damn I think she's actually right. I couldn't think of any other possibility. There was definitely not a leak in my gas tank. Then my thoughts go back to the guy who gave me his car. 'Something very fishy is going on here' I think. Then I started looking at my own car. It was a mess. I could see in through the window that someone had been inside my car and threw a bunch of garbage in there. My thoughts immediately turn to my guns, which are usually stored in the trunk of my car. Ohhhh shit.

    I finished putting fuel in my car and was about to get in, when I hear "HEY" from a few feet away. I turn to look, and there was the guy that gave me his car, with a possey of friends with him. Ohhhh double shit.

    "I want my car back" he said.

    "Yeah, about that," I retorted. "Your car won't start, it's fucked. I don't know what's up with it." I started adding everything up. The guy had obviously stolen the car and left it there in the parking lot as it had died. These guys were obviously drug dealers and they needed to get rid of some sort of.. "evidence".. pawning it off to me.. some innocent guy.

    "Yeah," he said "That's why we're here. We're taking your car. Give me the keys" My thoughts turned back to my guns. What do I do? Give him the car? But if I do my guns are in the trunk, and I could be in BIG shit for that. Also, do I get my gun out of the trunk of my car and defend myself? I can feel an attack coming on.

    "You're not getting my keys" I said. "This is my car. you can have yours back.. i don't want it"

    "Oh it's too late for that, you've seen what's in there. We need your car now"

    "No" I said. I tried to get into my car. My adrenaline was pumping and my hands were shaking.. I couldn't get the key into the door lock. I always lock my doors when I fill up my car. Bad habit, I guess. No sooner did my attempt to get in my car fail, one of his buddies started heading towards me. He was a fairly stalky dude and I knew I would have a hard time defending myself. I'm not the strongest guy in the world and I hate fighting.. I freeze up and I generally get my ass kicked in every fight. 'Oh what I would give to have my sword with me right now' i think. In real, I bought a very nice sword, 36'' blade. It is a replica of a 14th century military sword used by soldiers in the english army. I bought it specifically for home defense.

    So the guy comes up to me and grabs me. I was wishing I had just told the guy to fuck off to begin with, but wishing wasn't going to change the situation I was in now. The guy was punching my chest and tried to tackle me from behind. During this I managed to pull my phone out. I got it unlocked and got the dialer open. I was trying to dial 911 when the guy put his leg around my mid section. A moment of brilliance hit me and I pulled my legs up and kicked his knee out. I was now on top of him, and we were both falling to the ground. I remember the fall being in slow motion, the whole way down i thought, 'this is going to be really bad for him'. My head was directly in front of his face. We hit the ground and I made a strong point of smashing the back of my head right into his face as his head slammed against the pavement.

    Sure enough I knocked him out cold. I had enough time to dial 911. Then one of the other guys came up to me and slapped my phone out of my hand. It landed on the ground but it was too late, it was already dialed, and the line was open. Now all I had to do was wait for the cops to show up and I would be OK. I pushed the guy away and tried to talk to my attackers, especially the guy I was originally dealing with. He was standing in the background. I yelled out "why are you doing this to me? what did I ever do to you? I'm just some stranger to you!"

    "You were in the wrong place at the wrong time" he said. At this point they managed to get my car keys away from me. They all walked up to my car. I was still talking to them. The guy that I had faceplanted into the ground got up and went to the car as well. "You're a fucking idiot man" he said. "What kind of retard accepts a car from a perfect stranger".

    "I felt bad for you man.. I took the car off your hands because I thought you needed to get rid of it and had no where else to go"

    "Well, sucks to be you right? Let this be a lesson for next time"

    I looked at his buddies. I looked at the guy that just attacked me. I gave him the motion that I was pumping a pretend shell into a pretend shotgun, and pretended to point my pretend gun at his head. I pulled the pretend trigger. I wanted to let him know that if I were armed, I would have blasted his face off where he stood. Of course I wouldn't do this in real, as it's just a car, and even tho they attacked me, I believe in trying to turn a person around first, but still I was pissed, and dreams are a little less controllable than real.

    I looked at the group of them again, thinking, I had just put gas in my car, and then had to put more in. "I just filled my car too.. and one of you fuckin assholes siphoned the gas out didn't you?" One of his buddies looked at me. He was a total white G wannabe. Crooked hat with the flat brim, the half pulled down pants, a total idiot.

    "heheh.. hehehe.. i guess I did eh?" he said "thanks for filling it again asshole. Heheh.. hehehe.." They all piled into my car. 'Oh god my guns..' I thought. Then the magic happened. He tried to start my car but the key wouldn't turn. I could hear him inside trying to jiggle my key but it just would not turn. 'What the hell?' I thought. I looked at the key I had in my hand. It was my own car key, on the old chain he had given me. The key he thought belonged to my car was actually the key to the car he had stolen. You see, I have what they call a master key for my car. I can open the door and turn the ignition to 33% of all the cars in north america that are the same make as mine. I realized this in my dream. "Oh, shit".. I thought.

    The guy got out of my car. "Ok, why won't this fucking thing turn!" he said. "You still got the key to your car asshole!" I had a smile on my face. I ran back to his old car hoping I would be able to start it. I had quite the head start on him and by the time I got to his old car, sure as SHIT the key opened the door. I got in and locked the door. I knew it would only be a matter of seconds before his buddies surrounded the car and smashed the windows to get in and get at me.

    Just as they surrounded the car, suddenly a huge force of police showed up. Apparently the gas station attendant had been on the phone with them, and my cell phone recorded the whole mess to the guys at the 911 call centre. These guys were fugatives and there was quite the police force there. Swat, police, canadian secret service, the whole 9 yards. 'Thank the Lord' i thought, smiling.

    "YOU GUYS ARE FUCKED NOW!" I yelled out from inside the car. I could see the look on buddies face that tried to screw me over. I could see the one thought in his mind, 'Oh shit'. The police took them down hard. They were all laying on the ground, with shotguns and pistols pointed at them. They had gotten themselves into a lot of trouble, and I guess by fucking with me they fucked with the wrong guy.

    So I started talking to one of the officers and I was so happy I was almost in tears. I wanted to hug the guy and and just take a few moments relishing in the fact that they had showed up. These fuckers were taken down. Then came the 9 degree grilling you would get from so many different enforcement services.

    "Do you have guns in your car?" he asked. Funny for that being a first question, but I am an honest guy, and I have nothing to hide. My guns are registered to me and I obtained them legally.

    "Yes, yes i do" I said. I showed him my firearms license. He looked at me and nodded, gave me back my license. We went to the trunk of my car and I pulled out my guns. I nooded and patted me on the back when he saw they had trigger locks on them.

    "I commend you for your self restraint son" he said. The mess was over. My car was mine again. Somehow it was parked again close to where the white car was. Dreams are dreams, afterall. So I was delusional and walked up to what I thought was my car. I opened the trunk to get at my guns and I started pulling out all kinds of garbage and sheets upon sheets of plastic. 'WTF' I thought. After a while, I realized it wasn't my car i was digging through. There was garbage all over the ground and all around the car after I spent a fair amount of time digging through it. 'Holy shit look at all this crap. these guys were fucking slobs' I thought. I stopped digging and wondered what I actually could have salvaged off the car. I looked at the wheels. They seemed way to small to fit my wheels. then I started looking at the car's body. It was covered in rust and had little dents and scratches all over. This car was in really bad shape, much worse shape than my car is in. So I thought 'better not mess with any evidence', and walked back to my car. I started it up and drove home.

    On my way home I started thinking of what might have happened if those guys hadn't been caught. I imagined myself half way home and being stopped by the guy I pretended to shoot with my pretend shotgun. I imagined his buddies grabbing me and beating me up and shooting me. Druggies like that don't like to be messed with. 'Well I'm glad they were caught' I thought to myself..

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    1. Oreo's Avatar
      I was worried for a moment when I read the title because I had a dream last night that I stole someones car. After reading this though I realized that I stole a car from people that sound a lot like these drug dealers. So would that imply I carjacked a carjacker? >
    2. DreamingProphet's Avatar
      lol.. I suppose it would! it would be interesting to hear what you dreamed about.. seems carjacking was in the cards for us dreamers last night eh!