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    China Invades

    by , 12-05-2011 at 11:32 PM (301 Views)
    It was a cold, stormy winter night. I woke from my bed to a shaking in my house. I heard a loud rumble overhead as well as the walls and my bed shaking. I get up and look out the window to find that people were leaving their homes and being carted into vehicles. It wasn't pretty, people were being beaten and shoved into these vehicles. I knew something was wrong and I left my house with what little I could find quickly to survive a cold winter night. The setting of this dream was in a town situated in a tight valley with very tall mountains surrounding this valley. Most of the homes and neighbourhoods were loosly knit, there was forest in between each home, and it would be very easy for someone to dig a hole in the snow and hide from the invading army.

    So I left my home and realized I hardly had what I needed. I had a feeling that things would never be the same again, and I had to struggle to protect my own life. So I started going from home to home, ones that had been evacuated, looking for things that I could use to survive. I was breaking and entering these homes, and obviously stealing. In my dream I had gone through about 5 or 6 homes. One of the houses I remember being a small house. The kitchen was directly across from the front door, there was one little room with a bed off to the right. The main area or the living room was a part of the one large room in the house which had the kitchen in it. There were pots and pans hanging from a rack on the ceiling. Thinking back on it now it looked like an old trappers cabin. But I happened to find an old rifle, knowing about guns now, I think it was an old 6.5 swedish mauser. It had like a 30'' barrel and a scope fit for shooting at 800+ yards. Needless to say this thing had guts and could probably tear a hole through some pretty thick armour. I also found a couple 2 way radios and an old military backpack. Apparently this guy had some experience in a war or something. So I grabbed what I could and raided a couple more homes.

    I had for some reason met up with my brother. It was a random happening and I gave him a big hug, I was happy to know that he was still alive. I told him we needed to raid homes and keep gathering supplies. We mapped out a gathering location and promised he would meet me there. I said OK, so we parted ways and I proceeded down the mountainside, trying to break into more homes. It became increasingly difficult though because the further down the mountain I went, the closer I was to this army. I finally got close enough to one of these vehicles to see who the army was. I wasn't very surprised to see that it was the chinese. A big red star painted one of the trucks and there were many soldiers. I didn't get to see the soldiers up close but I could see enough of their equipment to be sure it was chinese.

    I was laying in the snow (I had prepared a backpack fit for winter survival by this point) and I began to serpentine past the vehicles. I tried to raise my brother on the radio but I got no response. This made me worried as we were supposed to be checking in with eachother so often to see if we were OK. I tried 3 more times to get my brother on the radio and nothing. I decided to creep closer to the center of town where I figured most of the chaos was taking place. The night was now slowly turning to day and for some reason a lot of people in the town had no idea we were being invaded. It was business as usual in this little town while the outskirts got carted away, no one was allowed to place phone calls, and no one knew of the invasion. I decided to get everyone educated, starting with the children. So I went to the local elementary school to evacuate the kids and the teachers before the military carted them away.

    Immediately after entering the school I got some pretty strange and worried looks from people. I had this cannon of a rifle strapped to my shoulder still and I was pretty decked out in military gear. I got lucky with my house raids and packed just the right equipment for survival. I saw one young woman who was a teacher and I grabbed her arm and took her into a private room. I told her that China was invading us, and she didn't believe me at first. But somehow I managed to convince her and one of the orders of business was to barracade the school so none of the soldiers could enter the school and take the children away. No sooner did the school get all sealed up that the Chinese army took the whole town by surprise. We were completely surrounded and I had no idea what to do at that point.

    I decided to try and make a stand, so I climbed up to the roof of this building. To my surprise I found a couple others up there also armed with rifles. I took a look around and soldiers were totally surrounding the school. I pulled the mauser off my shoulder and aimed it at a tank. A soldier saw me and the others up there and the tank aimed its cannon straight at me. I remember thinking, oh god how am I going to get out of this. We are surely as good as dead. That's the point where the dream ended and I woke up.

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