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    Flooding, tornado (Kelowna BC)

    by , 12-13-2011 at 11:16 PM (518 Views)
    This dream I had a week before the 2003 forest fires in kelowna.

    I was in the save-on supermarket in teh south end of town. If you know the layout of kelowna at all, it's right next to a big lake, and the area that kelowna sits on is kindof a delta, surrounded by some pretty tall mountains. So I was in the supermarket and I was waiting in line to pay for the stuff I bought when I saw water rising up the outside entrance way. The doors were sealed shut so the water wasn't coming in but I realized I was sitting in a deathtrap.

    I went outside to try and drive my bike (I had a suzuki 600cc at the time). So I started up my bike and tried to drive it. The water level had come up to the gas tank and I was worried I wouldn't be able to drive home. I got the bike started and drove away and just as I started driving the water level went above the handlebars of the bike. I cranked the gas and tried to use the tire as a hydroplane, using high rpm's to keep the bike afloat, which actually worked. By the time i started heading for the mountains (which is where I lived in real) the water level was at least 20 feet high. I looked southward and off in the distance I could see this massive tornado. There was stuff in the air flying everywhere, there was stuff floating around like toys, garbage, everything u could imagine from people's backyards.

    All I could remember was thinking was 'oh my god this town is going to go under'.

    The Kelowna 2003 forest fire happened a week after this dream and for the first day, the tornado of smoke that went up looked EXACTLY like the tornado I saw in my dream, and pretty much in the very same area of the okanagan too. Very weird that I would dream of a giant tornado and a week later we get a firestorm.

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