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    Russia Invades (Hawaii?)

    by , 12-06-2011 at 03:08 AM (633 Views)
    It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on some island out in the middle of the ocean. The name of the island remains unknown to me but by the distance out to sea and near the equator zone, I can only guess it was hawaii. Although I don't physically know the layout of hawaii and what towns/cities are near the area I was dreaming about I can only make an educated guess about the location of this dream. I was sitting in my home with a woman (probably a girlfriend) when we heard on the radio that there was a massive earthquake only a 1000 kilometers away or so. There was expected to be a tsunami headed our way and that everyone needed to get to higher ground.

    Me and my friend decided to pack what we could and head up the mountains. We exited the house and the city was a total basket case. There were people everywhere. Cars were in gridlock. The whole transportation system was down. people were flocking to the hills and to higher ground. Overlooking the city was a tall cliffside, at least a thousand feet tall. My partner and I both looked at eachother and decided that straight up would be the best route, as it would take hours to go around the other side and up the hill. So we did just that. We hiked it to the base of the cliff and we looked up. We had enough vantage point of the city to see the ocean. The water along the beach was already starting to get sucked up by this giant wave that was heading towards us. We couldn't see the wave quite yet at that point but we knew it was coming and soon.

    So I took the first step in climbing this cliff side wall. It took us quite some time to get at least half way up and by the time we got to a ledge we could rest on we looked back out at the ocean. That's when we saw it. Off in the distance, glistening in the noon sun, we could see the crest of this wave coming towards us. We could only see the top of it, as if a painter had painted a streak across the entire canvas in silver sparkle paint, with deep blue beneath as the wave gathered force. It was already huge and it was yet a few kilometers out from inland. We knew it was going to be BIG so we decided to get climbing once more.

    Near the top of this cliff we came upon a ledge that went back into the mountain quite some way. The ledge was long, it stretched almost across the entire mountainside. We stopped and sat on the ledge of this mountain, looking back at the city. Horror came across our faces as we saw this wave, now hundreds of feet tall. The crest of it was almost at our eye level. We had spent the last 2 or 3 hours climbing this cliff only to find it eye level. We were at least 1000 feet up. The wave came across the city like a wave at the beach washes across the shoreline. The tall buildings did nothing to stop this monster, and it ate up the entire city. I heard my friend beside me scream and I realized that we might not be at a high enough elevation to avoid this wave.

    We picked up our gear and ran across the ledge towards a cabin that was there. Just before we got to the cabin the wave hit the cliffside. It just so happened that we were high enough up to avoid the water from sucking us back down the cliff. When it clashed with the mountain and broke, I could feel the spray of water hit my skin. I could see the large globs of water flying upwards and raining back down on us. We were both soaked but OK. I tried to look back at the city below us but the water didn't recede. It stayed there for a while, too long for me to want to look anymore. We ended up getting to this cabin perched on the hillside.

    We walked in the cabin, obviously hungry and thirsty. Whoever had lived there before us had been there for a long time, undisturbed. There was little for supplies but what was there was untouched. The cabin had been dug into the cliffside as there was a basement. We went down there looking for food and water. The inside of this cabin was mostly falling apart and beat up but solid enough to keep us from collapsing through the floor. We split up and started looking for supplies when my eyes turned to an old door. I went through the door and came into an old storage room. "Jackpot" I thought as I started searching through the room. I found cans of food there and started filling my backpack when I saw a dusty old rifle leaning up against the wall. In a cupboard was a few boxes of ammo. So I grabbed the rifle and the ammo and dusted it off, slung it over my shoulder and went to grab my friend.

    Her search was successful as well since we both had found some supplies we could carry with us. Our plan was to head further up to the mountain. There was a small village a few clicks to the east and we figured we could take refuge there. We exited the cabin and we looked down at the city. Horror filled our faces once again. The only thing that was left was a bunch of rubble. There was smoke billowing up from everywhere.. the city was a total ruin. There had been over a million people residing in that city and my heart sank as I realized that most of them probably didn't have enough time to escape. I could see tears rolling down the face of my friend. Her family lived there and she feared for their lives.

    "It's ok, I'm sure they made it out" I said as I hugged her.

    "Yeah, yeah, you're probably right" she said as she tried to force a smile. I could tell she was in shock. We travelled for an hour or two eastward towards the town that was situated on top of the mountain. We came out into a clearing where we could see a road that led into a neighbourhood. I thought it was odd that everyone was in their homes. No one was out, there were no kids playing in the streets. No one was in their vehicles. No one was trying to see the disaster the wave had left in its wake. It was literally dead in the neighbourhood and I couldn't understand it. Then I heard something off in the distance that made me understand. A gunshot. I heard a cry from the same direction I heard the gunshot, and then another gunshot. The cry was silenced.

    I unshouldered my rifle and put some ammo in it. There was something fishy going on. People were in their homes and I was hearing gunshots? This was not normal. Who would be shooting after such a tragedy that just happened. Everyone should be out in the streets at least trying to get a view of the city below but there was no one in sight.

    "Stay close, I got a bad feelin about this" I could feel her hand grab my coat. She hung on as I slowly advanced through the field that bordered this neighbourhood. I came up to the edge of the road and to the first parked car. I crouched down behind it holding my rifle tightly. I could hear more screams off in the distance and more gunshots. It sounded like they were smashing doors down and invading peoples homes one house at a time. I looked up the road as it was up a hill that crested and went down again and didn't see anything, so I looked back at my friend and nodded to her. She was still in shock over loosing her family but hours ago and looked back at me, her eyes wide and filled with tears. I closed my eyes hoping to open them back up, imagining something different, that this whole thing was just a nightmare. But when I opened my eyes again there she was, still looking at me, crying.

    I turned my focus back up the road again. I saw a young child coming up to the crest of the hill with his arms up in the air. 'CRACK'. Blood filled the air in front of him and this child fell to the ground. A couple more gunshots went off in the distance and more screaming. My blood instantly started to boil and I knew what I had to do. I turned and looked at the girl so tightly hanging on to me, set my gun on the ground and grabbed her shoulders. I gave her a good hard squeeze on the shoulders.

    "I'm going to leave and check it out. You stay HERE you understand? Do you understand???" She looked at me blankly for a second then slowly nodded yes. I hugged her tightly.

    "You don't move an inch till I get back ok? I WILL be back for you.. don't move!" She nodded. I picked up my gun and turned around. I ran across the road to another car that was parked further up. I crouched down really low and put the rifle up to my shoulder. My thoughts turned to the rifle, it was old and dusty and might not shoot. This thought worried me a bit. I wanted to fire off a test shot but didn't want to give myself away. I moved further up the road till I could see over the crest and down below. My heart sank. People were being rounded up and carted off into vehicles. Many homes were on fire. People were trying to flee their homes and were being shot, there were soldiers breaking down doors and dragging families out on to the road, executing them. People were being slaughtered, innocent families.

    I put the rife to my shoulder and looked through the scope. I found one soldier standing there having a smoke. "You just took your last drag you FUCK" I thought. I aimed at his chest and pulled the trigger. 'CRACK'. A mist of blood and the soldier fell. "Fuck me this thing SHOOTS!" I thought as I reloaded another round. It was only a couple seconds before his buddies started scattering and finding a position to defend themselves. They took too long however, as I had pulled the trigger twice more and reloaded both those rounds. I had killed 3 so far and was shooting like a sniper straight out of military special forces. I then realized that I had been sitting there too long. A bullet whizzed by my head. I was laying flat against the pavement of the road so I was a hard target to hit but I had no cover except the cars that were behind me.

    Some people saw me shooting those fuckers out of their homes. A couple men came out with their rifles too. Seeing me fall those fucks gave them the courage they needed to join the fight. I now had a small platoon. they crouched some ways behind me. "What you think we should do mister?" I looked back at the one. "Get your families the fuck outta here man!" He stared at me for a second. I could tell he wanted to shoot those bastards more than I did.. but in the end he knew I was right. He turned to look at his house, and around at his neighbours. They got to work right away waving their families out of their homes and it became a parade of families silently running for the bush. I descended the hill and used cars for cover.

    I was checking my rear as I came down the hill and saw a shadowy figure cresting the hill. I knew it was a soldier coming for me and I ducked behind a car. 'BAP BAP BAP'. Whatever was shooting at me was fully automatic and had a loud thud as the cartriges were fired. I had a strong feeling the soldiers weren't from north america. I had seen enough movies and heard enough AK-47's go off to know what one sounds like. Whoever it was, was either chinese, russian or from the middle east. But I didn't care much, the main point is that I was being shot at. 'CRACK'. A gunshot from in front of me. I heard a thump behind me and looked back to see the soldier falling to the ground. The guy who took the shot waived at me.

    I waved back and continued to regress down the road. More soldiers were coming over the hill. I turned around and fired a few more rounds out of my rifle. I hit a couple but missed. I was scared and nervous, I could feel my heart pumping under my chest. I was too scared shitless to shoot accurately and my ammo was limited. Even though I was pissed those men didn't leave with their families I was happy that they had covered me. I got to the girl I was with and grabbed her. "Were gettin the fuck outta here!" I grabbed her and she didn't put up any sort of fight. We ran back across the field and I waved the guys to get outta there and get to their families. I knew the soldiers were after me, they didn't realize I had friends helping me out back there. So they chased us back to the cabin.

    When we got to the cabin I threw my friend in the same storage room I found the rifle in. I was scared shitless and didn't know what to do. I tried to find a good choke point for the soldiers that I knew were right behind me but the cabin was too broken up and there were holes everwhere a soldier could see me. So I took up the best point I could down in that basement and held my ground. I saw one soldier come down the stairs, then two. I heard more coming into the cabin. I aimed my rifle and pulled the trigger. the first soldier fell. I quickly reloaded and fired again at the second soldier. He fell too. Suddenly I felt wood splinters falling down into my shirt. A soldier had shot at me but through the floor. I got out of the way since they had automatics, I knew there would be more.

    Another soldier came down and I shot him too. Then two more soldiers came down, and I was in the process of reloading my rifle. The one pointed his handgun at me and I knew I was done. The other came up behind him and pointed his gun at me as well.

    "Vell," in his russian accent "Look vat ve got here.. you gonna die like a scum you piece of shit" I looked at him, my heart racing. "Put down zat gun you have dere". I laid the rifle on the floor. "Hands on your head, scum, und turn around. You gonna die like a scum," I put my hands on my head and turned around. "oh god", I thought, "This is the end. they're gonna kill me and find my friend, rape her and kill her too, fucking soldiers.."

    Suddenly "THUMP". The door to the of the storage locker slammed open. "CRACK.. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK.. CRACK CRACK.. CRACK CRACK .. 'TING'" I looked over. There was my friend holding a handgun. She unloaded a whole magazine on those two soldiers. they were laying on the ground full of holes, blood pooling on the floor. As she stood there looking at them her knees began to buckle and she dropped the gun. I ran over to her.

    "Thank you" .. I said.. as I smiled for the first time that day since before we heard the report on the radio about the tsunami. She latched on to me and started to cry.

    "I... I..."

    "I know," I said "You did great, you saved both our lives. You're a hero.."

    It was over. The soldiers were dead. We avoided the tsunami. We were now hidden in the cabin. I led the girl outside to get some fresh air, when we saw american military jets fly by, followed by a series of bombers and troop transports. However it started didn't matter. All that mattered is it was over. We survived and the island was in ruins. I sat her down on and we watched the sunset together. The way the sun shone over the ocean, with the smoke in the air, made the most beautiful sunset I could ever imagine. We sat there and watched the sky turn all shades of pink and red. I marvelled at how so much beauty could come out of such a disaster, but I marvelled even more at how we survived. Quick thinking, good shooting, a whole lot of balls, and we were out of it.

    I looked at her and she looked back at me. "I love you," she said. I smiled and took her hand..

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    1. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Whoa. I can't even imagine how long this took you to write. Amazing dream, clearly it left an emotional footprint in your memory. Heh, I was holding out too right at the ending when you were about to get shot... I was like, "Oh my god, where's the chick, where's the chick, come on and do SOMETHING." Laughs. Very nice dream, I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the humanitarian aspect. Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed entry.
    2. DreamingProphet's Avatar
      thank you It took me a couple hours to write. Since I joined this site today I've submitted 5, you have just read my 3rd. I didn't realize I couldn't make sub-categories and since I have dreamed of much more than just war, I will have to change the title of my blog lol Enjoy the rest of my posts and thank you for reading