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    the spider king (pt. 3)

    by , 12-06-2011 at 08:53 PM (485 Views)
    I was walking through the forest with a few friends of mine. We were following a trail, the trail led to a trailer which one of my friends had set up in the middle of the woods as a place to camp, party, hang out etc. The trees were very tall and skinny, much like the trees we have here in BC, except that there was a lot of other types of growth around. It was mid day and my friends were two females and another male (for naming purposes, i will make up the names for these people. Jason, Maria and Emmy).

    We finally got to the trailer after hiking for a while. it looked to be in pretty good shape. There was power running to the trailer, it was fully set up as a place to live, except we were just there to visit. So we walk into this place. The door led straight into the main room. There was a pad there to put our shoes and a closet for our jackets to the right. Looking to the left was a big living room and on the far side of the living was a door to a bedroom. Around the corner to the right on the other side of the closet was an entranceway to a small kitchen. I went straight for the kitchen as I had brought food with me and put it away.

    I went back and forth from the living room to the kitchen. upon further inspection of the living room I noticed that it was fully furnished with an entertainment system against one wall. It looked like the entertainment system had not been set up yet as the speakers were disconnected and some things were still in boxes. So I thought to myself "I'll set that up later, we're gonna want some music". I went back into the kitchen to unload the last of the food I had brought with me, when Emmy came up beside me.

    "Did you see that?" She said, pointing out the window.

    "No, what did you see?"

    "I could've sworn I saw a little person with wings, just now, fly across the window"

    The kitchen had a big bay window, as most trailers do, a big window at the front of the trailer. We could see out into the forest and it was bright out from the noon sun.

    "No," I said, "I didn't see anything at all, you must be imagining things!"

    She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Maria and Jason were in the bedroom setting things up in there.

    "I'm going to go join them." Emmy turned and walked away. I was left by myself.

    'Well,' I thought to myself, 'the food is put away..' My thoughts turned to the stereo. 'It would be nice to have some music playing'.

    I went into the living room and looked at the boxes sitting next to the stand. I started to open the boxes and unpack what was in them. I had my mind pretty well set on my task when suddenly the scene changed inside the room I was in. There were cobwebs all over the place, like the place had been sitting there for years with no one in it. I stopped what I was doing and looked around the room. There were cobwebs everywhere. They formed a sort of tunnel towards the kitchen which still had light shining through it. Then just as suddenly as they appeared, they disappeared.

    'Wow that's odd' I thought to myself. I shrugged and continued unpacking. Maria and Emmy came out of the room and stood beside me watching me set up the stereo.

    "AHHH!" Emmy screamed.

    "What? What is it??"

    "That thing, I saw it again.." She turned to me. I looked at her face and she was scared.

    "Huh, you and your imagination" I retorded. I turned back to the stereo. Then the cobwebs appeared again and my two friends were gone. I stood up once more, except upon looking at the ceiling and all the cobwebs, I saw a few little sparkles of light dancing around. One of the sparkles came up close to me and I could see what you would consider a little pixie. A small little fairy like thing, with little glowing wings, darted from one side of me to the other. It seemed this little thing was just as interested in me as I was in it. There were other little pixies flying around near the ceiling of the room.

    The pixie looked at me. "OH NO!" it exclaimed, then flew away. The other little pixies that were with this thing also flew away.

    'What the hell?' My mind was racing. 'What is all this, why did that thing just fly away?'. I asked the question in my mind, but it was soon after that I got the answer. A darkness fell inside the room and it got cold. Very cold. I was shivering and rubbing my arms to try and stay warm. Then from out of the ceiling, I saw it. First the hands, or claws, one could say, then the arms. Then those deep red eyes that I have become familiar with. I knew in my dream that I had seen this thing before, many dreams I've had of this thing. I could hear it breathing as a demon growls when it breathes in and out.

    "Who ARE you??" I called out to this thing coming through the ceiling. It said nothing, but as I gazed upon it, I began to feel an emotion that I knew wasn't mine. It was talking to me through my thoughts, my feelings. I could tell it was there to take me away, to kill me, to collect my soul and keep me forever.

    "Who are you???" I called out again.

    "I am the spider king" the thing responded, in its deep gnarly voice. I looked at his face. He had the signature row of teeth, those long, sharp spikes for teeth. His face had no skin, just this skull, and those teeth, with those deep red eyes. The rest of his body was a shadow form but I knew he was real enough to hurt me. He came in closer, I think to attack me.

    "NO!" I yelled out. In my heart I knew I wasn't afraid. I feel no fear in my dreams, although I act as I should given a circumstance. But in this dream I felt not fear and that threw the demon off. He didn't expect me to not be afraid, it's almost as if my very lack of fear made him afraid and pull away from me. My 3 friends came out of the bedroom and started to ask what was going on.

    "What's going on???" I said excitedly. "You mean you can't see the cobwebs.. the pixies, that big frikkin demon right there??"

    "I have no idea what you're talking about" said Jason. I looked back. The cobwebs were gone, the spider king was gone. Everything was normal as it should be and the music was playing out of the stereo. Some pop song you would hear on the radio.

    I woke up with the song stuck in my head. I felt good to have finally faced the demon and show it that I'm the one in control not it. Having a name for him was also good. I don't know why he would call himself the spider king, I never did try to research it. But if I ever dream of the spider king again I will surely share it in this journal

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