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    1. Skyrim

      by , 12-23-2011 at 02:48 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      The dream starts out and I'm embodied as my character in Skyrim (a bethesda game that just came out). I play a high elf magic user and i'm fully capable of shooting lightning bolts from my hands. I'm in a town and I'm questing, or walking around looking for something to do. I walk past the houses and people walking about and I see one person sitting on a table.

      "What's there to do around here?" I ask the person. He looked like a gnome or something, not a typical human being. Kinda short and.. green. So he doesn't really say anything in my dream but suddenly I have a task and somewhere to go. I walk to the edge of town where I see a big gate and a pathway through that gate, surrounded by trees going down and around a corner. something told me I wasn't supposed to be going out that way.

      I walk to the other side of town and I look down at this huge chasm below. this chasm is at least 1-2000 feet deep, too deep to see the bottom of it. For some reason I am thrown off this chasm and I find myself falling. In bethesda games if you fall you actually die before you hit the ground, so I'm falling and falling wondering why I haven't died yet. Then my descent slows and I find myself standing in front of a door to a cave. I look up and I can see the ridge of the cliff edge however far up. All I could see was a sliver of sky and a gorge of darkness. The door seemed to be lit up so I open it and walk in.

      I walk through the door and I'm greeted by my brother, who is playing his dark elf toon, and seems to be much more powerful than mine. In real his toon is level 38 and mine is only 20 so he has some kickass to his shit and I'm kinda the weakling. He tells me to stick with him which I do. We start exploring this cave together and we come into a great big corridor with lots of rooms to either left and right. I take the first step in and find myself face to face with a giant centipede. I start fighting this centipede shooting my lightning bolts at it and we are tangled in a mess. My brother is off in the distance trying to place a good shot on the creature but I am all over the place, jumping and dashing everywhere and he is afraid to take the shot in case he hits me.

      So I finally decide to run away and let my brother take care of the centipede, which he does, but I am now lost in a labyrinth of rooms. This is the last I see of my brother. Some kind of undead guy wearing black armor starts chasing me and I knew I couldn't beat ths guy and start to run. I try to fire off the odd fireball but I sometimes miss, and the ones that do land don't really do much against this creature. I'm running and running and trying to find my way back to my brother, when I step through this glowy thing and I get teleported back to top level.

      I find myself back in the town I first started in except some things were changed. I look around and there's all these glowing blue things on the ground. I had a feeling I was supposed to collect them so I did. I started walking around picking up these whisps or whatever, when I come face to face with some guy who is trying to tell me something. I look at him puzzled, and I try to talk to him. I ask him if he knows of anything or if there is something i can do. I was trying to get information from him in general. He didn't say anything with his lips but he talked to me telepathically.

      "let me show you" he transmitted his thoughts to my head. Suddenly I was not in skyrim anymore. It was kindof like a cutscene and my view was on the hood of a car. I was watching a man and his wife driving down the road. They had a serious worried look on their face. They were talking about their daughter, who was driving in the car in front of them. Suddenly their car flipped over and my view transfered to their daughters car. I was inside her car sitting on her dash, just in front of her steering wheel. I was watching her and she was panicking.

      I was watching her when a person threw himself against her car. She screamed and swerved. Her car made a thump, like she ran over something, then another person threw herself against her car. There were people falling all across the hood of her car. I saw the look on the people who were trying to throw themselves on her car and they were all covered in blood. Not once they hit her car, but before. They looked like zombies. She was screaming and panicking. My view zoomed out of her car and I could see the whole town she was in.

      There were thousands of zombies, packed into this town, and they seemed to be walled off. There was military around and they had sectioned off the town. Something told me it was not just this town, but the whole world was being affected by the zombies. I could see her driving away from the town up a windy mountain road, when a bright flash nearly blinded me. After the flash I saw a mushroom cloud.

      The vision ended and I was back in the town in skyrim.

      "So that's why we are in skyrim" the person told me. The vision was about what made skyrim this way. It was a nuclear holocaust. I started adding it all up. The magic, the beasts, everything, was because of the radiation. We became immune to the radiation and we were able to weild the forces of nature because of it. 'Wow', I thought. 'So that's why it's such a wasteland here'. But it had been at least a thousand years since all that happened.

      "The door is now open, you may go through". I looked across to the edge of town. The big wooden gate which sealed off the path was now open. I started walking down that path when I came up to a big shrine. It was all glowy and yellow stuff was coming up from the ground. At this point I woke up..
    2. Flooding, tornado (Kelowna BC)

      by , 12-13-2011 at 11:16 PM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      This dream I had a week before the 2003 forest fires in kelowna.

      I was in the save-on supermarket in teh south end of town. If you know the layout of kelowna at all, it's right next to a big lake, and the area that kelowna sits on is kindof a delta, surrounded by some pretty tall mountains. So I was in the supermarket and I was waiting in line to pay for the stuff I bought when I saw water rising up the outside entrance way. The doors were sealed shut so the water wasn't coming in but I realized I was sitting in a deathtrap.

      I went outside to try and drive my bike (I had a suzuki 600cc at the time). So I started up my bike and tried to drive it. The water level had come up to the gas tank and I was worried I wouldn't be able to drive home. I got the bike started and drove away and just as I started driving the water level went above the handlebars of the bike. I cranked the gas and tried to use the tire as a hydroplane, using high rpm's to keep the bike afloat, which actually worked. By the time i started heading for the mountains (which is where I lived in real) the water level was at least 20 feet high. I looked southward and off in the distance I could see this massive tornado. There was stuff in the air flying everywhere, there was stuff floating around like toys, garbage, everything u could imagine from people's backyards.

      All I could remember was thinking was 'oh my god this town is going to go under'.

      The Kelowna 2003 forest fire happened a week after this dream and for the first day, the tornado of smoke that went up looked EXACTLY like the tornado I saw in my dream, and pretty much in the very same area of the okanagan too. Very weird that I would dream of a giant tornado and a week later we get a firestorm.
    3. being a mage

      by , 12-09-2011 at 12:27 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      I was walking down this path, with my short little gnome friend with me. We were in a world where there were no cars or technology or anything like that. Everything was natural, we had our minds open to natural ability and so on. I was wearing a simple cloth outfit, nothing fancy, more like a robe, or something Link would wear from legend of zelda. I had a staff in my hand that I was using to walk with. I remember looking to either side of the path marvelling at how busy forest was, with sprites flying about all over the place, plants growing everywhere with sparkles and naturally glowing things on them. The trees were twisted and gnarled in their trunks but green and luscious in the leaves. I spent a lot of time in this dream just taking in my surroundings.

      So I continued on down this pathway with my little gnome friend when we met up with 2 people coming towards us. they were also mystical creatures, I believe one was a gnome, and another was something similar to a gnome, but taller and skinnier. But still a lot shorter than me. They stopped and we stopped, and they looked at my staff.

      "Woahh.. is that the.." the taller one asked

      "Yes, yes it is," i replied "Would you like to see me use it?"

      "oh yes oh yes!" the 3 of them all jumped up and down at once, clapping and dancing around me. so, holding the main part of the staff with my right hand, and grasping the end of the staff with my left hand, i pointed the staff at the taller gnome, or elf, or whatever it was (I think it was a girl, actually). Suddenly these strands popped out of the staff. There were hundreds, if not thousands of these little strands, and it wasn't so much the strands themselves but the ends of the strands that were of concern here. Each strand at the end had a little ball of light emitting a very bright coloured light. The colours changed as well.

      "Watch this," I said, as I commanded the strands to make shapes. One shape was a butterfly, another was like a firework when it goes off. I made all kinds of shapes and images of things but the last image I saved for the end. It was a rose, the most complex looking rose I could ever ask for. It was a large image, made of thousands of points of light, coming from these strands. All the images before were also made from the points of light but weren't as complex. To further explain what the images looked like, it was like a 3D lightbright. I don't know how many of you remember those, but with thousands of little points of light.

      "here you are" i said to the (girl?).

      "Wowww that's amazing!" she said. I was happy she was impressed. I had made her day showing her the images and the rose. Me and my little gnome friend parted ways from the other 2, and we continued on our way.
    4. China Invades (Again)

      by , 12-06-2011 at 12:56 AM (Dreams of all types (but mostly war))
      The war had been raging on for the last few months now. It was every man for himself. The government was fragmented and people had turned into savages. What little military was left were divided into small groups of self controlled survivors.

      I was with a friend and we were wandering through the wasteland we used to call Canada. The land was scorched, trees were burnt. There were dead scorched carcasses of animals everywhere. We were walking along and we saw a house that had been bombed earlier, but enough of it was left standing to drop our packs and take a rest under some cover. The theory was, once a house had been bombed it was highly unlikely to be bombed again. This house made a pretty good lookout however; we could see much of the valley below us, and since we were at the top of the hill along the edge, we had a vantage point of what was behind us as well.

      I told the girl I was with to wait there for me, that I needed to scope out the area and try to salvage some supplies. There wasn't much around except for scorched land but there was the hint of a tunnel in the distance and I wanted to check it out. Getting grouped up with other survivors was the key to staying alive. Alone a person could not survive this wasteland but there was power in numbers. The girl was reluctant to stay by herself, as I had protected her through much of this war, when I found her she was alone and her family was killed. I told her to stay in a corner and ball herself up so she was hidden. The house was burnt up and there was ashes everywhere, it was black and grey from being burnt, but there was enough of a wall to support a second floor which had mostly broken away. She stayed on the ground level covered by what little the second floor had to offer. I hid our backpacks and went to go scope out the tunnel.

      The tunnel was about 500 yards away. I was hardly able to see the burnt house off in the distance but I was still able to see it, and in that particular spot I had a clear view of the sky. I could see what was coming for miles around. The tunnel had a good tactical advantage. The tunnel itself had good coverage built inside it. As I walked through I began to realize that this was probably used as a military standoff. There was enough area around the front of the tunnel to facilitate vehicles and a small army to stand off at that point. I began to realize why the house had been destroyed. It was in the path of a bomber flying over. There were craters and scorch marks on the ground everywhere from where the tunnel had been attacked. It made me wonder if there was a rifle and some ammo in there that I could pick up and use.

      So I pushed on inside the tunnel. There were barricades going this way and that, covering half the tunnel one way, then further back covering half the tunnel the other way. There was no way to see straight through since the walls covered just over half the tunnel, but left enough of a space open for 2 or 3 people to get around each wall at the same time. About half way into the tunnel I discovered a room. It looked like a hold point. There were holes in the walls and when I looked through the holes I realized that I could see to the end of the tunnel.

      Suddenly, I heard someone shouting in a foreign language. My heart started to race. It wasn't the kind of foreign language you hear in a place like north america. It was the kind of language you hear from somewhere else, like China. I began to panick. I turned everything upside down in the room I was in to try to find something I could defend myself with. I didn't find anything and I felt an immediate sense of defeat. "I'm dead," I thought as I heard not just voices now but also vehicles closing in on my position. I was surrounded. There were voices coming from both the ront and the rear of the tunnel. Thankfully the room I was in was off to the side and my sense of defeat turned to hope as I figured I might be able to hide in a corner and evade the troops trying to search out the tunnel.

      I was looking through the peephole trying to see if anyone had entered the tunnel yet when I heard a sound behind me. It sounded like an old door which was heavy. I hadn't noticed the hidden doorway leading further into the mountain. My life flashed before my eyes as I realized that I was now completely trapped. I had no way out, the room had been discovered, and I was about to take a chinese bullet in the head. My thoughts turned to my friend in the house.

      "Oh why didn't I just stay with her and hide for a while"

      I gazed upon the soldiers who filed into the room. My defeat and sadness turned to elation as I realized they were american troops.

      "Hey boy looks like you've been through a lot" said the captain of the platoon which I now found in my company.

      "Yes sir I have, me and my friend, we 'been through a lot together"

      "Your friend eh, where about is he at now. I only see one of you.."

      "She, and she's hiding in a burnt out house over the hillside there about 500 yards away"

      "Well," said the captain "You good enough to shoot?"

      "Shoot?" I looked upon the rifle that was being handed to me. It was an old enfield .303. A beautiful gun, looked like it had been restocked. The barrel was good and shiney. Open sights with the 1000 yard flip up peeps.. just the way I like it. "Fuck yeah sir, I'm a good shot sir"

      "Well take the damn thing son and shoot them yella bastards when they come thru here. You're officially a member of this platoon now son. We gotta defend this tunnel now ya'hear"

      "Fucking A" I thought to myself. I loaded 10 rounds into the mag and pulled the bolt back. She was smooth as silk that rifle, a good one. Killed many a troops back in the day I was sure of it. I was happy to hold it. I would have made love to it and married it if it was a woman. I had never felt such a sense of peace and protection in my life. I had gone this whole time with no weapon and hardly a thing to defend me and my friend with. Now I had a rifle big enough to blow an 8'' exit hole in whatever was unlucky enough to be pointed at.

      No sooner cocked the bolt back into firing position, when we heard a faint "boom". Some dirt fell on my head.

      "Here she comes boys.. get ready ya'hear?"

      "HOOYA" cried the platoon

      Again, another boom, and another boom, and another and another. They were getting closer and closer. "BOOM". I could feel a rumbling in my chest. "BOOM.. BOOOM.. BOOOOOOM" they were getting closer.

      "Dammit those fuckers, they spotted us, they're firing those fuckers right on top of us.. get ready boys!"


      I could tell they were scared shitless. There were 2 of them to my left checking the rear of the tunnel, one beside me. I looked at the man beside me. He had a fair complexion, he was young. I could tell he hadn't ever had to do what it took to keep his heart beating. I on the other hand had to run, hide, kill, gather, do all the thigns a persons 'gotta do when shit hits the fan. I wasn't battle hardened but I didn't give a fuck if I had to put a bullet between someones eyes to get out of a nasty situation. I was calm and ready for it.

      I put the barrel of my enfield through one of the peepholes. "BOOOOOM".. the walls were shaking. "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOOOOM". I heard a big bomber fly above us.


      "HOOYA!" they cried.

      The bombs fell and I was worried I wouldn't be able to fight my way out of this. I started to question if those bombs would drill right through into the tunnel and start blowing us up. The walls were literally vibrating and dirt was flying everywhere. It felt like my bones were rattling from the inside out. But by the grace of God the tunnel held up and everyone started breathing again. That's when I saw it. A helmet.. with a big red star on it. I already had my gun aimed straight down the tunnel at the entrance. I pulled the trigger. 'CRACK'. The soldeirs helmet flew off his head. All I could see was a mist of red and a body fall to the ground. Then i saw 2 more. "CRACK" and another one of them fell. I could see a mist of blood starting to fill the air. The soldiers beside me started shooting their rifles. "CRACK.. CRACK CRACK.. CRACK"

      Soldiers were falling at the door of the tunnel and all throughout. They were flanking us from both directions. They didn't have a clear shot at where were were though and we had the upper hand. I slowly moved out of the room and peeked my head around a corner where I saw them standing aside from the tunnel entrance. I aimed and pulled the trigger. I saw one fall, then reloaded. I pulled the trigger again. The rifle was shooting true to where I was aiming. We killed so many soldiers I couldn't count them all. Finally it was over and the last Chinese soldier had been killed.

      "That was a lucky one boys" said the captain. "Well let's clean up and see what we can salvage"

      "Yes Sir!" they cried out. They all left the room and I was left with the captain.

      "Well son, never seen such a good shot, you a farmboy?"

      "No sir, just scared shitless"

      "Yeah son I hear that, aren't we all. Them damn bastards took all our homes away"

      "Yeah they sure did sir, I've been on the run for months"

      "Well I figure you best tend to your friend if she's still alive. You are relieved boy, you can have the gun. You earned it"

      "THANK YOU!"

      I ran to the house expecting it to be blown to pieces. Bombs and mortars were dropped all over the place, but for some reason and somehow they left that house alone. I had no remorse for doing what I had to do. I had killed a man, or 10. A year ago the thought of killing a person would have made me sick, but these were different times. We had to fight to survive and there was nothing else. The world was ravaged in this war. I came up to the house, and there was my friend, curled up in a ball like the way I left her. She had her ears covered and she was screaming and crying.

      She fought against me when I first came up to her, but after she realized it was me she hugged me and wouldn't let go. "It's ok sweetie, you're safe.. you're safe. Look what I got!" She looked at my new rifle and smiled. We could not survive and that was a huge step forward for us.

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