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    Dreams of all types (but mostly war)

    War, fighting, dream fragments

    by , 12-13-2011 at 07:11 PM (523 Views)
    Hello here is a dream I had last night. It is quite fragmented as my recall has been horrible lately and i woke up several times last night, but the dream had a theme which seemed to play through the fragments.

    It starts and I am with a group of people. It was war and we were being invaded i think by our own military. I was with a group of at least 20 people and we were prepared for this war. We all had the gear we needed to survive including weapons. We were in a city and we were waiting for this military to finish invading this city so that we could escape to the mountains and live there. A few of my friends were very militaristic in that they had no issue with taking someone out to save their own life. But for some reason I was the leader of this group, me and one other person, we made the decisions for the group and tried to lead everyone to safety.

    So we come up to this complex which was partially underground and had fencing all around it. This complex was on the outskirts of town embedded into a mountain or tall hillside. We were inside this complex during the night when we had some military forces try to take us out. I remember taking my rifle and aiming it on someones head. I remember thinking 'oh my god i've never killed a man before' but I also knew that it was me or him. The rifle I was shooting had open sights and I also remember thinking 'I don't know if I can make this shot I'm terrible with open sights'. But I took the shot and hit the guy right in the head. he died. The guy that was beside me looked at me and said something along the lines of "it's ok, you had to".

    Then the dream skipped forward a bit and the whole group was in this firefight. We had left the complex and we were travelling elsewhere. A lot of military were getting killed by us as we were a feirce group, we had men women and children, and we were trying to defend all of us against this force. So because we had no choice it was either fight or die, we had to fight. Killing people was making me sick even in my own dream. I remember saying a prayer thiking "oh forgive me god" but something inside me knew that it was OK, that I was doing out of necessity. So we fended off the invading soldiers once again and we had time to round up more firearms from the fallen soldiers.

    I got my hands on a good powerful rifle, it was a 7mm magnum. I took this new rifle and went to invade a gun shop where I knew there was ammo. When I walked up to the shop I saw that it was all barred up except the door was made out of glass. So I shot the glass out and walked into the gun store. There was a small entrance area and then I went up this small set of stairs.. maybe 3 steps, and into a living area, where to my surprise I found a man sitting in a chair, in front of a fireplace having a coffee or something. I was very surprised and he turned around.

    "Come to steal my stuff eh?"

    "Well I thought this place was empty and I'm with a group that's trying to survive so yeah" I could tell he was the owner of the shop and could probably help me with some firearms. I showed him my gun and he thought it was a very nice rifle but it seemed to have a problem. I asked him to show me some handguns because I thought it would be nice to be able to pull out a handgun if i had to make a last ditch effort to protect myself. He showed me his wall of handguns and i started picking out a couple different ones. I had picked out 2 of them when he came back with my modified rifle. He had taken the stock off of it and shortened the barrel and basically turned it into a handgun. He also gave me another handgun that was a very simple design, it was like a rail with a barrel on it and some kind of clip system that worked as a magazine.

    I looked at the modified rifle and thought to myself 'damn this is a frikkin magnum.. how am I supposed to shoot this thing!'. I went from looking at the 7mm to the other handgun he had given me. I thought to myself what is this a pellet gun? So I started looking for any sort of marking on the gun, and sure enough it had 9mm stamped on the side. 'Ok,' I thought. He handed me a bag with boxes of ammo in it. I started looking through the boxes and none of the ammo types matched the guns I had in my posession. 30-06, 30-30, 300 win mag, .303, all these ammo types I had no gun for. But I thought 'well maybe he gave me a variety in case I pick up a gun that matches this ammo sometime down the road'.

    I looked at the shop owner. "Thank you" I exclaimed. I left the shop and I was greeted by a young boy.

    "Are you gonna shoot people?" he asked

    "Yes, if I have to I will". He looked at me with a stare. I carried on my way and got back to the pathway I had to follow to get back to the group. Some way down the road I was suddenly surrounded by military. I pulled out my new modified handgun, the 7mm, and started waving it around at all the soldiers off in the distance. I thought to myself 'this is it, I'm never gonna get out of this now'. I was standing there with my gun drawn when I felt a pull of my jacket. I was pulled into the hillside in a tunnel that had been dug out some time ago. It was my friend, the other leader of my group. I started to hear gunshots outside the entrance of this tunnel. The whole group had come to protect me and I was grateful.

    I looked at my buddy and we got to work. We followed the tunnel back to a bunker where the majority of the group was. It was starting to turn night and I had the feeling we were about to have to really defend ourselves. Some soldiers started pilling in through the tunnel that led to the entrance of the bunker. I took the first shot with the 7mm and hit a soldier in the chest. Then my buddy beside me took another shot, and another soldier fell. As the rest of the group started to open fire on the invading soldiers I heard a helicopter overhead, and someone started talking through a loudspeaker. "You will never escape. You are fugitives. Give up now and you will be spared". I thought, 'hah', in a world that had been taken by force, in a world where laws and rules meant nothing anymore.. in a society that had fallen, it was every man for himself. I wasn't about to believe some warmonger..

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