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    The Nightly Dreamer

    Day 2

    by , 03-27-2016 at 06:51 PM (344 Views)
    Only recalled fragments:

    • Looking at a printed maze (woke up from this)
    • Sitting in a wooden gym/theater that is lit by orange light. There is a chinese dragon costume onstage.
    • Talking with my my high school counselor about my grades. She's using some sort of futuristic transparent interface thing. Takes place in gym place. (Not my counselor IRL. Actually an assistant principal)
    • Talking with my mother in the gym place. She asks: "was it neela?", referring to the counselor. (I don't actually know anyone named neela)


    • I messed up the volume on my alarm. Did not wake up at planned WBTB time.
    • I need to remember to sit in bed for a bit and try to recall my dreams before jumping into the day.

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