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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Ahhh... The Wonders of SSILD

      by , 11-22-2015 at 04:01 PM (The Nightly Dreamer)
      Date: 11/22/15

      Report: I used SSILD. I fell asleep at 11:00(ish). Woke up by alarm at 4:30, thus making it 5 1/2 hour wbtb time.


      1) Women, the solution(and source) of all life's problems; 10 min(?); V8C5R7E0W4

      Synopsis: The first real lucid I've had in a dry spell that begun in June. Although i had limited control, It was the longest and most vivid dream I've had in while.

      Dream: I wake up in the middle of the night. My Mom is standing at the foot of my bed, telling me she needs some help with some boxes. I'm slightly weird-ed out by the fact she brought this up in the middle of the night, but decide to just get it over with. I'm starting to doubt that this is real, so i glance at my clock, look away, then glance back. The time's changed. Realizing that i'm dreaming, I quickly stabilize by running out, reminding myself i'm dreaming, and start shouting "Night to day, Night to day, ..." The sky slowly get's brighter. I decide to summon a talking cat, so I shout "Show me the cat!". My actual cat appears, which is not the kind of cat i was hoping for. I look around me, and realize how real everything is. It's so detailed. I try, but fail, to fly. I decide I want to jump off a skyscraper to see what it feels like, so I successfully teleport to New York. Unfortunately, I'm in a subway station. I stabilize again, then try teleporting to the top of a building. Everything goes black. I am, however, able to remake the image of the subway. I give up the skyscraper idea, and remember the night's goal: To go to Riven. I try teleporting again, but arrive back in my room. I sit down at my desk, and realize how cool it is that the time changes each time I look at the clock. I ask once again for the cat, but I look outside to find my IRL cat sitting on a dead tree in the middle of the road. I think, "Well, asking for a cat isn't going to work" I instead ask for my dream guide. Silence. Then I decide to go outside, but as I pass through the living room, my mom says: "Now you're talking to yourself." I ignore her and head out the door, to see Bertha and Micaela(IRL spanish class classmates) coming down the stairs. I decide to try and bang Micaela (she's really hot IRL). The excitement, however, destabilizes the dream and wakes me up.

      Results: In summary, SSILD has been working spectacularly to break my dryspell, and has resulted in the some of the most vivid dreams I have ever experienced. It is clear, however, that I need to work on my dream control, as it has deteriorated in the several months since my last real lucid(The creation of Trenzalore). I hope that SSILD continues to work for me.

      Dream signs:
      None that I recognize.
    2. Interesting early morning dreams and found dream guide.

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:47 PM (The Nightly Dreamer)
      Dream 1: (1:45 AM)
      I'm not really sure how it began, but i have false memories of this bitchy girl at the city library that keeps bothering me. I'm at my robotics and engineering class, and i'm stressed because i have to design a set of medieval armor boots. Unable to do my research because of the bitch at the library, I decide to go confront her. I walk up behind her and slap her on the back of the neck. She's talking to my PE coach, but turns around. I realize that she's not the girl i wanted to confront. In fact, he's a guy. He asks me if I want to fight, and i reluctantly agree. As i'm about to throw the first punch, the librarian shouts: "Hey, No fighting! Get the fuck out of here!" On my way out, i look up and see a large banner. My friend, who is suddenly right next to me, tells me that he made the photos on the banner. I say something in approval. Suddenly, the scene shifts to me walking towards my PE coach on the school field. He asks me about the fight. I mutter something about "How the fuck am i at your class on a Saturday?!" He insults me. The scene shifts again. I'm now in a large queue. I start giving a prepared speech to him about how he's an asshole.He vanishes in the middle of the speech. The scene cuts to me presenting my armor boots. I fail the project.

      Dream 2: (3:45 AM)
      I don't know how, but i am somehow on a white sandy beach with considerable amounts of oil slick. Across from the ocean is some high white cliffs, meaning i'm trapped. Suddenly, a latin priest who's face is obscured by the sunlight says to me, "That's a lot of oil. I wonder what you were thinking about before falling asleep that there's all this gunk on the beach." I ask if i'm dreaming. He says yes. I ask him what his name is. He says that his name is father Mendoza. I ask if he's my dreamguide. he says that he's one of them. he asks if i want a tortilla. i say yes. He throws one to me, but it lands in the oil slick. He throws another, and this time I catch it. We have a philosophical talk about the meaning of life. I suddenly realize i'm standing in a puddle of hot sauce. I ask him how i can get off the beach, and he shows me a hidden stone door in the cliffside. Before i open it, he warns me that he will vanish once i go through, and asks if there's anything else i want to ask him. I say no, and go through the door to find myself in shanghai. The dream cuts to the computer screen of a hacker as he does something to the dream-code for my home city. The dream then cuts to a view of a small, black, wind-up device that turns itself on in my backyard. The dream cuts again. I have this weird rube goldberg-esque device in my room that goes off 15 minutes early. My mom is audibly confused. Her laptop has been hacked. As i help her fix her laptop, my grandmother informs us that her right ear has stopped working. I have a strange sense of foreboding.
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