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    MILD day 2, and a successful(almost) WILD

    by , 06-27-2015 at 06:21 PM (547 Views)
    fell asleep at 23:45, with the mantra "I have lucid dreams every night"

    I don't know If i woke up at my 6:10 alarm, but when i woke up at the 7:00 alarm, I remembered an FA:

    Attempted WILD, FA:
    I remember lying on my bed, at night. It was very dark, but I was watching a video on my laptop: "An intro to WILDs" I tried one of the exercises, and successfully created a dreamlet, but reawoke in the same FA when i attempted to do an RC. I try again, this time successfuly doing the RC, but fail to realize I'm dreaming because I feel so happy that I succeeded at WILDing. The dream fades.

    I wake up at 8:15, remembering some fragments about running down a hallway, calling out to a friend to "get on his plane". I also vaguely remember being a WWII fighter pilot and having a superior who was bent on destroying me. I also recall a small visual fragment of showing my then-girlfriend a gift I got her: a Christmas-themed manual photocopier. I give it a quick look-over to figure out how it works, but am interrupted when she says it's worthless. I don't remember anything after that.

    At 8:30, i decide to experiment with WILD. I use laberge's 61 point relaxation, hitting vivid dreamlets at the 10th point. They get deeper and deeper, and I remain aware even though I'm not using any anchors or anything(), and as I approach entry-depth dreamlets, I am awoken by a dog.

    I notice, to my surprise, that 30 minutes have passed. I wake up for the day.

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    1. midnightfire's Avatar
      Interesting! I hope you continue documenting your adventures