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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Interesting early morning dreams and found dream guide.

      by , 10-10-2015 at 11:47 PM (The Nightly Dreamer)
      Dream 1: (1:45 AM)
      I'm not really sure how it began, but i have false memories of this bitchy girl at the city library that keeps bothering me. I'm at my robotics and engineering class, and i'm stressed because i have to design a set of medieval armor boots. Unable to do my research because of the bitch at the library, I decide to go confront her. I walk up behind her and slap her on the back of the neck. She's talking to my PE coach, but turns around. I realize that she's not the girl i wanted to confront. In fact, he's a guy. He asks me if I want to fight, and i reluctantly agree. As i'm about to throw the first punch, the librarian shouts: "Hey, No fighting! Get the fuck out of here!" On my way out, i look up and see a large banner. My friend, who is suddenly right next to me, tells me that he made the photos on the banner. I say something in approval. Suddenly, the scene shifts to me walking towards my PE coach on the school field. He asks me about the fight. I mutter something about "How the fuck am i at your class on a Saturday?!" He insults me. The scene shifts again. I'm now in a large queue. I start giving a prepared speech to him about how he's an asshole.He vanishes in the middle of the speech. The scene cuts to me presenting my armor boots. I fail the project.

      Dream 2: (3:45 AM)
      I don't know how, but i am somehow on a white sandy beach with considerable amounts of oil slick. Across from the ocean is some high white cliffs, meaning i'm trapped. Suddenly, a latin priest who's face is obscured by the sunlight says to me, "That's a lot of oil. I wonder what you were thinking about before falling asleep that there's all this gunk on the beach." I ask if i'm dreaming. He says yes. I ask him what his name is. He says that his name is father Mendoza. I ask if he's my dreamguide. he says that he's one of them. he asks if i want a tortilla. i say yes. He throws one to me, but it lands in the oil slick. He throws another, and this time I catch it. We have a philosophical talk about the meaning of life. I suddenly realize i'm standing in a puddle of hot sauce. I ask him how i can get off the beach, and he shows me a hidden stone door in the cliffside. Before i open it, he warns me that he will vanish once i go through, and asks if there's anything else i want to ask him. I say no, and go through the door to find myself in shanghai. The dream cuts to the computer screen of a hacker as he does something to the dream-code for my home city. The dream then cuts to a view of a small, black, wind-up device that turns itself on in my backyard. The dream cuts again. I have this weird rube goldberg-esque device in my room that goes off 15 minutes early. My mom is audibly confused. Her laptop has been hacked. As i help her fix her laptop, my grandmother informs us that her right ear has stopped working. I have a strange sense of foreboding.
      Tags: dream guide
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. MILD day 2, and a successful(almost) WILD

      by , 06-27-2015 at 06:21 PM (The Nightly Dreamer)
      fell asleep at 23:45, with the mantra "I have lucid dreams every night"

      I don't know If i woke up at my 6:10 alarm, but when i woke up at the 7:00 alarm, I remembered an FA:

      Attempted WILD, FA:
      I remember lying on my bed, at night. It was very dark, but I was watching a video on my laptop: "An intro to WILDs" I tried one of the exercises, and successfully created a dreamlet, but reawoke in the same FA when i attempted to do an RC. I try again, this time successfuly doing the RC, but fail to realize I'm dreaming because I feel so happy that I succeeded at WILDing. The dream fades.

      I wake up at 8:15, remembering some fragments about running down a hallway, calling out to a friend to "get on his plane". I also vaguely remember being a WWII fighter pilot and having a superior who was bent on destroying me. I also recall a small visual fragment of showing my then-girlfriend a gift I got her: a Christmas-themed manual photocopier. I give it a quick look-over to figure out how it works, but am interrupted when she says it's worthless. I don't remember anything after that.

      At 8:30, i decide to experiment with WILD. I use laberge's 61 point relaxation, hitting vivid dreamlets at the 10th point. They get deeper and deeper, and I remain aware even though I'm not using any anchors or anything(), and as I approach entry-depth dreamlets, I am awoken by a dog.

      I notice, to my surprise, that 30 minutes have passed. I wake up for the day.
    3. The field trip

      by , 06-24-2015 at 07:00 PM (The Nightly Dreamer)
      My high school is going on a field trip to some resort in Acapulco. When we get there, it looks like a traditional spanish villa, and we all go to our assigned rooms. Once there, I unpack and fall asleep. I wake up the next morning, and i hear an announcement over the intercom for all students to report to the main lounge in the lobby. I head down there in the elevator with a good friend of mine, luke, walk in, and grab a seat. The lounge is a cross between a comedy club and a bar, with multiple tables set up in front of the stage. The stage is at ground level, and the table that luke and I choose is extremely close to the stage's right side. We then hear an announcement that the "90's revival" will commence shortly. I turn around in my chair to face the stage, and the announcer introduces AC/DC to the stage. I then watch them play, but they're playing some weird country music. After what seems like an hour, my friend and I decide to sneak out. When we go outside, the building is a sprawling estate and much more modern-looking. We go find a pool, and there are 2, hot, and topless, chicks there. we jump into the pool, take a pick, then proceed to have sex with them. We then get out only to find a classmate staring us in the eye. He agrees to stay quiet if we pay him 100$, so we agree. We sneak back into the lounge, and sit through the last few minutes. As we leave the resort, I watch the kid who saw us earlier go to a teacher, and i realize he's betrayed us. I chase the teacher down through a slightly different version of downtown encinitas, before I finally catch up to him and wake up.