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    1. Game Masters.

      by , 10-17-2016 at 08:13 PM

      This dream is awesome, lucid.. It's a WILD (WakeintoLucidDream) It's soo real.

      It's about putting bits back together, a future a past a game. A home! A game I play with friends...We are multidimensional ones were play hide and seek, have races to find stuff do stuff all across space and time.
      We have finished a game I'm a tunnel running threw pages of a book the pages are worlds/times/possibility's/
      A Grey tunnel with doors opens in front of me, I step in. It's got instructions and telepathic messages but I know the protocol I've done this lots. I step in close my eyes.
      It's like superspeed elevator going up and down at the same time..... St-reaching then wooshhhh --- Then robotic telepathic voice says , 'Extracting consciousness now' ...... BLISS!!

      I'm in a light body, on a space ship, it's grey with a red glow... There is a broadcast.... it's telepathic the vibration message goes to mind.
      'Good game everyone, lots of reds this time, then goes of to read codes and download speeds'

      We all have coloured lights in our hearts... many peoples are pure one colour but mine are mixed like a yin-yang.... I can see it reflected onto the wall rather than in me. It's Pinky/Red/Purple/Blue we are also given a DL speed.
      We are discussing different creations and ways to create. I recall I'm a bit of a maverick 'here' I work alone,rather than with a team.... I believe in growth naturally for the sake of it.

      I can see and remember 1000's of creations and reality's lives/games I've played.

      The lucid dream I had with a robot and the VR robot demo for the vive are all reality's.
      The dreams I've had that lasted years are all real too. We are all in a locker room waiting to de-brief, I can't wait to go again there is lots of humour and friendly competition.
      It's like we've been DL'd from an MMOLRPG -- ( Oh, these are taken from 'inside' too O.o lol)
      I come back.... This wasn't like waking up, it was like coming back

      I'm back in bed lol and the time is 3.33!!

      Sooo this felt so real, It's a concurrent life I think. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with this type of setting? My daughter told me when she was 3 years old she didn't want to die and have to go back to space ship and come back to a different mother.
    2. WILD Reality Bombs... (follows from my Crone dream)

      by , 10-10-2016 at 08:46 PM
      My eye dust is really 'organised now' I see a purple dream entrance so jump into a dream. WILD

      I'm lucid in the dream.

      First is a white castle/ school I'm only one there and it's being bombed.. with 'REALITY BOMBS' lol
      The moon crone dream. The reality bombs started here.

      So the bombs are dropping, they are cluster bombs with invisibility... my family's there it's really unstable, we are at a brink. We are in this school 'now' for a reason. I get bombed...

      New reality.

      This one is a real mess, houses are blowing up and people are vanishing as the buildings explode. War-zone style.
      We are split, lots of us 'know' but some are still really scared of their shadow. There are lots of people confused and in fear... (It's amphibian reptilian) We all know it's something to do with 'GOD' but some are still scared of the judgement. This is causing the instability.

      We are split, some are sending energy supporting the scared and anchoring them... some are trying to stabilise reality. I 'know' I'm building up my power...... I get hit and get zapped again into another reality 'Dead' ... the bombs are a dead like in the other games.

      Connect with other's we are such a bunch of weirdos!! This time it's a space ship type place, but with a reality inside too, we can still see the players from the reality's below.

      Wizards, Mystics, Time lords, religious people We look like a crazy bunch of nerds the conversations we are having are amazing, they are doing same as me..... time hopping, or tracking soul shards - messages. I understand them and them me!!
      Some are having to wear dark glasses as the light and flicker rate is to high for them, I can still see (this is like screen refresh rate)
      Ian and the kids are there too... I'm trying to juggle both.. no 'TIME' to meditate so I've been dragging the universe down here inside of me. (OOps ( I'm a singularity?? )

      The reality's are flashing fast, one is tunnel... me and the others brace (OHHHH the Braclet??)

      More reality Bombs.. We all brace together (me and the weirdos)
      They don't go off again... lol or do they??? Heheh

      I zap again into a 3rd reality. It's bright white light room, there are a group at a table only (9 - 12) We are from all over the world, we talk in riddles, we are laughing! 'WE DID IT'
      They don't recognise me or me them, (But I know I've been with them in astral for ages)
      They ask 'Who AM I' I laugh and tell them, 'I am YOU' We all laugh

      We ask what we have been tracking... Some people a Lizard, Frog.... mine was the gold holographic frog in the 'Nephalim Elohim' Dream. We got back threw the separation... I came from the Nephilim / Elohim branch. (The Giants dreams... the Lucifer angel from my child hood)

      A red hair woman comes up to me ( I think she's the fire element I sometimes meet) She takes my hand and crosses my palm with hers.

      On my hand ancient writing appears in amber raised writing (It's my name but I can't read it) I see my picture though it's a Dragon
      I gasp! She laughs, as she looks up at my face it fades, She is surprised I can see it too.... but I'm connected to over soul. I can only see it when she's looking... that is her gift <3 She tells me my soul name, but I can't 're'member' lol
    3. Dancing With The Moon Crone

      by , 10-06-2016 at 06:56 PM
      We were chatting and playing with ideas. There were patterns and shapes, they were flowing in and out like breathing and woven from magic

      I land next into a teaching type of dream...

      My teacher is the moon crone.... We are playing with sacred space, and area of influence.

      She shows me coloured markers round my self! How they move with me A swirling dance of energy, I'm playing the game, learning the steps of the dance and how to flow with the rhythm like a heart like breath.... we mix and twirl as we dance and become one only to part once more.

      She brings me new shoes, my wellies must go! My hair we dye black like the night, magic we work and we weave...

      two spiders her servants one to watch me, she's teaching when I'm not there she always can see,

      She's got anger inside her, she wants us to grow!

      'Shooo's out the others, we can learn at our pace

      We are the women and our growing's no race!

      Humanity's children, they already know, we can re discover and move into their flow,

      The moons the reflection, the jewel in the night, the blood and two spiders and ancient birth right.

      **Reality Bomb**

      lol it was a fun night! She yanked of my wellies threw them away and gave me some leather foot wraps with a much softer soul

      I had another dream & vission too that I didn't share cause I wasn't asleep for part of it
    4. Meeting with Intelligent infinity

      by , 10-03-2016 at 09:30 PM
      Sooo full of Joy today! My dreams last night and the visions which confirmed and expanded on what I've been learning... I also need to draw this stuff
      The experience of intelligent infinity... and then straight into another teaching dream!! lol Let the new cycle begin!
      First part of the night, I'm my dream triad.
      Over-soul male/female I'm playing with and looking at the thought constructs of the last month. The shapes/time/tunnels and the paper I wrote yesterday. I'm doing this in the void.

      Wake and can't breath!! (Asthma first attack since last big growth in 2008-9) Get inhalator... I know some things happening between heart and throat centres(Or I'm bath shit crazy.... either is awesome

      Lay down and get visions+my old poetry+love+joy+realisation+understanding and everything pouring into me.

      I laugh, and cry at the beautiful game of being a human I'm playing!

      The simplicity of it all... Scale, Micro-Macro, as above so below and vice/versa
      I'm the ocean in one drop of dew... part of it all but ever so small... but I'm not small -- I'm ALL!
      I'm reverse engineered...I'm surrendering to my re-membering that I'm all that is and all that is is me....... and it's so beautifully simple the only time is 'now' the only 'venue' is here. We are the start and the end, the Alpha and Omega the snake eating it's tail the torus the infinity sign. 'We are'
      We all ready are what we are looking for, we all ready are what we are waiting for! <3 and it's like being lucid in your life!

      Sooo fall asleep again, in a sea of tears and laughter and joy.

      The dream (Hazy recall as my mini controll master Zak - Woke me demanding I get him an ipad)

      Setting... A school... it's a sleep/dream school and it's full.

      I've been 'called' it's time now. (I also know everyone in the school me/teachers/students are also me)
      My recalls insane!! I can see my dreams of this live and other lives... I know I've been working on these issues in other lives too (I'm mentally a bit miffed with myself it's taken me to 40 in this life to put it back together lol)
      I have full recall of 'past/other' life dreams in this school.... though the ones I can access most readily are the lives I've re'memberd into my current working awareness.
      The school has a wired name it's a jumble of letters.. there is a special unit??

      I'm asked by our teachers to speak.... I am in a room filled with loads of 'other selves' I stand up in the middle of them smiling (I'm so confident and full of joy)
      They are all talking among my other-selves. I wait watching patiently amazed and in love with them all.... eventually an elderly black male notices me smiles back and motions to the others too shhhhhh.
      I smile and I start to talk when I do I'm amazed, my voice is so loud and clear I don't ever really remember talking in my dreams certainly not like this, it's almost like the first time I've properly herd my voice.
      They are all stunned that I've been there all along and they didn't notice me.
      I'm amused and I teach/learn learn/teach with the other me's.
      The Elder (me) teachers are impressed too they know I'm way beyond this class but I'm content and happy to 'be' 'here'.
      They start me on the same 'level' as 'we' have stuff to share I'm loving it and getting a handle on the symbols used in this school... the language used to interpret is a little different from what I'm familiar with.
      I'm paired with another female at a yellow level.. We all know I'm way more than yellow (because I'm also the teacher and the classroom ) but yellow is a fair place to start and I'm excited!
      I start 'work' I wait, learning my approach from the other me's what they are doing that's working or not. When I try it comes naturally It's fun and such a joy working with the other me's
      I get my first 'field' trip with a quiet female, we have soft fabric buckets (to keep symbols, tokens and experience in)
      We are clambering up over smooth rocks to our right.... heading to a place were we will work threw together what's in our buckets. I notice that my buckets nearly empty but hers is very full of stuff... I take her bucket from her so she can concentrate on the climb and enjoy the view.
      Zak woke me before we got to the bucket sorting
    5. A visit to the sun

      by , 09-29-2016 at 11:36 AM
      First part of the night are hummmmm more of awarness than dreams.

      'I am a tunnel flowing' Flowing threw many dreams like pages in a book 'I am the back and forth' 'I am linking the pages' 'I'm a 'you' ne 'verse'' 'I'm the tunnel and the song, I'm the pages of a story' (This was all just very visual I have no body and it's not really describable - It's very familiar though I'm often a tunnel or looking at stuff in them.

      Sun dream -
      I was in dark forest and he (sun) spoke to me asked me to come to him... I told him I wasn't sure how.
      I he replied, I needed to find a puddle with the moons reflection in it and then jump in!
      The forest was damp and there were puddles, so I found a puddle with the moon shining in and jumped.

      The sun was behind me, I couldn't look... I'd been made so I could hear and feel but it would still be to bright for my eyes to see.
      I stayed a while being warmed and talking we talked about stuff like earth and tunnels - it was really nice


      Dream after was a big adventure, we were waiting for a ferry to travel north across the sea. First we had to find box's to pack stuff in.... we were driving round a wired city in an old car hunting for box's before the ferry arrived... (kids kept waking me up at this point so it was jumbled and broken)
    6. Broken Promis and a Flood (this is from a few nights ago, but not got rond to adding stuff )

      by , 09-29-2016 at 11:27 AM
      I drempt all night, even first falling asleep... I was talking to people it seemed very real but the second I woke up I'd forgotten.

      There was diploid and haploid cells swapping fast between the 2 states... it looked very quantum as it was making wired shapes.

      Next dream was a family home (again this was mums side) It's a row of houses, some of them are let and 2 are being renovated, I'm there to make flower fairy's!!
      I'm sitting in the middle of all this modern building work making fairies and pixi's out of flower petals and bits of twigs.

      They look amazing! One is a white pan type character made from daisy petals.
      The building is haunted, and wired things keep happening to people there - I can't experience it unless I make a huge effort to engage with the people experiencing it on a different level. The building works not meeting it's potential but as it's a collaboration I'm limited in how much I can influence it, I'm just there to make the fairys.

      - Cells again, this time swapping between 2 and 4 not the numbers but quantity's they are vibrating between the 2 and 4.... these are more observations that dreams.

      Dream again.
      Starts in the newsagents were I worked as a kid (This building also belonged to one of my mam's sisters)
      I go into the shop and threw to the store room to get the key for the flat above.
      There is an extra floor above and I'm going to live there. I go up into the flat and go to sleep, in the dream dream I can reach the top floor. The top floor is a huge grass plain, I'm a member of a native tribe, I think I'm a seer and have mainly shaved head.

      There is a tribe elder, he's taken over the plain but he's a descent person and just wants to be a voice for his people. There is another character, like a sheriff/police man... the leader and this guy cut a deal, but we know it won't be kept. The terms are in a small leather pouch filled with white sheep's wool. The sheriff is watching the tribe threw a camera that keeps flicking into a gun.
      As they break the promise ours vanishes too and the world/plain fills with water/sea. It's really deep, sea like a flood.

      We are below the waves now... walking on the surface of the sea, we have sticks attached to the sticks long thin chains and attached to them are small flowers each with a lit candle in.
      The flowers float on the surface of the sea.. ... they are like the type floated in remembrance in some county's but we are below the sea attached to them... making them 'flow'
    7. Another word I don't know.

      by , 09-23-2016 at 02:27 PM
      Set in a dream version of the Village I grew up. On the sea front is a 'hotel' it's called the St, Aiden's. It's nothing like like it really is - but it's position and name were the same.

      The dream is set in a perpetual twilight... the sea is calm and filled with sea mammals there is no cars or roads.... there are many castles.

      The dream 'Hotel' is a massive imposing Gothic structure, with huge columns at the front and in the formal front garden is a huge stone pond filled with rescued dolphins in it.

      Inside there is a lecture hall, an upstairs with beds (again another aunty is here, this time it's my God mum too in RL she is close to death)

      There is also a very special engraving/art work. It's quite small like a picture and made of stone and in the dream I keep going back to it as I know it's important.

      I wasn't expecting it to be here the hotel owners don't know how important it is.
      It's got ancient writing a little like Sumerian indents... I can't read it but it's something to do with Eliohim? (I need to google this cause I duno what it means or how it's spelled)

      I go and listen to some speeches in the lecture hall, some MP's are speaking but no-one wants to hear them, I'm there watching the people watching rather than listing... (the MP's are uncomfortable as they know they are irrelevant)

      I return again to the engraving, I notice that the middle/picture part is holographic, it's made of golden light and is indescribably beautiful and intricate.

      It's small and hard to see but I notice that inside it now is a scene with a tree with big roots, there is a snake/dragon with overlapping triangle scales.... I see a small frog in the scene and it's moving.

      I magic up a magnifying glass to get a better look. The details are incredible... the stone is made of holographic gold light and this tiny gold speckled frog knows that I'm watching it.

      As I look more of it comes to life, the snake moves too. I want to pick it up to show people but it's too alive.

      --- Thoughts on this,

      Elohim (Hebrew: אֱלֹהִים) is a grammatically plural noun for "gods" or "deity" in Biblical Hebrew.
      Hummm lol, reading up on it has just left me even more confused so I'll just wait for more dreams to explain and sort it out, it dose fit with the strange dreams I've had of being a few people at once and thinking of 'me' as 'we'
    8. Window with an ever changing veiw.

      by , 09-22-2016 at 09:28 PM
      A small island of sand, checking water & air quality (but really in space) - Doesn't make sense this morning.

      Climbing into a blender.... and getting wizzed up??!!! Also, doesn't make much sense..... It felt like ones I was blended into a pulp I could reach further?

      I was also in an Aunty's house (again, one of my mums sisters) I lived there for a bit when I was 18. It's a house I've drempt of before it's always vastly exaggerated though .... writing this I've suddenly recalling a whole dream world that spreads out around this building that I've visited many times (It has secret tunnels, magic gardens and mysterious neighbours and deep closets filled with old family treasures)

      Anyhooo .....In the dream I'm standing at the front bedroom window were I lived for a year or so.... they view though - wow!

      There is no glass and It's an ever changing landscape of mythical mountains, industrial space scape's, tracks, distant city's.

      It's keeps getting shrouded in clouds and mist and then they thin to reveal another different world, I'm blown away by the detail, the seasons are changing fast too. My vision is mobile too... while I'm aware 'I' am standing in the window my site can leave me and travel into the landscapes or distant settlements for a better view.

      (I don't have much detal yet for this, but get the feeling it will be resited and built on over the coming months)
    9. Unity conciousness type dream.

      by , 09-20-2016 at 12:42 PM
      I'm not even sure how to try and write up last nights dreams as I don't really have any reference for what I experienced.

      To start with I was dreaming of seeing dreams and nightmares, they are in information/light/tunnels... It almost felt like watching other peoples dreams.

      I was trying to sleep and dream (I was asleep) but I couldn't find my dreams?? I seemed to be experiencing the kids dreams and Ian's dreams?

      I find a dream to enter, It's a school/church medieval looking - I'm in the dream but I'm also like a mesh overlay to the dream too so I'm everyone in the dream. I keep flicking between different dream characters. In the church is an inner sanctum... we have to enter here 'one' at a time.

      I pass behind a curtain to enter, of to the side is a room of scholars/monks with robes on. I pass threw a second curtain to the inner sanctum.

      It's all made of light... it's holographic, like them spinning discs but forms walls and things out of tiny fragments of light. It makes me feel discombobulated (for want of a better word )

      I come out.

      Next I am moving house, there are 2 huge houses round a pond/lake.. both are mine but I'm only moving into one. It's huge, and old and a big mess. The electrics are shot, but it has much better storage capacity.

      -- Then I'm back into the wired dream space of feeling like I'm me and the kids at the same time.... then I fall back into the first dream with the sanctum again.

      Again, I'm a wired net/overlay of the dream?? Sometimes I'm all of the people or just one... I go into the body of a male he's big.

      I have a cup (like a challis grail type thing.. I'm going to take it to the sanctum to fill with knowledge) I leave a door to go there and find myself outside were a female is bullying a young boy. She's humiliating him... the male me feels the young boys shame as they are all me, and he attacks the female (me too) he wants to kill her but just punches her. (This was odd, I don't really ever dream of violence)
      Old male is very remorseful... young male is shocked but great full. Female unconscious.
      Older male me doesn't want to hurt people so wants to prevent people getting into trouble... he gives up seeking and becomes a guide/guardian.
      He gives away the cup and his belongings... he walks with people across a big dessert, back and forth (Him just being there protects them)

      Next dream I was in a place I worked as a kid, this too had the multiple view points.. and also a massive metal chicken structure?

      I think I know why the queen calls herself 'One' and 'We' now
    10. Triad Me, Space Onions and Time Travel

      by , 09-18-2016 at 06:55 PM
      (This probably won't make sence as it's linked to other dreams that's gone on for lifetime/years/months/weeks/days.... but Hey! I got to start somewhere.
      (With regard to lucidity... blugh, I'm not sure any more the places I go are so familiar to me I understand the people and symbols, I'm certainly semi-lucid, but don't try to control much. - This is another dream that could have been outside or inside (I sometimes go inside my body into my DNA) )

      Very very long!!

      My night started with slightly remembered images (before the awesome adventure)

      A cave. Then cutting and pasting time lines.. this was visual, it was like errrr spiralising a pineapple into a spiral of rings and removing a ring or 2. Then I was dreaming for someone else of a blue tit, I painted it. Some jumbled stuff about Hillary, Bonds and Kate Middleton.. future. A beautiful woman with blue feathers.

      Then memory in walnuts and information like onions.

      The nuts/pineapple and onion were to do with storage of information in space/time... onion was layers of reality.

      I woke really confused as I wasn't sure how this integrated with my current view of this then I remembered my rainbow fractal bubble of experience that makes flower of life thing and realised the onion was like that...but it was being spiralised and stretched out threw space... thus making the information tunnels that I am more familiar with.

      It made the pattern like our solar system makes as it travels threw space, I had a realisation that the planets have memory awareness and are leaving trails of information too. They have archetypal memory/awareness they leave a trail behind in time/space (this is how astrology works)

      At this point I also had a feeling that J (middle child) was outside reality and needed dreaming back in again.... I was feeling quite disorientated as reconsidered sleep again.

      --- Then the dream,

      I went straight into dream from the HH stage.. I was watching a hole in my dream/dust and just lept in.

      It was like I made a whole threw my reality into space, I was falling threw space it was nice, I was also 'dual' - (I was me and my brother but both me)

      I reached out a line to a passing star and hooked it to spin up from, I traversed 'space' like this (felt a bit like spiderman)

      I see a track, it's glowing and fizzing like purple/pink electricity. (It's a memory/time/information line) We go to it, this time I'm both within it and without, I'm inside but watching myself out of it and then I become 3. (I melted my train down-this is an alchemy reference to something I did the night before )

      I'm a triad or trinity and my awareness is now 3fold. I'm an over-soul I'm female me and male me. (This was the tangled bikes dream from this week)

      We travel this tunnel into America - There are some native American elders we need to meet.

      As we land I'm me and my brother who then turns into my 'boyfriend' of 5 or 6 years old. He's also me though as I'm still seeing everything from 3 places of awareness... we are lovers/siblings/whole we are one, we are magic... the sense of completeness was and is amazing.

      We meet the Native Indians, they are angry call 'us' plastic shaman that male me just wants to f*ck people, my male side mishears and thinks they say 'feed' so he manifests a bag of cookies.

      They walk away in disgust, we need to reach them.

      Female me falls to the floor convulsing and enters a trance where over-soul me can speak threw her.
      Male me runs to bring back the natives, they are reluctant but are nice people and don't want to leave female me fitting on the floor.

      As they get closer Over-soul calls threw time to them, I tells them 'I CAN SHOW YOU' They recognise the voice over soul. (They are me too, this is ancestral healing stuff)

      They need to meditate with us - they still don't believe us but the over-soul was familiar enough for them to agree... they are still cross at female me as I puked on them while I was fitting.

      They agree to meditate, 'we' explain they need to forgive us, we are them too... they need to let go now.
      I take them back in time with 'us' and we alter slightly some time lines(they are there timelines too)
      We all come back together, they are less angry with us now and trust us, we say good bye.

      'We' open a reality gap and go back into space... using our over-soul as an anchor we can teleport/shape/shift and dimension jump.. we're exploring.

      I get a 'letter' from the Native Americans, 'We' need to go back.
      When we go back there is a box of 'gifts' left for us... they are all blue and white thing, box's inside box's there is also amongst it a handwritten letter, it's from one of my mums sisters to another sister - it mentions her medication. ( Ancestors timeline dream ) We accept the gifts and take the hand written letter. They can't 'recognise' us as people don't remember now as the timeline is different ......but the people we took back 'know' that there are people alive now that wouldn't have been, we can't meet them again but the gifts are their acknowledgement.

      Male & Female me are dryads now and made of flexible wood, we travel again as a unit of 'lovers archetype' and over-soul. Falling threw space and time, meeting aliens to talk too.
      We come back to earth, one alien with bright orange eyes follows us watching.

      He wares a dark hooded cloak and is channelling stuff too, 'We' find it odd that they are interested.

      'We' rapidly lose him by anchoring up to Over soul again and teleport to a huge beautiful grassy plain we are riding in the air in an old style bus seat... it's like a roller-coaster with no rails we control it by thinking of a point to move too (this is really good fun, and we spend a long time just teleporting threw the ground and back up into the air )

      After messing around we start to port into hospitals, 'we' are still dryads but invisible made of energy... we are working beside Dr's we are de-ageing cells around incisions and wounds so that they will heal faster.

      I woke up as I was arranging 'meetings' with people....

      Soooooo last night was just amazing Was obviously way to excited to go back to sleep!

      ((The back story in this dream's been going back for years.... in fact to the recurrent nightmares I had as a child. ))