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    Another word I don't know.

    by , 09-23-2016 at 02:27 PM (197 Views)
    Set in a dream version of the Village I grew up. On the sea front is a 'hotel' it's called the St, Aiden's. It's nothing like like it really is - but it's position and name were the same.

    The dream is set in a perpetual twilight... the sea is calm and filled with sea mammals there is no cars or roads.... there are many castles.

    The dream 'Hotel' is a massive imposing Gothic structure, with huge columns at the front and in the formal front garden is a huge stone pond filled with rescued dolphins in it.

    Inside there is a lecture hall, an upstairs with beds (again another aunty is here, this time it's my God mum too in RL she is close to death)

    There is also a very special engraving/art work. It's quite small like a picture and made of stone and in the dream I keep going back to it as I know it's important.

    I wasn't expecting it to be here the hotel owners don't know how important it is.
    It's got ancient writing a little like Sumerian indents... I can't read it but it's something to do with Eliohim? (I need to google this cause I duno what it means or how it's spelled)

    I go and listen to some speeches in the lecture hall, some MP's are speaking but no-one wants to hear them, I'm there watching the people watching rather than listing... (the MP's are uncomfortable as they know they are irrelevant)

    I return again to the engraving, I notice that the middle/picture part is holographic, it's made of golden light and is indescribably beautiful and intricate.

    It's small and hard to see but I notice that inside it now is a scene with a tree with big roots, there is a snake/dragon with overlapping triangle scales.... I see a small frog in the scene and it's moving.

    I magic up a magnifying glass to get a better look. The details are incredible... the stone is made of holographic gold light and this tiny gold speckled frog knows that I'm watching it.

    As I look more of it comes to life, the snake moves too. I want to pick it up to show people but it's too alive.

    --- Thoughts on this,

    Elohim (Hebrew: אֱלֹהִים) is a grammatically plural noun for "gods" or "deity" in Biblical Hebrew.
    Hummm lol, reading up on it has just left me even more confused so I'll just wait for more dreams to explain and sort it out, it dose fit with the strange dreams I've had of being a few people at once and thinking of 'me' as 'we'
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