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    Meeting with Intelligent infinity

    by , 10-03-2016 at 09:30 PM (334 Views)
    Sooo full of Joy today! My dreams last night and the visions which confirmed and expanded on what I've been learning... I also need to draw this stuff
    The experience of intelligent infinity... and then straight into another teaching dream!! lol Let the new cycle begin!
    First part of the night, I'm my dream triad.
    Over-soul male/female I'm playing with and looking at the thought constructs of the last month. The shapes/time/tunnels and the paper I wrote yesterday. I'm doing this in the void.

    Wake and can't breath!! (Asthma first attack since last big growth in 2008-9) Get inhalator... I know some things happening between heart and throat centres(Or I'm bath shit crazy.... either is awesome

    Lay down and get visions+my old poetry+love+joy+realisation+understanding and everything pouring into me.

    I laugh, and cry at the beautiful game of being a human I'm playing!

    The simplicity of it all... Scale, Micro-Macro, as above so below and vice/versa
    I'm the ocean in one drop of dew... part of it all but ever so small... but I'm not small -- I'm ALL!
    I'm reverse engineered...I'm surrendering to my re-membering that I'm all that is and all that is is me....... and it's so beautifully simple the only time is 'now' the only 'venue' is here. We are the start and the end, the Alpha and Omega the snake eating it's tail the torus the infinity sign. 'We are'
    We all ready are what we are looking for, we all ready are what we are waiting for! <3 and it's like being lucid in your life!

    Sooo fall asleep again, in a sea of tears and laughter and joy.

    The dream (Hazy recall as my mini controll master Zak - Woke me demanding I get him an ipad)

    Setting... A school... it's a sleep/dream school and it's full.

    I've been 'called' it's time now. (I also know everyone in the school me/teachers/students are also me)
    My recalls insane!! I can see my dreams of this live and other lives... I know I've been working on these issues in other lives too (I'm mentally a bit miffed with myself it's taken me to 40 in this life to put it back together lol)
    I have full recall of 'past/other' life dreams in this school.... though the ones I can access most readily are the lives I've re'memberd into my current working awareness.
    The school has a wired name it's a jumble of letters.. there is a special unit??

    I'm asked by our teachers to speak.... I am in a room filled with loads of 'other selves' I stand up in the middle of them smiling (I'm so confident and full of joy)
    They are all talking among my other-selves. I wait watching patiently amazed and in love with them all.... eventually an elderly black male notices me smiles back and motions to the others too shhhhhh.
    I smile and I start to talk when I do I'm amazed, my voice is so loud and clear I don't ever really remember talking in my dreams certainly not like this, it's almost like the first time I've properly herd my voice.
    They are all stunned that I've been there all along and they didn't notice me.
    I'm amused and I teach/learn learn/teach with the other me's.
    The Elder (me) teachers are impressed too they know I'm way beyond this class but I'm content and happy to 'be' 'here'.
    They start me on the same 'level' as 'we' have stuff to share I'm loving it and getting a handle on the symbols used in this school... the language used to interpret is a little different from what I'm familiar with.
    I'm paired with another female at a yellow level.. We all know I'm way more than yellow (because I'm also the teacher and the classroom ) but yellow is a fair place to start and I'm excited!
    I start 'work' I wait, learning my approach from the other me's what they are doing that's working or not. When I try it comes naturally It's fun and such a joy working with the other me's
    I get my first 'field' trip with a quiet female, we have soft fabric buckets (to keep symbols, tokens and experience in)
    We are clambering up over smooth rocks to our right.... heading to a place were we will work threw together what's in our buckets. I notice that my buckets nearly empty but hers is very full of stuff... I take her bucket from her so she can concentrate on the climb and enjoy the view.
    Zak woke me before we got to the bucket sorting
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    1. Dreammouse's Avatar
      My friend just posted this article today!! Love it as I'm ADHD and it's giving me a huge Schroedinger cat moment!!

      It's interesting though as it fits with how I see the world and universe, but how I see the world and universe is consistent with what quantum physics is now telling us about reality.

      SOoooo Do I see the universe like this cause my brains broken........ Or do I have ADHD cause I see the universe as it is

      lol Probably Both or Neither..... at the same time

      ADDitude Slide Show
      Hugs. x