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    WILD Reality Bombs... (follows from my Crone dream)

    by , 10-10-2016 at 08:46 PM (251 Views)
    My eye dust is really 'organised now' I see a purple dream entrance so jump into a dream. WILD

    I'm lucid in the dream.

    First is a white castle/ school I'm only one there and it's being bombed.. with 'REALITY BOMBS' lol
    The moon crone dream. The reality bombs started here.

    So the bombs are dropping, they are cluster bombs with invisibility... my family's there it's really unstable, we are at a brink. We are in this school 'now' for a reason. I get bombed...

    New reality.

    This one is a real mess, houses are blowing up and people are vanishing as the buildings explode. War-zone style.
    We are split, lots of us 'know' but some are still really scared of their shadow. There are lots of people confused and in fear... (It's amphibian reptilian) We all know it's something to do with 'GOD' but some are still scared of the judgement. This is causing the instability.

    We are split, some are sending energy supporting the scared and anchoring them... some are trying to stabilise reality. I 'know' I'm building up my power...... I get hit and get zapped again into another reality 'Dead' ... the bombs are a dead like in the other games.

    Connect with other's we are such a bunch of weirdos!! This time it's a space ship type place, but with a reality inside too, we can still see the players from the reality's below.

    Wizards, Mystics, Time lords, religious people We look like a crazy bunch of nerds the conversations we are having are amazing, they are doing same as me..... time hopping, or tracking soul shards - messages. I understand them and them me!!
    Some are having to wear dark glasses as the light and flicker rate is to high for them, I can still see (this is like screen refresh rate)
    Ian and the kids are there too... I'm trying to juggle both.. no 'TIME' to meditate so I've been dragging the universe down here inside of me. (OOps ( I'm a singularity?? )

    The reality's are flashing fast, one is tunnel... me and the others brace (OHHHH the Braclet??)

    More reality Bombs.. We all brace together (me and the weirdos)
    They don't go off again... lol or do they??? Heheh

    I zap again into a 3rd reality. It's bright white light room, there are a group at a table only (9 - 12) We are from all over the world, we talk in riddles, we are laughing! 'WE DID IT'
    They don't recognise me or me them, (But I know I've been with them in astral for ages)
    They ask 'Who AM I' I laugh and tell them, 'I am YOU' We all laugh

    We ask what we have been tracking... Some people a Lizard, Frog.... mine was the gold holographic frog in the 'Nephalim Elohim' Dream. We got back threw the separation... I came from the Nephilim / Elohim branch. (The Giants dreams... the Lucifer angel from my child hood)

    A red hair woman comes up to me ( I think she's the fire element I sometimes meet) She takes my hand and crosses my palm with hers.

    On my hand ancient writing appears in amber raised writing (It's my name but I can't read it) I see my picture though it's a Dragon
    I gasp! She laughs, as she looks up at my face it fades, She is surprised I can see it too.... but I'm connected to over soul. I can only see it when she's looking... that is her gift <3 She tells me my soul name, but I can't 're'member' lol

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