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    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Lady with no hands, liquid of immortality , and meditation

      by , 05-24-2012 at 08:14 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Woman with no hands.

      Im in a house with some kids, there is a woman who looked french. She spoke french, and a man shows up and says he loves her even though she has no hands. I tell the man that he can always Imagine her with hands or something like that.

      Dream #2 Liquid of Immortality.

      Im walking down a sidewalk, its sunny out and i stop in front of a crowded temple. There are a bunch of different people standing outside talking with one another. One guy was saying how it is this drink that is said to give you powers, and it is called liquid of immortality. One guy mentions that it has liquor in it though. I tell the guys i don't drink anymore.

      Another guy says..

      "But dude, you got powers and immortality! What more could you ask for?"

      "Hmm...i dont know about that."

      Another guy tells me that we can go get something close to that that cost thirty five dollars. I look at the men then shake my head and walk away.

      Final dream. Meditating.

      Im walking in this temple with a bunch of different shaolin monks. There is a huge Buddha statue in this one room i am in. I decide to sit in the middle of the floor and start meditating. Thats all i remembered and woke up.

      Did'nt do much subconscious training or reality checks yesterday. Soo guess i should have seen this one coming. Well its ok, will go hard tonight and get back on board!

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    2. A night full of missed dream cues.

      by , 05-22-2012 at 12:16 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Im sure you got. Just read away...

      Dream#1 WTF!? Part 1.

      Im with my cousin K, and she tells me that im missing a nightlight for the store or something like that. We start trying to look for the nightlight and ended up getting lost in the woods. I remember her saying that the Goatman lives out here and that we better hurry up and get out of here.

      We ended up making it out of the woods and back to our familiar neighborhood.
      I walk into the store and there is a guard guarding the stores entrance. He ask for ID before i enter the store, i tell him im 27, and don't need any damn ID! And he gives me a look like i need to see it anyway. I tell him i forgot it, and could he check to see if the damn nightlight is on upstairs. He tells me its on and we leave the store.

      Final dream. WTF!? Part 2.

      Im still with my cousin K, and we are using our hands to shovel the snow while walking at the same time?

      It ends up becoming sunny, and we notice this hunter who was walking with a deer over his shoulder, and he was whistling. My cousin K says to me, well here you are i got to go drop off our uncle later. I tell her thanks for the ride, and i'll see her next week.

      I enter the house to find that there are a bunch of hawks sitting in the living room just chilling watching the discovery channel. I tell them dinner will be ready in a few mins and head to the kitchen and start cooking something.

      There is obviously not nothing to say here except...Damn, WTF!

      If anything i did not expect this because i certainly did'nt slack yesterday. Well, i did stay up pretty late and did not do as much subconscious training like should. Well, i am very dissapointed at myself...and i am certainly not going to be slacking tonight!

      The Dreamprofessor will be back onboard tonight ladies and gentlemen!.
    3. How I Navigate Thru My Dreams.

      by , 05-13-2012 at 09:40 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now grab a bite to eat, and enjoy reading my dreams

      Dream #1 Amrapali Ambegaokar.

      Im in my current house in the living room, sitting down on the couch, watching the beautiful Kathak dancer/actress Amrapali Ambegaokar, give me a special dance performance. After her perfomance, she sits next to me and we start talking about dreams. She asks me is it possible to share dreams, i tell her that yes it is in fact possible. (What a missed chance of a reality check) She mentions to me, that a friend of hers has a performance later, and that she promised her she will show up.

      I thank her and tell her that i will try and share a dream with her one day.
      (What a lack of awareness there for me) I hug her, and walk her to her car and walk back to the house and wake up.

      4:30 - 4:45 am. I did plenty of subconscious training, and went back to sleep.

      Dream #2 Giving A Lesson On Dreams.

      Im talking to a very attractive European looking woman about dreams. She has a very lean figure, and looks very much in shape. She has slanted brown eyes, long brunette hair, and is wearing a tan sweater and some black pants, and black ballet flats. We are in the kitchen and i am talking to her about dreams. She wants something to drink, and i give her a orange pop. (Soda)

      We sit down at the kitchen table, and i tell her..

      "Anytime you are in your waking life, do you ever stop and ask yourself...where am i? What did i do a hour ago?"

      "Umm noo not really why?"

      Im rubbing my hawk coin looking at her, and say to her..

      "Because this is a dream thats why."

      "Really? Everything feels so real."

      "Thats because our minds are wired around what is suppose to look, smell, taste, and feel real. Does that drink taste real?"

      She nods her head. I tell her to start doing more reality checks in her spare time such as asking herself, what did she do a hour ago, what day is it, and how did she end up where she is. I tell her that pretty soon she will be on her way to achieving lucidity much more often.

      Dream # 3 Stop Him!

      Im in some meeting with a group of men in suits. Im projected as a White man with short black hair slick back, and wearing a dark black suit. Im staring at these different files on the tables, and noticed a file that said..TOP SECRET INFORMATION. It was in big bold red letters. I ask one of the men to pass me that file so i can take a look at it to make sure its the right document. A man hands it to me.

      I jumped thru a window and it shatters. I hear a man yelling


      Im running down a crowded street and project back as myself. I run thru stores, buildings, and finally find my hideout and set the file in my dresser cabinet and wake up.

      Final dream frag: How is your reality checks going?

      I just remember talking with one of my dream characters about how to properly do reality checks. I remember her being a female and thats all i remember.
    4. This is what happens when i don't do reality checks!

      by , 05-11-2012 at 02:54 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Im sure you got it, so i won't bother saying it. Oh, this will be short...

      Now usually i say enjoy my dreams and so forth. But today, is a little different. Why different you ask? Well, first of all...I did'nt get anything that i wanted, secondly i did everything half ass yesterday, and third...Ah, who am i kidding. I MISSED A TON OF REALITY CHECKS!!!

      Now, enough talking here it is!

      Dream #1 Neil Patrick Harris.

      In a mall with Neil patrick harris. He is explaining to me about how he loves to steal cookies from the ice cream shop on a good tuesday? (1ST MISSED REALITY CHECK) We are now in the ice cream shop and he strips down ass naked in the ice cream shop and says everybody drop there guns??? WTF!? (2ND MISSED REALITY CHECK)

      Dream #2 Sniff her shoe?

      Im now with Noemie Lenoir (a French supermodel) We are sitting down at a cafe and asks me if i would like to sniff her shoe? (3RD MISSED REALITY CHECK) I remember telling her that people were around and i might get in trouble (WHY WOULD I EVEN SAY THAT!?!?!?!?!?) She puts her shoe on the table and says something about the birds will smell it later. WTF!? (4TH MISSED REALITY CHECK)

      Dream #3 Charlie Sheen.

      Im with Charlie Sheen in a hotel, and he mentions to me that he has Kristie Ally tied up in the back room about to tickle her feet. WTF!? (5TH MISSED REALITY CHECK)
      We head to the back room where she is tied up in a chair, and he just starts tickling away at her bare soles. I watch the dream fades and i wake up.

      Im obviously very dissapointed at myself! I don't even feel like even writing the other nonsense i dreamed about. Lets just say it was even more stupid then this shit i dreamed about! Damn...well some intense subconscious training, and plenty of reality checks are in the works for me tonight!
    5. Fragments.

      by , 04-23-2012 at 08:29 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Green means notes

      Notes: Did not remember much of anything. But i guess its because my body is getting use to going back to sleep alot more earlier.

      Dream 1# The mountain song.

      Im helping this elderly man up from the sidewalk, and he seems to love singing about the mountains. I just remember him telling me that he would love to go to the mountains and sit a the top of one and sing how big he feels to be on top of one.

      Dream #2 Why are we doing this?

      Im now playing throw the bottles into the garbage can with this drunk dude.

      Dream #3 Drunk antics.

      Im telling this drunk man not to walk outside with no coat on, because it is freezing out there. He insist that it is good to do so, because it will give him some sort of special powers.

      Final dream: Who wants to suck my pinky toe?

      Im now a security guard for Kim Kardashian, And we walk into this clothing store and she yells..
      "Who wants to suck my pinky toe?"
      All of a sudden, a man runs up to her, peels off her leather pumps..and gives her a tongue job all across her toes.

      Notes: Mmkay...not much to say except...WTF!? I went to sleep early, and i still got frags! And why so many drunk dreams? I don't even drink anymore. Ha ha...very funny subconscious. Overall, i guess my body just needs to get used to goin back to sleep alot more earlier.
    6. Fragments

      by , 04-21-2012 at 07:52 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Green means notes

      Notes: Stayed up late because of my cousin visiting. Did not get much sleep soo here it is.

      Dream #1 Earn some fast cash.

      Im in some building talking with a group of men in suits asking me to do a job for them.
      I was wearing a suit as well. I think one of the guys looked like Robert Deniro, was telling me that i could earn some fast cash if i do this job. (forgot what the job was)

      Dream #2 Wayne brady wants to interview me.

      Im sitting down with some executives in some lounge and Wayne Brady says to me..
      "You know, you will be great for the show." I mean you have so much charisma, just give it some thought ok?
      I ponder the thought, and tell them i have better things to do. (possibly with dreams)

      Dream #3 So many missed dream cues.

      Im in my 2nd home watching Jenny Jones. (1st missed dream cue) Im now outside washing my hair??? (WTF 2nd missed dream cue) Im now at some park giving this 70 year old lady a foot massage. (WTF 3rd missed dream cue) Im now in my current home in the kitchen looking for something to eat, and past by some cookies that say.."Lucid dream cookies, the cookies of your dreams." (Seriously subconscious, 4th missed dream cue) And finally, im at some car show talking to Rosie perez about lucid dreams,
      And she insists..that we are not dreaming the whole time im explaining to her about dreams! (Final missed dream cue)

      Notes: Wow, i missed so many dream cues. I am very dissapointed with myself in this dream. Well my cousin leaves tommorow, so i have to be a good host. So hopefully i can rest early tonight!
    7. Frags

      by , 04-18-2012 at 07:28 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Green means notes

      Notes: Possibly saw sinoblak, but not sure if it was her.

      Dream #1 Subconscious training

      Im in my room wearing my white dress shirt with dark black pants, and my black loafers.
      Im doing some subconscious training looking in the mirror rubbing my multiplying hawk coin totem.

      Dream #2 Hallway full of mirrors.

      Im walking down some hallway looking for someone. (possibly sinoblak) there are mirrors all on the walls, i hear my name being called in the distance. I look back to see a slim girl, very lean and a has a very excited look on her face. She looks just like sinoblak, Unfortunetely i don't recall much from here, and I wake up.

      Final dream Reading sinoblaks dream entry.

      Im in the den in my home, online on dreamviews reading a dream entry by sinoblak.

      Notes: I remember seeing someone in the hallway who looks just like sinoblak, but im not sure if it was her. Well im defintely gonna be sleeping alot earlier now, because i been up late the past few nights and that is really messing up my sleep cycle and recall.
      Hopefully i will get better results tonight.
    8. Frags from last night

      by , 04-14-2012 at 07:25 PM (My Dream Records)
      Dream #1 Checking my email with a damn parrot on my shoulder

      Im my current house on the computer in my den logging into dreamviews. On my shoulder is a parrot who keeps yapping away about my email message or something.

      Dream #2 A message from sinoblak

      Im emailing sinoblak something, (possibly about this parrot) And i think i mention something to her about, the parrot speaks 5 different languages.

      Dream #3 Subconscious Training

      Im in my room wearing my dark blue long sleeve casual shirt, my black dress pants with my black stacy adams, and my glasses on. My hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and i believe i was looking in the mirror doin some subconscious training.

      Final dream #4 Where are my keys?

      Im looking all around the house for my keys and can't seem to find them.

      Notes: I am very dissapointed with myself and my recall here. This is not like me. Well i was up all night online, so can't say i did'nt see this one coming! LOL. Guess i need to start heading to bed earlier then.

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