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    Nightmare? I am the Nightmare!

    by , 05-17-2012 at 05:19 AM (1147 Views)
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    Got it? Great! Now grab a bite to eat and enjoy reading my dreams!

    Dream #1 Recurring Nightmare of mine.

    Spoiler for Theme Of The Dream:

    Im in a hallway walking with agirl who reminds me of Jessica Simpson. She is cute, and starts tellling me about her favorite songs that she has downloaded into her celphone. Im listening to her, but im also starting to become a bit creeped out by what is laying at the end of the hallway. The Jessica Simpson looking girl kept talking away not paying any attention to what im looking at, So i point at the end of the hall and she says..

    "Oh my God! Thats a dead body laying there in the middle of that hallway!"

    She starts dialing on her celphone calling an ambulance and walking away further and further because her reception was bad of something like that. So im now feeling a bit uncomfortable just standing there in the hallway like this, so i decide to walk away when i hear my name being called in the distance.


    I turn around.

    The bloody body is just standing there staring at me from a distance. I just froze standing there. It starts walking towards me and i feel like i want to wake myself up, because i knew it was a dream in a way.. but was not completely sure. (Sounds wierd i know) but at the same time i felt like the dead body wanted to tell me something but what? It starts getting closer to me, to the point i can smell the dead odor reeking thru the damp bloody body bag. I almost gag, but hold it together. We are now face to face and i try not to stare to hard at her for some reason whenver i exert my eyes to the floor, she would say..

    "LOOK AT ME!"

    (In a very harsh demanding tone)

    I look back up at her and feel a bit terrified she is reaching her arm out to me but i close my eyes and wake up. Damn..im such a punk! Lol

    4:45 - 4:55 am. Did some intense subconscious training, and went back to sleep.

    WILD Dream #2 Unfinished Business.

    Im now walking to an upstairs hallway to find two girls at the far end of the hallway. I pause for a second and start to ask myself..

    "How did i end up here? And what am i suppose to be doing?"

    BINGO! I hit lucidity right here and start walking down the hallway. I ask both of the twin girls where can i find IT the clown, they look at eachother and smile and grab eachothers hand and start walking me down a darker more creepier part of the hallway. They look at eachother laughing and look at me and both say at the same time..

    "Hehe. Don't be afraid...you are the nightmare remember?"

    I get this sinister grin on my face and say..

    "Oooh yea, i am are'nt i? (laughing crazy)

    (The little girls start laughing)

    Nightmare, I am the Nightmare!

    I shapeshift myself into Candyman, and start roaming thru the shadowy dark hallways yelling at the top of my lungs...

    It is very silent, you can hear a pin drop it is so quiet. My mind is racing with a million thoughts on how i want to take this clown out. I walking and getting very impatient. Wait a min...i got it! Hehehe i can find that clown at the circus. (Laughing)

    Final dream: Clowns worst nightmare

    I am now at some creepy looking carnival there is weird circus music going off and i have only one thing on my mind..
    I start killing clowns and finding other victims nearby. Innocent victims i tell them to run, as i have no intentions of hurting them. All of a sudden.. i hear a very familier laugh.

    "Soo you want to see me?"

    "You got balls of steel to show up you know that?"

    He laughs and we exchange unfriendly words to one another.

    "Well, i hope you had your last meal. Because its time to DIE!!!"

    I run at him with my hook raised in the air about to gut him like a fish. He teleports and starts laughing. I get pissed and start tearing the place apart. There are other clowns he sends at me, i fight them all off killing off his pawns with my bloody hook. I even send bees and flies to his clowns and start laughing.

    "Stop sending all of your damn foot soidiers at me and face me you damn coward!"

    He starts laughing teleporting again as im trying to swipe at him. Then it finally hits me, i need to try and manipulate the surroundings. (Something i rarely do in dreams) my energy is pulsating and everything gets slower i hear my heartbeating. I see him teleporting and try and sense his energy he appears left, right, behind me, in front of me. I try and read him like a chess board and finally strike at him like a cobra!

    I like him in my arms he is screaming now like a little girl saying...

    "Noooo, please let me gooo!"

    (I laugh like a maniac)

    "You had your time to play clown, but playtime is over..."

    (Laughing again)

    I raise my arm and jam my hook right into his left eye. Then i take my hook and jam it up his nostrils goin further and further until i hear a crunching sound. It gets quiet, blood is spewing out of his face and all over the place he falls face first to the ground.

    (Laughing like a maniac)

    "Yes, yes, YES! I AM THE NIGHTMARE!!!"

    (Laughing again)

    It starts thundering and raining, and i feel the dream closing in on me and i wake up.

    Notes: I have finally killed that damn clown that has tormented me as a child! I feel like i can take on anything now. =D That clown use to haunt me every single night! Now that the tables have been turned...i should pay Jason Vorhees a visit next...

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    1. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Nice, laughing like a mad man, I like that!


      Dreamprofesser likes this.
    2. sinoblak's Avatar
      So you have this clown in your dreams since you were a child, DP? Lol, it took a lot of time to cope with him.
      What about clowns in waking? I mean, do you have some unpleasant feelings when you see clowns?
      Linkzelda likes this.
    3. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      Nice, laughing like a mad man, I like that!

      Hahahaha! That is EXACTLY how i sounded too! Lol
      Linkzelda likes this.
    4. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      So you have this clown in your dreams since you were a child, DP? Lol, it took a lot of time to cope with him.
      What about clowns in waking? I mean, do you have some unpleasant feelings when you see clowns?
      Lol, oh no i am fine now. When i was younger, i was TERRIFIED SB! But i made it a goal of mine, to track down this...clown and teach him a lesson! Now, i can sleep at ease.
      Linkzelda and sinoblak like this.
    5. sinoblak's Avatar
      Oh, good night, then.
      It's a bit strange posting your dreams just before going to sleep.
      I asked that question because I have some irrational fears when it comes to clowns and santa claus. I may kill some in a lucid and see what will happen with my phobia.
    6. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      Wow this is awesome! Great job kicking that clowns ass! What made you choose to be Candyman?
      sinoblak and Dreamprofesser like this.
    7. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      Wow this is awesome! Great job kicking that clowns ass! What made you choose to be Candyman?
      Thanks NiteLite! And yea, he had it coming for a loooong time man trust me!
      Good question. I have always wanted to become Candyman for the simple fact he is a urban legend you know? So i wanted to really strike fear into that clowns heart, and let him know i mean business.
      niteLite and sinoblak like this.
    8. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      That's really cool! I never considered trying to transform into a character before. Hahaha, it might be an easy way to try and manipulate and control dreams. Yea, Candyman can be a pretty scary character so its definitely serious business!
      Dreamprofesser and sinoblak like this.
    9. Mydera's Avatar
      Congratulations on killing a reoccurring nightmare! That's awesome! No more soggy fruity pebble for him, lol.
      Dreamprofesser and sinoblak like this.