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    Where is the love? (old dream) 02/28/11/

    by , 04-15-2012 at 07:21 AM (855 Views)
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    Got it? Great. Enjoy, and feel free to grab a bite to eat as you read.

    Dream #1 Where is the love?

    Im in a very huge house (looked like a mansion) in a bedroom with this girl who looks like Meagan Good. Im putting my pants on sitting on the side of the bed while she is yelling away at me. YOU NEVER SPEND TIME WITH ME ANYMORE!!! EVERYSINCE THAT DAMN GIRL SHOWED UP, YOU HAVE BEEN OFF TO ONE OF YOUR STUPID LITTLE MISSIONS!

    Uh-huh..(putting my watch on) You make me so damn sick at times, whoo sometimes you make me just wanna PUNCH YOU!!! (She punches me in the arm) LISTEN BOO CHILL ALRIGHT!? Damn i told you im making progress here with this mission yo. Jeez relax. (Her arms are folding with the covers on her) She takes her foot and kicks me off the bed, while im bending over putting my shoes on. I hope she dies. What? (She rolls her eyes pouting her lips) What did you say? Cause..she keeps taking you away from me! Look...im sorry i keep running off like this, but i gotta make sure this gets done babe ok? Why does she have to be a female though? Like i said, she's the best at what she does. Here i want you to have somethning. ( i reach in my pocket to grab my totem) Here ( i place it in her hand. But babe, this Gem means alot to you, your mom gave it to you years ago to protect you. I know, i want you to hold on to it as a reminder that if i don't return, you'll have something to remember me by. (She tears up) Babe, don't say that! Look wanna see something? What? where are we goin? (Shes's in a red bra and red panties barefoot as im pulling her by the arm off the bed) You see the sun? (we are outside on the balcony staring at the sunset) Yes. You see that house? Yes. I built that house with my own two freakin hands. You see that car? Yes. (I think it was a dark blue cutless) Thats your car. Everything in this world is yours you know why? Why?

    Because im God in this world baby, thats why (i put my arm around her as we stare into the sunset) dream fades.

    Dream #2 Trigger happy.

    Im in a shootout with some thugs, in some warehouse Natalia is there with me. Here take this extra clip. She's running ducking under tables and hiding behind scrap metal.
    (Bullets ricochet off of the walls and scrap metal) I got something fo yall, I get up from behind the scrap metal and my Adrenaline is rushing thru my veins. Everything is going in slow motion, (like the movie the matrix) im walking past bullets taking these guys out like nothing like im shooting fish in a barrel. (Explosions and intensity fills the room) LETS GO, LETS GO!!!!! YES, YOU ARE AN ANIMAL! TAKE THEM OUT!!! (She sounds a bit turned on by all this) Ok, so this is obviously target practice BRING OUT YOUR BOSS! (All of a sudden this big Ving Rhames lookin cat shows up crackin his knuckles) Lets kick this thing up a notch chief. Lets say we do this shit ol school no guns and rumble it out? lest you scared to get cho ass whupped in front of that beautiful italian honey you got rooting you on hm?

    (I throw the gun down) (Natalia talking ) Fuck is the matter with you!? SHOOT HIM!!
    No, im gonna beat him at his own game.

    Dream #3 Gold is the final level.

    (This fight i had with Ving Rhames was one of the most intense fights i ever had in a dream) He was basically beating the hell outta me at first. But eventually, I ended up Glowing gold when the odds were stacked against me. He looks at me as im layed out on the floor. (Ving Rhames talking) I knew you was weak, you a charmer for the women man. you ain't no damn fighter! if you was my cellmate back then, mm i would've made good use outta your cute ass. (I get up wiping the blood away from my mouth) You sure do talk alot, im not done YET!!! LOL. You got heart chief, i give you that much. But i gots things to do and you holding me up. (He picks me up by my neck with one hand choking me) ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! (Im trying to wriggle free but his grip is to strong) (I feel everything almost getting darker hang it up you did good Q you did good) I hear a gunshot. (I wake up) Uuggh. (I feel the dream fading i yell) This.....is....not....THE END!!!!!!!!! (Power is surging thru me the dream snaps back in focus)

    Final dream IM A BOSS, OF ALL BOSSES!!!

    (Natalia talking) I shot him in his arm to buy you time now pick up that gun AND SHOOT HIM!!! NO NATALIA!!! His ass is MINE!!! (Im in a stance like a Chi master warming up looking at the palms of my hands and feeling sparks of gold energy building up) Im feeling the earth vibrate, glass shatters, the walls crack my shirt tears off of me, my hair is draped across my shoulders a shimmering sparkling gold colour. Im filled with rage I run straight at him and take my right fist and jam it straight thru his stomach. (He vomits blood) I hurl him straight thru the building. (It is nighttime and we are near a cliff) he is crawling moaning trying to get up. Im walking towards him and stomp on his back as he lays on his stomach. Turn over and look at me. (I take my foot off and stand over him staring at his battered bloody face) The moon is full, it illuminates off of me. The water sounds calm, im calm. Im a boss of all bosses, never forget that. I decides who dies and lives YOU GOT THAT!?!?!? (He nods and catches his last breath he is dead) I stare up at the moon, the moon calms me. Wait min where is Natalia? (I run back in the ruined warehouse) Natalia!? Natalia!? Im over here. (Shes in another room located at the back of the warehouse. You Ok? Yea im Ok. You sure gave me one hell of a surprise. Yea. Sometimes i surprise myself. (We both laugh) The dream comes to a end and i wake up.

    (Notes) This was one of the most intense lucids i have ever had! when it came down to it, I just made sure to remember that it was all a dream, and its not real no matter how painful the fight was. LOL! I shoul note that i did WBTB at 5:30 am, and went to do some subconscious training for about 20 mins. I woke from that dream at 8:24. And could not recall a single dream after that. Oh well, i was pleased with my results.
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    1. sinoblak's Avatar
      How do you do subconscious training?
      And these dreams rock, lol! I want to train myself for some action like this.
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    2. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      Thank you for your lovely comments as always sinoblak. As always, much much appreciated. Alright grab you a pen and paper and write this down. The art of subconscious training is like, casting a audition for a play, or movie. While training myself, i normally jump into a specific character who i will most likely portray in a dream. If im in my room, i'll often take a mirror look in front of it and pretend im casting a role for a movie. Ex: If i want romance dreams, i'll sweet talk to the camera (the mirror) and pretend im speaking to a woman. (I hope i don't sound like some strange nut lol) If i want intense action in my dreams, i'll turn the heat up, and add more emotion to my character. If im looking to share a dream with a specific person, I will say their name alot more doin my subconscious training. You get it so far? I hope that was of great help for you. Bottom line is this sinoblak, you are the director, the actress, and the star of your dreams. Those interesting dreams that you post, are all your scripts, and you can command whatever you want, to dream about every single time you fall asleep. The intent you put into your subconscious training is whats important. What are your emotions, when you are speaking? Are you the audience? or the actress? are you the director? or the producer? You are ALL OF THEM!!! Now make your subconscious aware of the fact that, You are in control. Cause remember, its not your subconscious thats in control, its YOU WHO ARE IN CONTROL!!! The only way of finding the limits of the possible, is by goin beyond them, into the impossible. Your imagination is limitless....NEVER FORGET THAT! May you have many many more lucid dreams, and plenty sweet dreams as well my sweet friend. Oh, and 1 last thing, GOODLUCK!!!
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    3. dreamman9380's Avatar
      yea i remember this one,
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    4. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      yea i remember this one,

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