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    [WILD] A Series of Unparalleled Events

    by , 01-12-2014 at 11:34 PM (416 Views)
    Date: 1-13-14
    Time: 1:52 A.M. - 5:03 A.M.
    Technique(s) Used: N/A
    Non-Dream | Dream | Lucid
    This is the longest WILD I've had - in fact, the longest lucid dream, as well, so excuse the length

    The dream began with me waking up from my bed. From the moment I got up, I alread knew that I was dreaming.

    The house was dark, not many lights on. I ran my hand across walls to stabilize, and went to the living room.

    The lights were dimmed, but not so dim that I couldn't see. Everything was in its rightful place - nothing out of the ordinary.

    A few knocks echo from within. I go to the door, and see that it is a friend of mine. I open the door and let him inside, but take note that his eyes seemed awfully black.

    He comes inside, and immediately takes a swing at me. I had to fight him. Though I was dreaming, I did not have any great fighting moves - I simply tripped him up and hammered him with punches.

    In an effort to get away, he suddenly transformed into an action figure. He shot his limbs at me, to try and deter me from his escape. Unphased, I picked it up, tore off the head, and threw it outside. The moment I did, the sun rose, and brightened up the day.

    I stood outside, and looked to my left. There were several groups of other teenagers that seemed to be congregating some general thought. I began thinking of things I could do in the dream.

    The tasks of the month were the first to penetrate my thoughts. I turned to ask my mother, who was at the screen door, what her new years resolution was. She held a nore of 'umm' for a bit, then dodged it by asking me what mine was. I shoo the question away, and go in search of a better answer.

    I was swallowed by the group, and began asking around, seeing if anybody had a resolution. None did - their answers just the same as my mothers, only a lot more 'I don't knows'.

    I was going to go somewhere else to ask a different character, when all of a sudden a good friend of mine stood out within the crowd, donning many winder clothes. I ran to her, and asked her what her resolution was. All she said was 'Disney' - I assumed she meant to watch more.

    As we sit on the grass, I decided to try out the other basic task - I said to her, "Hey, it's night time."

    She responded with, "It's not night time - IT'S PRIME TIME!"

    I look to my left, and see that all of the teens are sitting as well - why? Looking to my right, I see a large skyscraper, with a huge TV attatched to it. It was playing a movie.

    Unable to remember any other tasks of the month, I decided to try and look them up while in the dream. I got up and turned to go inide, only to notice that my house had been replaced by a massive complex.

    I ran up the stairs, desperate to find a door. I suddenly stop, and say to myself, "Hey, I'm dreaming! Why am I trying to find a door?" I fall face first through the roof I am on.

    Down through darkness I descend, until a computer monitor begins to hum. I look at the screen, and see that it is on Dream Views. It was stuck on one thread - I cannot remember the name.

    Disappointed, I left, and emerge in a small housing area. There were train tracks that led through the area, but no station. Near the tracks, two girls, donning black, waited. I knew one, but not the other. Next to the tracks was a building that had no doors - just a hole.

    I went in and observed the space. There were games and stores all around. I assumed it was a sort of mall, and went back outside.

    When I went back outside, the girls were gone. I paid no further heed to this, and proceeded to climb a building. I made it up effortlessly.

    On top, I saw a bird. It flew away, and gave me the thought: Why don't I play a little god work? I began to recreate the bird, but in my own image - it was cold and metallic. I look to my left, and see if fly towards me. I catch it, observe my handiwork, and let it take flight once again.

    Climbing down, I hear several conversations going on. One guy said, "How could she like him over such a fabulous guy like me?" After I heard this, I was handed a notebook by a character. I found it odd that he handed it to me so absentmindedly - as if it were just automatic.

    I take it, and look inside. Written it is was this: '7:00. Don't be late.' I thought of the girls waiting for the train, and ran back inside the mall.

    I asked tons of people if anybody knew where the 7:00 train was headed. Nobody knew. One vendor, in broken English, told me to go down a different corridor - someone down there knew. I thanked him and ran down there.

    I go down a green hallway, and reach a nursing office. I asked the woman inside if she knew where the 7:00 train was going. She said that it was going to a village on the border of Korea. I thought of a way to get there.

    I walked up to a pale wall and ran my finger down it. This caused it to crack. I stuck my fingers in the crack, and opened it. It made a portal to a mirrored copy of a nursing office in Korea. I thank the woman, and step inside. Shutting the rift, I run my thumb on it, sealing the crack.

    Walking outside, I was confronted by a group. Whether they were just thugs or Korean police, I didn't know - but I knew I couldn't stay there. Jumping in a flying car, I drove away. However, they followed in their own cars.

    I was gunned down, but a large aircraft took hold of me and carried me to safety. I blacked out,and when I awoke, I was back in my bed, still in a dream.

    I went into the bright living room, and saw that my mother had made peppermint fudge, as indicated by the small candy canes on top. I went to the door, and looked out the window. I saw the sithouette of the aircraft that had saved me, and
    woke up.

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