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    An Island

    by , 12-17-2013 at 10:59 PM (329 Views)
    Date: 12-17-13
    Time: 8:54 P.M. - 2:16 A.M.
    Technique(s) Used: Binatural Beats
    I was on a raft, gently floating towards a large island.

    The raft hit the dock, and I jumped off. I was not human - my arms were much too long. Nonetheless, I began to explore the island.

    I climbed up what looked like oddly-colored bamboo shoots with speed and ease. I climbed and climbed, not caring to stop.

    Eventually, as the dream willed it, I did stop, and was near a dark cave. The ocean was to the left, for waves were splashing up near the entrance. I was human now - my arms were as they looked in the waking world. There were more shoots around, which were prompting me to climb and see what else there was. However, something else had caught my eye, and apparently a DCs as well.

    Just below the entrance, inside a small crevice, was a tiny, golden egg. I lift it up, only to feel a powerful hand shove me away. There were two other DCs there - both tall, strong men. They wanted the egg.

    The egg flew out of my hands towards the ocean when I was shoved. My arm suddenly flew out and hit one of the men smack in the head. He staggered backwards, and I guess I hit him pretty hard - he didn't know what he was doing here. I told him that he was checking out something else on the other side of the island. He seemed to have a revelation then - he made his way there, the other following suit.

    I grab the egg before it can be washed out to see, and in that moment, it hatched. Inside was a small, dark blue bird (Now that I think about it, it looked like a very small version of the flut-flut from Jak and Daxter). I held it close, gently stroking it - I didn't want it to fall back into the ocean.

    As I held the creature, loud bangs echoed from the other side of the island. Handing the bird to a DC that was close by, I went to investigate. While I walked, I noticed a few other caves, some holdin old remains, one even holding an archaic-looking chest.

    I made it to where the other two DCs had gone, and sure enough, they were digging a pathway through the island. They were just about finished - I could see the other side.

    On the other side lay a cul-de-sac.

    I woke up soon after entering.
    From 2:20 - 5:51 A.M., there were only a few fragments, of which I cannot remember.

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