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    The Kidnapping

    by , 11-24-2013 at 11:03 PM (291 Views)
    Date: 11-25-13
    Technique(s) used: WBTB
    Time: Between 2:45 and 5:00 AM
    At first, it felt like I was watching an old 60s movie.

    I was watching a man, face contorted into some demonic thing, walk down an aisle filled with people. He stopped next to a woman, who was talking to the people sitting next to her. She turned to her side, and looked up at him.

    She screamed like anyone in a cheesy horror movie would.
    My dream eyes snapped open, and I was sitting in that aisle. I got up, and looked at the space, wondering why it looked like an airplane cabin. There was a door at the end.

    I approached the door, and opened it. I was lead into a large library, and began to investigate.

    After a solid little bit of searching for something, I came up with nothing. Loosing all hope, I walked back to the door, and went to go and sit back down.

    I was surprised to see that the door led me not to the cabin, but instead to a large convention. There were multiple tables, each representing a store or restaurant. Some of them offerred food, and I accepted. Some tasted greasy, others fairly good.

    I asked each stand if they'd seen someone pass through there, someone with an odd face. Each stand said they hadn't. When I asked the last stand, a magic shop, another vision hammerred into my head.

    It showed the man walking down a different aisle, ready to abduct another woman. Another scream, another vision ended.

    I raced to the door, and opened it. This time, it took me into an office corridor. I went inside, and investigated a meeting room.

    Inside the room, there lay a golden retriever. I tried to stroke its head, but when I did, its eyes glowed red, and it nipped at my hand, nearly taking my fingers off.

    I used a chair to fend it off until I awoke.
    (I actually tried to DEILD to go back into the dream, but it didn't work)

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