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    by , 12-03-2013 at 10:44 PM (324 Views)
    Date: 12/3/13
    Technique(s) used: N/A
    Time: 9:30 PM - 5:50 AM
    I started out in school, working on some sort of web page. I cannot remember the content, but I do remember the teacher coming over and telling me to fix somehting on it.

    I looked around the class, observing everyone else that was working. I looked in my backpack, and dug out an album. Darkness came shortly after I closed my bag.
    Suddenly I am in my room, leaning over my bag. I'm next to my closet, which houses my shelf.

    I dig in my bag, and pull out the album I'd picked up earlier. The text was unreadable. I shelved it next to the others.

    I pull out another one, which hapens to be two in one. One I recognized off the bat - it was an album I'd gotten a while ago. However, something wasn't right; the artwork wasn't correct, and the text was green, instead of the usual red.

    There wasn't enough time to investigate - I was suddenly spiraling downward, into a new dream.
    I was in a house, much different from the one I live in now. I had in my hand a flier.

    I open it up, and look inside. There were a multitude of pictures of beasts and monsters from different album art. Some were fighting others, some seemed to be wandering the black halls. I close it, and headed for a bedroom.

    Finding one, I went inside, and sat myself down. Instantly, a low growl eminated inside the room. Terror seized me, and I froze up for a moment. In came a black entity, of which I cannot remember the shape.

    I then woke up.

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