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    by , 11-28-2013 at 05:12 AM (325 Views)
    Date: 11-28-13
    Technique(s) used: N/A
    Time: 4:00 - 6:31 AM
    In the instant the dream started, I was thrown into a cold, Christmas-themed area. I had an objective - to steal a prized possesion within the walls of what seemed to be a store of sorts.

    I walked across ice, feeling a small chill whip around the area. I make my way inside, where it is much warmer.

    People flooded the space, which made this mission a bit more complicated. I made my way through the crowds, heading west of the entrance.

    Swimming out of the ocean of people, I make my way over to a small section of the store - it connected the room I needed to get to, and the one leading to the entrance. There were many dressers, cabinets, and even a small section for books. Looking around, I saw only a couple of people within the room, and started to go to the objective when something caught my eye.

    A young woman walked into the room, along with ehr daughter, just as I was about to leave. She seemed fime, but something didn't look right on her face. It seemed to be twisted and possessed, as if it belonged to a demon. She merely smiled at me, and I smiled back. Must be the watchdog, I thought. If she didn't know that I could see her real face, I'd be okay.

    I helped her daughter pick out a book from a bookshelf, and made my way to the next room. This room bolged out forward, fitted with curved windows. I could see the snow and ice outside. The entire room shone an ocean blue, and was filled with artifacts.

    I made my way to a small table placed at the center. It shone with a gold hue, bright and beautiful. It was a jar, coated with aged bronze. I lifted it up, surprised at how light it was, and pocketed the artifact.

    Making my way out, I reached into my pocket, ready to call my affiliate that the mission was completed. However, when I reached in there, I felt nothing. The phone was gone.

    I ran back inside, only to be assaulted with darkness, and woke into the world.

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