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    1. Sexual tension ?

      by , 06-27-2016 at 09:05 PM
      I'm in a great big hotel or something where there are a lot if floors and rooms plus kitchens downstairs. There is a man of eastern descent who asks me to get him towels for his shower which is already running and the room full of steam though he's still dressed and outside the shower. Somehow I know that he will be using oil with the towels to clean his skin (before the shower?) so I go downstairs to the kitchen and ask the lady in charge for towels and she knows who its for and gives me this huge stack of towels which I being back to the man. I turn to leave and he tells me to stay, I turn to him and he says to me, you know he's cheating on you, I know he means my husband
      Tags: oiled up
    2. Vampiric??

      by , 06-27-2016 at 08:24 PM
      Strange dream; I Usually think twice about posting things that might be embarrassing, but hey, dreams are dreams so here goes one of my more silly ones.
      I was a young woman probably mid teens since I Still lived at home. I didnt have my father growing up in real life and that was reflected here since I only recall a mother figure and maybe sisters and brothers but I had gone to find my own space and climed into a building of some sort where I was alone. I fell asleep and heard voices, one was instructing a shadow like figure to take me (yes, in a sexual context) it told the shadow man to make me more meek and powerful... Don't judge lol.... Anyway the shadow replied how it was surprised that I was willing to accept its advance as I was full of fire and then laughed and said how it even had a witness to my willinness. Then the next thing I'm outside on a porch and I think at a small table with crumbs on it so I try to levitate one of the smallest crumbs, its easy so I try on a bigger one and Im surprised how easy this is and so I try to fly through panes of glass, easy. That's about where I lost the dream.
    3. Stormy encounter

      by , 06-23-2016 at 10:56 PM
      At some point last night I woke up to hearing rain outside my window. It was coming down pretty hard ( my husband says it disn't rain last night though) When I fell back to sleep I realized I'd entered into a dream sequence and decided to go lucid. I was exhausted last night, I thought to wake myself up and write down the details but I chose not to. I just tried to recall the couple details that seemed worth remembering... But its still foggy, should have written it all down. I went lucid and flew out the bedroom window into the storm. Everything was black and white though I dream in colour most always. I entered a kind of town square where a large statue stood (the statue reminded me of a dream Id had back as a kid, it was also a storm and I was in a bedroom with bunkbeds but it was empty otherwise, the window had been open and the curtains blew in with the rain and wind. I looked out and with a flash of lightening saw a stone angel with a dagger in its hand in a garden) the statue wasn't really a focus for me because I was determined to continue my quest for a spirit guide. I didnt really speak my intentions out loud, just thought them and lightening struck. It was a bit scary actually and I said then out loud to whatever was there that it didn't have to show itself if it didn't want but what was it's name I asked. I got a name. I tried to repeat it in my head and remember it in my dream.. It was Pronounced Hi-dan.. Sounded like Hiedi but not Hiedi. I wondered if it was a feminine name or not because I'm pretty certain I feel a very masculine prescence. Anyway, then I'm in front of a turtle, and it's telling me that it's giving me this thing ( looked like an axe handle maybe but instead of an axe head it has like a cord wrapped around in a circle and there are two ends of the cord that cross at the bottom) and I'm told I can ask for something. So I asked to be successful and have a happy life. Then I think I hit deep sleep again
    4. Looking for spirit guide/ dream is probably a month or so old though

      by , 06-22-2016 at 02:39 AM
      I have dreams where an old friend of mine who was one of the best people ever before he passed away (and at one time had thought he loved me ) in his early 20's visits me. It isn't often but they are always possitive. The last one I had he was sitting at a table and I was with him. I told him how sorry I was for all the foolish things I did growing up. He smiled at me and just demonstrated the most beautiful acceptance and love and said that it was ok because like childhood we all make mistakes. I had done some pretty crappy things though and had a hard life so I was feeling very guilty about it and he told me he wished he had 4 more of me... Which I thought was a really odd thing to say even though it made me feel special somehow. Anyway, I don't think my friend is likely my spirit guide but perhaps my guide has taken that form? Don't know.
      He looks like Russell but always something will be just a bit off, this dream he looked very skeletol but then, my own perception of him is likely being reflected becuase he is dead.
    5. Seeking my spirit guide

      by , 06-21-2016 at 02:48 AM
      So since I'm already a proficient lucid dreamer my goal recently has been to search my dreams to see if I have a spirit guide. Maybe there's a trick to it or Im trying too hard because so far even though I'm lucid it hasn't gone anywhere. I feel like I have something watching over me though in other dreams where I'm not actively trying to meet that spirit/force.
      So my last quest was short and wierd.
      I was dreaming about taking a part time job waitressing like I used to do on my 20's. I feel pretty confident because I was pretty good at my job then but everything just goes wrong and I can't keep up...I start becoming lucid at this point of stress and recall my goal. So now i'm flying up through layers and layers of building floors and find myself standing in a failu dark hallway thinking about meeting my spirit guide. I see ahead of me this huge dog which I'm assuming from the size and look to be a wolf. It strats leading me down a hall towards the elevators. The elevator door closes and now this wolf is a dog standing loke a man but in a suite. I started laughing to myself at this point thinking how funny dreams are and loose the thread. I woke up.
      I think my dream was influenced from having watched Game of Thrones the night before. Anyways. I'll keep trying
    6. Angels

      by , 06-07-2016 at 09:47 PM
      So, I've already forgotten a bunch. I had a rushed morning but Ill write the jyst of it.
      I believe it may actually have been actual sunrise when I dreamed being outside walking on a city street and the sun was just rising. Birds were chirping in the quite of the early morning. It was so peaceful, everyone as far as I could tell were still sleeping. Then I saw the angels. There was an angel with a large horn that he blew in tribute to the morning and a chorus of angelic song followed. It was as though I was seeing the agels giving tribute to the earth and her days even though we people go every day through our monotonous paces without ever seeing just how special everything was. It was beautiful, peaceful, and magical.
    7. Reprogramming

      by , 06-03-2016 at 11:47 PM
      Not a lot of physical details to this dream. I went into it with the idea of all those subliminal messages and affirmations one can listen to when they sleep. I'm having a nap and I put my headphones on with a playlist from youtube of swlf affirmations on. This stuff usually bleeds through inyo my sleeping mind so I was preparec when it dis and grasped onto the affirmation with a lucid effort to take it a step farther. It was like an inward journey with me taking the affirmation and directing it intentionally into my sub conscience. Of course I don't know how to do that but that's the magic of dreams. You don't have to know how it's going to work as long as you believe it will. I focused as hard as I could on the affirmations, not the dream. It was like sleeping but being completely awake and meditating on a particular thought. I imagined feeling a bit dizzy from the effort of trying to reprogram my head.
      I've just read that buhdist monks and eastern Hinduism used licid dreaming as a tool for spiritual cominion and growth. Now Im wven morr interested in what I can do with these dreams.
      No time for edits so hope this is legible
    8. Castle in the water

      by , 06-02-2016 at 11:58 PM
      This dream is from about a week ago so I don't have the best recall now, maybe I'll start keeping a dream journal.
      I was in a large castle that opened up into a pool. I became lucid when I dove into the pool and started breathing under the water. I dove down just to explore because it was beautiful and crystal clear. Somehow I knew that it would open up to the ocean deep below. I swam back to the top , (the castle was familiar to me) and because I knew I was dreaming I wanted to try something I havent done before. I tried to send myself into another universe. Maybe that will seem odd but I'm a curious person and I want to see what I can do. I found myself projecting through space but I didn't find what I was looking for. That's about when I heard the bedroom door open and my husband come bumbling through the room.
      I kept still and re-entered back into another lucid dream where I was playing with astral projection. I leave my body and fly in my dreams but I don't know that it's anything astral. I also fly withought leaving my body. I wanted to try astral intentionally to see if I could become aware with clarity of my surroundings. I left my body and was blind. I could only see fog so I decided to focus on my other senses instead. I reached out and slowly trailed my hand through the air, it was cool and felt dampish like I was in a cloud. I felt around and it ended when my I touched anothers hand that took mine. It was warm and that's all I recall.
    9. Kicking ass continued

      by , 06-01-2016 at 11:43 PM
      When I lay down that night for bed I thought about how I'd nearly lost it over the sound of the fireworks going off; I thought about how I just couldn't keep avoiding sleep anymore. It was just too much. That night I went to bed, purposefully, and resolving to sleep regardless what haunted me in my dreams anymore. I knew they were just dreams and maybe that's what the trick for me was but that night I became the monster.*
      I can't honestly say I remember which dream I had that night just that as soon as it began I had the moment where I said this is only a dream, my dream, and I took control from that point. There were times I would change into something much larger than whatever was after me or into air so as to have no body that could be harmed. There were times I simply decided to switch the dream if it started turning ugly. Like changing the channel I'd just flip into another dream. I could litterally do whatever I wanted in the dreams.*
      Eventually the nightmares got less and less so I stopped practicing lucid dreaming as much but was still capable of lucid dreaming as soon as something threatened me.
      *I have of course had normal lucid dreams too over the years but I don't get the nightmares so much; ( I found this interesting and maybe someone out there knows something about this aort of dream? I do believe in hauntings etc and my X and I had bought this really nice old place, only I kept getting the creeps as we were moving in. Along with a few other strange things I had this dream one night where this little boy chewing on a dead hand just walked into a normal dream I was having, like he just interupted what was going on. He said to me, a girl died here in this hall. I told him pretty much to piss off and he turned into something nasty so I attacked him. He disapeared and I woke up. Maybe a month later I was woken up by my x, he swore he'd heard some girl screaming. He said he was sure he hadn't been dreaming it and ran outside to look it had frightened him. I heard nothing and he found nothing, just kinda creepy)
      The last few months I've discovered that lucid dreaming was an actual thing that people try to do. Anyway, I've started being more interested in them enough to start experimenting now. I don't have much trouble doing things I want in the dreams so now I'm just seeing what else they can do, can I find a so called spirit guide this way... That's if such things exist. I've read stuff and heard of stuff but I don't believe just anything.
      So, that's my story and now I will just go ahead and journal away as I please from here.*
      I actually have some pretty weird dreams though and even my husband has had a really out of character dream about a spirit coming to me at night when we were in Mexico and putting it's mark on my arm. He doesn't even believe in those things. He doesn't dream like that either.*
    10. Kicking ass like a warior!

      by , 06-01-2016 at 09:21 PM
      When I was maybe 10, my nightmares had gotten so bad that I dreaded going to sleep. This will seem comical but at the time it had become a real problem. I was dreaming every night about spirits rising from their graves in our yard and they would haunt me. You know that feeling where they try and take you in your sleep? Or they would chase me. I'd dream about dead things trying to get me, but the worst for me (no laughing pls) was the dinosaurs.
      I'm not pulling anyones leg here. My bedroom was right beside the furnace and the furnace was very loud when it kicked in, my dreams would translate the sound into the thunderous stomps of Trex's that tried to eat me. Every night dead things and dinosaurs chased me and I was genuinely very frightened. Probably some of the dead things in my dreams came from reading Stephen King books which I was into at the time but still, it had begun to effect my waking life.
      It was July 1st and my mom had decided against taking us to the fireworks that night, can't recall why. So we were all doing our own thing, I was sitting in the livingroom watching t.v when the first boom of the firecrackers started. I jumped so high and my heart lept into my throat and I had this insane blending of dream and reality. I, for a moment, had felt as though I'd been thrown right back into a nightmare. I'd imagined the huge foot of a Trex smashing down on the earth towards me.
      Not good when it feels like you're loosing that line between wakefulness and dream. I'd become so sleep deprived because of my fear of sleeping that it was starting to chase me into reality. Even if it was all just in my mind but so is insanity and this felt like it was starting to take me down that road.
    11. A world in between.

      by , 06-01-2016 at 06:57 PM
      Well, my first entry hasn't dissapeared, so far, so good I think. Now, let's see if they will both post under the same thread or if I will find my self hunting my thoughts down like some broken jigsaw puzzle.
      Before I learned how to take control of my dreams the dreams controled me. I had nightmares pretty much every night as far back in my memory as I can go. I remember waking up crying to one vivid dream where my family were all tied up and hanging from their wrists on meat hooks. I was in the shawdows surounding the scene and there were people dressed in black, they had guns directed at the scene and some of my family had been skinned. I disn't even know they had been meat hooks until I was much older and saw a room like that in some move (who knows what movies my family exposed me too) I was still young enough to be sleeping in my moms bed at the time. This was one of the worst of my nightmares but I had many, some of which seem comical now but were alarming at the time.
      I will leave this entry here as I want again to be sure my effort wont be wasted or lost.
    12. Lucid dreams

      by , 06-01-2016 at 05:04 AM
      I'm not sure about this site; what's seen, what's private. If the message box here is for dream records or what? Will I write two pages of thought just to have it all wiped out and my hard work undone after I hit submit? So this is a test. I have been a frequent lucid dreamer since I was a child so tortured by nightmares that I was afraid to sleep. One night so exhausted that I was starting to think I was loosing my mind I just gave in and went to sleep. I decided this was enough and that night was the night I took control.